Hudson lane, the popular hangout of college students of north campus and surrounding colleges houses many quirky cafes. If you’re in the mood to try something different this week, we suggest For God’s Cake, a bakery-cum-café, situated near the Hudson café. As soon as you enter this place, you get captivated by its beautiful décor. The fairy lights along with the beautiful flowers hanging from the ceiling, colourful and vibrant chairs and miniature windmills on the walls provide a warm and an amiable atmosphere. It offers a pretty expansive menu ranging from appetizers such as cheesy fries, baked nachos, money bags, quesadilla to over 7 different types of pizzas and pastas and also pancakes and waffles.

food review- nishita
I started with chips and dips where the ‘chips’ are an assortment of nachos, French fries and nuggets. There are three different dips provided which were a pink-coloured beetroot dip, salsa and sweet chilli. The french fries weren’t soggy and were well seasoned which sure was a plus point. The dish is a good change from the mundane and provides variety and at the same time is easy on your pocket. I then ordered penne white sauce pasta with mushroom. Being a hard-core pasta fan, I usually have huge expectations of it and I can safely say I was not disappointed. The sauce was rich and had mushrooms and olives in sufficient amount. Even the quantity of the pasta was adequate and could easily be divided between two people. I also tried the firewood pizza called ‘Go Veggie’ where one could savour exquisite toppings such as yellow pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and zucchini. The base was light and crisp with the right amount of cheese which didn’t make it heavy, rather made it easier for one to enjoy it. Their ‘Brown and browner’ milkshake which is a blend of Oreo and chocolate fudge is nothing less than paradise for all the chocolate-lovers. All this came down to Rs. 350 per head for two people, which is more than a fair bargain.

food review-nishits2
One can also easily get any of their mouth-watering desserts and cakes packed from the enormous variety of delicacies the bakery offers which also propagates a love for desserts through a quote on its wall saying “Life is too short, eat dessert first!”
Nishita Agarwal
[email protected]
Image Credits: Nishita Agarwal for DU Beat

The very first glimpse of the place offers an offbeat ambience with sheer innovation on the walls. You’re sure to notice the “Akhri Baar Kab Dekha” tagline under the WhatsApp icon, or “Petrol ki Asli Keemat” under Hill Climb Racing or “Zindagi Milegi Fir Dobara” under the Candy Crush Saga icon.

The café goes easy on the pocket (though a little scratchy when it comes to ordering exotic shakes or sandwiches). The vibrant vegetarian menu includes attractive wraps and sizzlers that won’t pass without catching your attention. While the Shanghai Chicken Firewood Pizza surpassed all levels of expectations, the Vegetarian Haystack Nachos definitely have some scope for improvement. Probably one of the richest shakes on the menu was the ‘All Time Real Chocolate Bar Shake’ which was certainly worth the long name, though the Cookie and Cream Milkshake was better.

The Firewood pizzas were prepared on a live wood fuelled stove, enhancing the taste with the smoky flavour. One of the chef’s specials was the Chicken Kanti Firewood Pizza, a dexterous amalgamation of yellow and green bell peppers with chunks of chicken festooned on the thin crust.

The café also has its own bakery where they prepare mouth-watering delights such as Mud Cake Slice and Oreo Cheesecake. The Café also plans to open its doors for gigs and photography walls for amateurs to display their art. A Karaoke Night on Tuesdays is also being planned. Along with the Italian and North Indian menu, the café is also expanding to Chinese.

While the food can see some improvement, dining at Café Why Not is a wholesome experience with the free Wifi and single pizza slice offerings!

Image credits: Aarushi Dhingra for DU Beat

Arushi Pathak [email protected]


Surfing the internet, one would easily find a ‘30 Day Challenge with Trainer Chintu’ to transform fitness or a ‘Get Your Summer Body in just 30 Days’. Anecdotes, on offer by the ‘summer fitness market,’ don’t offer much when practically put to use by a college student who has to balance social media, TV shows and academics. It seems as though Whatsapp has set the lower limit to ‘last seen’ as 2 AM for every collegiate. Alas, it is actually the latter that doesn’t sleep before that. Putting the ‘challenges’ to use therefore doesn’t reap anything. Here are five ways in which a collegiate, whose routine fluctuates with mood and engagements can transform his/her fitness this summer:

1. Water: The primary fat burner

Believe it or not, but water, if consumed sufficiently burns fat at a great speed even when the body is at rest. No matter how much you exercise or don’t exercise at all, dehydration can lead to storage of fat in the body. A study done by the University of Tokyo reveals that a hydrated body burns fat three times faster than a dehydrated body. The best way to check the sufficiency of water in your body is to check the colour of your urine, which if yellow hints at the dehydrated nature of the body and if colourless signifies the sufficiency of water in your body. Remember, the next time someone says that they have been exercising for a while but don’t lose weight or that they are fat although they eat very less, tell them that either it’s genetics or lack of water in the body. The latter can always be mended.

2. Don’t starve yourself, rather eat frequently

Starving is the most imbecile custom to stay fit. Not only will the body lose strength and immunity; you’ll also lose fat at a pace slower than a person who eats frequently but clean. Stupid as it may seem, but researches have revealed that eating clean meals frequently (after every three hours) helps in building a better metabolism and constitution. Eating frequently would help those of you in need of some ‘toning’ and also those who are into bodybuilding.

3. The Rule of input and Output

You are what you eat. But who can let go of those chicken rolls and pizzas. Well who told you too? You can continue eating street food and stay fit by burning the calories you eat. Fitness is all about controlling how much, not what you consume and how much of that your burn. Simple math, if you eat more calories and burn less, you’ll gain weight. If you consume less calories and burn more, you’ll lose weight. Therefore, jump onto all those hamburgers, but remember to burn what you eat.

4. Sleep well

Okay! Sleeping before 2 AM is impossible. But even after that, try sleeping for a minimum of seven hours. As per a study, lack of sleep ages you quickly. So, if you feel lack of strength or get tired easily, then focus on your sleep. If you sleep properly, your body will be repaired adequately, you’ll have less black heads or acne and you’ll have a better memory. Try sleeping properly for a week, you’ll see the difference.

5. Look for long term goals

Want to be fit to attract someone in particular? Want to have a body like that actor or actress in the movie? Well, nothing would work unless you strive to be fit for yourself and not to impress others. When the former is there, the latter automatically follows. Love yourself before expecting someone to love you.

Image Credits- www.beautynfitness.com

Sidharth Yadav
[email protected]

Books, Brownies and Beverages…

What more can a human being want?

If you are of a similar ideology, then Cha Bar is the place for you. Located in N block, Cannaught Place, opposite Statesman House, Cha Bar redefines the concept of Book Cafes. Opened inside Oxford Bookstore, the entrance has a graffiti made with bent tube lights and a showcase with a few coffee table books. The chamber opens into Cha Bar on the right and Oxford bookstore spread over in some 200 sq. yards. The place has books on every possible genre and the most comfortable and alluring places to sit and shuffle through them. Long with books, movies and magazines, it also has a few handmade items like diaries, wrapping papers, photoframes etc.

Cha Bar2

Cha Bar runs along the right hand corner of the bookstore. This small, intricately designed café can seat about 35 people at a time and has some excellent options for a quick bite. The food isn’t permitted into the main bookstore but if you order non greasy food and are nice enough, they may be willing to serve at the back where wooden benches have been placed for the ones who prefer to just read and not buy.

The food is more of salads and sandwiches. It also has beverages and desserts on the menu. If your going their for the first time and confused by the wide choices, you may want to go for the cottage cheese and panini sandwich along with five spiced cookies for dessert. They wont disappoint you.

Cha Bar1

Along with an excellent ambience, good service and superb crowd, the place is refreshingly affordable and doesn’t make you think twice. An elaborate meal for two, complete with dessert and beverage will cost well below a grand.

In conclusion, this is the place to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Image Credit: Greta Khawbung for DU Beat

As you enter the Hauz Khas Village Market Lane, you will a spot fully loaded bicycle in front of the ‘He Said She Said Cafe’. Clad in a white kurta pyjama and wearing a sweet smile, he serves arguably the best Cholle kulche of Delhi on his mini set-up. It is not just the taste of his traditional cholle kulche dish but also the variety that he has- a mini tandoor, 4 types of breads and the best tamarind chutney ever. The price of the meals is nominal and thus pocket friendly for students and alike.


Special Chhole Kulche are available on weekends during day hours.

A must have for everyone who visits Hauz Khas Village.

A meal for two: Rs 60-80

Love food? Here is how it works- fine dining kept aside, nothing can beat the magic in the street! Words such as Gol Gappas, Pao Bhaji, Kababs and Dahi Vada are enough to get you salivating, right? Be it the snack department or desserts to satisfy the Indian palette, a recent event in Delhi offered it all. The street food festival at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Complex was a three-day extravaganza from 20th-22nd December, 2013. With around 120 stalls from over 20 states, it was surely a paradise for most street food lovers.

Little Black Book Delhi brings DU Beat’s readers something awesome to explore for the fortnight! This week help you plan your holidays!

With the month packed with Christmas and the New Year approaching we are all shopping and preparing for our trips. This time we give you places to pick up some new shawls and stoles and great place to pick up cakes! For those who are not travelling could spend time learning a new skill and or take a quick break from the city.


A great new collection of leather boots and jackets are available at Sarojini market and Paharganj {Light on wallet too!}. Gift shopping can never get better at Shahpur Jat.  LBBD’s also picked out a special selection of stores for shawls and stoles; don’t forget to check them out!

Shawls and stoles | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/26904/shops-shawls-stoles-delhi/

Shopping in Shahpur Jat | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/18530/little-black-book-for-shahpur-jat/

Paharganj Guide | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/8364/simply-digging-pahadganj/

Dance classes around town

Whether its energetic jazz or the good old classical Indian dances forms, Delhi has everything in its stores. A new skill never hurt anyone!

Details | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/17919/delhi-dance-classes-and-centres/

Classical Schools | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/19364/classical-dances-little-black-book/

Learn a new language

Spice up everyday conversation from ‘Hello! How are you?’ to ‘Hola! Que tal?’ There is the whole range of European language centers in the city along with places that teach regional and language from the sub-continent.

Foreign Languages | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/14059/foreign-language-courses-delhi-lbbd/

Language from the Sub-Continent | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/25040/zabaan-language-courses/

Quick Getaways

If you haven’t planned a trip, the city has some quick getaway destinations. One can enjoy the spa at the gorgeous Neemrana Fort or spend some quiet time reading at Chambal Safari Lodge. If you are visting Goa, do try some of our favorites at the beach town.

Details | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/25858/5-roadtrips-delhi/

Goa Plans | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/27093/guide-things-to-do-goa/


The festive season is the perfect reason to explore new bakeries and cakes to cut. If you look at the right places, the city has prepared some new flavors beyond the everyday chocolate and pineapple. Here are our favorite bakers in town.

Bakeries | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/23716/bakeries-delhi/

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Anand Vihar’s market in Shadara is no Khan Market or Connaught Place. The market is small, crammed and mostly has general stores, chemists and dry cleaners. But a rare luxury that this market can afford, that too recently, is a surprisingly good café- Café Hi5. The most interesting thing about Café Hi5 is that there are two entrances and a kitchen in the middle such that the two opposite ends of the room are completely disconnected from one another. So each side of the kitchen makes for a small sitting area seating about 8 people.

The servings are large enough that even if you go in a group, everyone manages to get a bite. There is no particular cuisine but Chinese and Italian are served, among others. Also, I have been told that the non-vegetarian food is excellent. You can try their sandwiches, burgers and a variety of desserts. But one of the main attractions of menu is the Iced Tea- it’s not your regular instant Iced Tea mixed in water and served at an overpriced rate and undersized glass. It tastes much like a peach flavored mocktail and is definitely worth a try.

The Café targets mostly school and college going students so the interiors complement the young and energized atmosphere that they have tried to create, complete with a TV and music playing in the back ground.

As far as money matters are concerned, a meal at Café Hi5 won’t throw your budget overboard. It’s decently priced, with a meal for two costing around Rs.400.

White Waters- the name reminds one of a relaxed, pristine white and blue beach, and very much true to its name, the café is done up in beautiful white and aquamarine blue. This is the aspect of the café that makes the visitors go wow and make them fall in love with the ambience.

Unlike most restaurants, White Waters does not have a linear seating plan, but tables spread out all over, with a number of options. The best seating area, without any argument is the table on the upper level. With comfortable sofas that can seat up to ten people easily and a big table with internal lighting, this area creates an amazing atmosphere. For such a terrific ambience, one would expect great music, but it was not so, as they only played regular pop. The Doors did play once, but it was a remixed version; their haunting numbers could have elevated the experience further.

Coming to the staff and the service, they were pretty decent and the food did not take ages to reach the table. The staff was polite and ready to help, though one had to call out to them from above.

Most importantly, the food was rather average and one could make it out that the high prices were for the atmosphere. The Veg. and Non-veg. Platters were filling, but did not have the wow factor one would expect. In other snacks, Honey Chilly Potatoes and Honey Chilly Lotus Stem were sticky due to the over-dose of honey, but were bearable.

The Veg. Biryani tasted like any other biryani and there are other places where a much better version can be availed for a much lower price, same is the case with the Non Veg. Biryani. Though both were tasty and appetizing, they couldn’t be called extraordinary.

In the matter of drinks, the place serves your normal alcoholic drinks, but for the straight folk, there is Cucumber Cooler to be had, Kiwi Smoothie and Berry Blast are also good choices.

The place is rather good for catching up with friends, birthday parties and the like.

Cost for two: 1300/-

Home delivery is not available.

Timings: 12PM to 1 AM

Location: C-39, First Floor, Opp. Odeon Cinema, Connaught Place

Little Black Book Delhi brings DU Beat’s readers something awesome to explore for the fortnight! This week we help you make your exam time a little more fun!

Exams are on our heads. Running around picking up last minutes notes, getting answers photocopied and calling friends to fill in the gaps for classes one did not attend is now a daily routine. And as tensions gets closer and we devour our books one after the other, it is important to take a break and have some food, watch some movies and plan some holidays. This time LBBD brings to you late night food, fashions blogs, free movies to look at and new trips to plan.

Remember all work and no play makes jack a dull boy!

1. Late Night Munchies

Image Credit: Midnight Munchies

Exam times are synonymous with late nights and after a marathon with Marx or Calculus there is no better respite than food. The Bun Butter Chai at Patel Chest will always be a late night haven for people in north while south campus students find solace in filling Parathas at Moolchand {Shah Rukh is a fan too!} and cutting chai at Safdarjung Hospital which is available 24/7. If you are too lazy to step out of your homes, there is Midnight Munchies to get you fresh salads, cup cakes and even paan right to your doorsteps till 4 am! For Gurgoan residents there is Batman Delivers will get you food, cigarettes and contraceptives! If you are looking to cook something on your own, here are a few recipes in 140 characters.

Batman Delivers | https://www.facebook.com/Batmandelivers

Midnight Munchies | https://www.facebook.com/midnightmunching

Recipes | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/17661/easy-summer-recipes-kishi-arora/

2. Free Movies


Movies are always a good option to clear one’s head after a long study day. If you are not looking to spend on it, the city has places that bring to you great alternative cinema. In south Delhi there is Habitat Centre, International Centre and Alliance Francaise, which screen documentaries and feature films. CP houses Instituto Cervantes, which screens Spanish feature films, while American Centre shows Hollywood blockbusters regularly.

3. Online Fashion Surfing


More than studying for the exams, we tend to scroll down web pages looking at fashion pages. So while one is at it, there are a few one can surely check out. Jamie and Kevin bring to you the absolute crème de la crème of fashion photography. The couple bring to you travel escapades, regal fashion and lifestyle photography.  Fashionista on the other hand provides quick and crisp fashion blogging. Mixing poetry, travel and lots of fashion in one blog is Arathi, the brainchild of Miffalicious.

Jamie & Kevin | http://annstreetstudio.com

Fashionista | http://fashionista.com/

Miffalicious | http://www.miffalicious.com

4. After Exam Plans

There is nothing better than wondering about how life would have been if there were no exams, especially when they are on our heads. There is the quick getaway to Rajasthan for the serenity of the dessert or the adventurous trip to Rishikesh. Nature lover can choose between wildlife in Kabini and marine life in Havelock Islands {or both!}. There is of course the party place Goa which will never run out of tourists or alcohol. Don’t let Holiday plans this time be confined to dreams or promises made around cup of coffees.

Getaways in December | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/10650/nye-getaways/

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