A food haven for starving South Delhi students, Satya Niketan has various hidden (and some not so hidden) gems in its vicinity, offering a wide variety of cold coffees and milkshakes. 

 A delicious and filling snack, the milkshake is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to satiate a starving belly and beat the scorching Delhi summers. A constant for South Campus college students, Satya Niketan (better known as ‘Satya’) is a lane frequented by most, owing to its abundance of affordable eating joints, and vibrant college crowd. 

DU Beat brings to you a list of places in Satya Niketan that offer the best milkshakes and cold coffee, without pinching your pocket.

  • Sandwedges

Recently opened in March, Sandwedges soon gained popularity among students for its cheap Sandwiches, fries and milkshakes. It is a two-story, air-conditioned place that offers plenty seating area, making it a popular and convenient spot for students to catch a break between classes. The Classic Cold Coffee and Oreo Shake are highly recommended and are a must try.

Price of Cold Coffee -Rs 40

Price of Oreo Shake- Rs 70

  • High On Burgers

A quaint shop right beside the main Satya Square, this brightly painted cafe is a hit among the college crowd. Despite its lack of space, the place is a popular spot for coffee, the Cold Coffee being a major crowd pleaser. The perfect blend of ice cream and coffee gives it the consistency of a shake, making it the perfect drink to satiate sweet cravings.

Price of Cold Coffee- Rs 60

  • Bistro

Both South and North Campus students alike can vouch for the credibility of Bistro. It is known for its wide variety of milkshakes, coffees, and other beverages, making decision making a foodie’s worst nightmare. The Cold Coffee and the Chocolate Shake come highly recommended and are must try’s especially for those with an undying love for chocolate.

Price of Cold Coffee- Rs 50

Price of Chocolate Shake- Rs 70

  • Chai Latte

The new kid on the block, Chai Latte offers pasta at prices that are hard to ignore. Apart from the delectable and reasonable pasta, it offers amazing milkshakes, a personal favorite being the KitKat milkshake and the Brownie milkshake. It has an outdoor seating area where students can sit and devour their favorite pasta and milkshakes.

  • Delhi Juice and Shakes

Delhi Juice and Shakes serves as a reminder of a time when cafes weren’t the norm. A small shack,it offers milkshakes at unbelievably cheap rates. It is a quick way to quench your thirst between classes, without the added guilt of having a done some serious damage to your wallet.

Price of a standard milkshake (any flavour, small)- Rs 30


Feature Image Credits: whatsuplife.in


Anoushka Singh

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Tight budgets, extra classes, and pick up street food aptly sums up your life if you’re in the University of Delhi. An average day in a student’s life is constituent of meeting deadlines, pushing deadlines, and daydreaming about food. So why not take a day off and forget the budget to treat yourself at one of Delhi’s numerous culinary marvels.

The following list will take you on a journey through the flip side of sustenance with 5 restaurants to indulge your fanciful food cravings from.

Caution: These places come with the risk of making your already tight monthly budget, even tighter.

1.Cafe Dori (Dhan Mill Compound, 100 Feet Road, Chhatarpur)

The cafe venture of an already famous luxury leather brand, Nappa Dori, Cafe Dori doesn’t disappoint in terms of both food and ambiance. Hidden in the Dhan Mill compound on hundred feet road, this relatively new cafe is what dreams are made of. With a wide space constituent of Nappa Dori’s ideation center, shop and cafe, the minimalist setting and clean interiors are perfect for those who want an authentic taste of Europe.

2. Cafe Diva (N Block Market, Greater Kailash–1)

One of celebrity chef Ritu Dalmia’s many restaurants in Delhi, Cafe Diva is something straight out of the Sex and the City. Its modern interiors, sparkling Pellegrino and a wide range of wine will definitely be worth the hole in your pocket. Situated in the N Block market of Greater Kailash 1, this is the perfect place to rest your tired toes and nourish your famished soul after a long day of shopping.

3.FatJar Cafe & Market (Block A, Kailash Colony)

The new kid on the block, FatJar Cafe and Market is the place to be, especially if you’re in the mood for some of the best gourmet pizza in town. Located in a rather obscure part of Kailash Colony, this place is easy to miss if you’re passing by. Their wood fire oven defuses the delectable fragrance of fresh pizza before it even reaches your table. It has a dynamic menu that changes every day as per the chef’s new creations along with the option to purchase different types of meats, cheeses, and pastas among other homemade items offered in their wide range of European products.

4. Fig and Maple (Block M, Greater Kailash II)

From the owner of Ivy and Bean, comes Fig and Maple, the Continental and Italian, a restaurant in Greater Kailash II. The saying: we eat with our eyes first, applies perfectly to Fig and Maple’s aesthetic food presentation and it only gets better when you take that first bite. Breakfast has never looked better with their absolutely stunning pancakes and juicy pulled meat burgers. While stiff with their pricing, this place definitely delivers in terms of both food and presentation.

5. Andrea’s eatery (First Floor, Select City Walk)

Hidden in a small corner of the bustling Select City Walk, is this cosy European restaurant that serves Italian, Thai, and Indonesian cuisine. With a delightfully unusual menu in the form of a cookbook, the restaurant has a wide variety of pasta, risotto, and ravioli among other Italian delicacies. It’s attractive lighting, overall ambiance, and delicious food makes this a place a must visit.

While stiff with their pricing, these restaurants are sure to offer you an experience like never before. With Delhi’s culinary scene bustling with marvelous flavours and cuisines from all over the world, we’ve just scratched the surface of the numerous brilliant restaurants out there. Treat yourself to some luxury, it’ll be worth it.


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South Campus

In a splendid atmosphere of college revelry of the South Campus, rests this stall. Specialising in Momos, their chicken momos-a plate of which doesn’t cost more than INR 30-are spectacular.

Image Credits: Nitika Yadav for DU Beat
Image Credits: Nitika Yadav for DU Beat

Nestling cozily next to the LSR back gate is a Chinese stall whose Mutton Kathi Roll valued at INR 50 and the Chilly Potato fries sold at INR 30 are the best sellers.

Image Credits: Nitika Yadav for DU Beat
Image Credits: Nitika Yadav for DU Beat

Perched next to the Kamala Nehru College Gate, this Bhel Puri stall sells it’s appetizing Bhel Puri priced at INR 30. Certainly a treat for the vegetarians.

Image Credits: Nitika Yadav for DU Beat
Image Credits: Nitika Yadav for DU Beat


Image Credits: Nitika Yadav for DU Beat
Image Credits: Nitika Yadav for DU Beat

Resting opposite to the CCD in Satya Niketan, Mr. Madan Lal is the proud owner of this stall which sells mouth-watering sweet corn at varied rates: small for INR 20, medium for INR 30 and large for INR 40


Image Credits: Surabhi Khare for DU Beat
Image Credits: Surabhi Khare for DU Beat

 Famous for its exquisite Kathi Rolls and momos, Shop number 93 at Chowringhee sells a its products in a variety of ranges. For instance, its speciality double egg roll is priced at INR 40.

Image Credits: Surabhi Khare for DU Beat
Image Credits: Surabhi Khare for DU Beat

North Campus

Reputed for its “chai pe charcha” that takes place amongst students and professors alike, J.P. Tea Stall inside DSE is nirvana for those who have tasted its Masala Coke

Image Credits: Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat
Image Credits: Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat
Image Credits: Akarsh Mathur
Image Credits: Akarsh Mathur
Image Credits Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat
Image Credits Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat

Famous for the age-old delectable cuisine-Masala Maggi-Tom Uncle Maggi Point will be a delight to anyone who is new in North Campus. This small shack rests commodious behind SGTB Khalsa College and sells its forte at just INR 35

Image Credits Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat
Image Credits Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat
Image Credits: Ayush Chauhan for DU Beat
Image Credits: Ayush Chauhan for DU Beat

Finally, no research on food joints would be complete without acknowledging the gravity of how succulent and inviting the Oreo Shake being sold in the Kamala Nagar Market is.

Bistro57_Akarsh (1)
Image Credits Akarsh Mathur for DU Beat

Feature Image Credits: Surabhi Khare for DU Beat

Looking beyond the plethora of cafes and restaurants which are tucked away in the sprawling streets of on-campus and off-campus colleges, peruse through the price-friendly places to visit for your own happy meal!

Of all the places that make the University of Delhi illuminating with energy and fascination, some of the most special ones are the comfort paradises of college canteens. These food havens end up becoming some of our favourite places to visit around campus. Explore our list of where to go when your stomach hurls for a delightful meal, without burning some appetising holes in your pocket!

Anna’s Canteen
This homely little nook located in PG Men’s hostel serves the best dosas in North Campus. This canteen is run by a man fondly called Anna, and you can get the best South Indian food, Lemon rice and fruit beer in this magical place. Bonus points for all the cats roaming around that you also get to pet!

Pandit Jee ki canteen/ Gwyer Hall Canteen
This place has been around for a long time. Legend has it that journalist Vinod Dua and politician Arun Jaitley frequented this place as students. This place is as known for its legacy as much as it is known for its sweet samosas and scrumptious Maggi.

Delhi School of Economics Canteen
D-school is not only home to its amazing canteen, but also to the legendary JP Tea stall. The mutton dosas and cutlets served in the canteen do not have a match. JP tea stall also offers amazing iced-tea, masala cokes, and chai at ridiculously low prices; making it one of the most popular places in north campus.

Delhi University Teachers’ Association Canteen
A palatable gem tucked away near the gate number 4 of the Conference Center, University Enclave is DUTA’s sprawling canteen. The food joint is said to offer a delicious variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner at extremely reasonable prices. The Nescafé cafe is a visitor’s favourite in this bustling canteen in North Campus!

Mansarovar Hostel Canteen
For the habitants of North Campus, the entrance through Vishwavidyalaya metro station leads the way to the famous Mansoravar Hostel, and its bustling canteen. The place also has a photocopy shop within the premises; thus, students can be found sipping on a bottle of Coke or munching on snacks while their academic needs are met. Go and visit to try their delicious fried rice and chole bha?ure to warm your mouth!

NSD Canteen
The wonderland for theatre enthusiasts is also the abode for some delectable food. The canteen also boasts of a time when Shah Rukh Khan’s father ran the place with zest! The centre also takes care of three campus cats; feeding them and sheltering them. Visit the cozy canteen to delight on affordable samosas, paranthas, and other savoury pleasures!

VKRV Rao Hostel Canteen
The famous hostel canteen is a favourable place to satiate all hunger pangs, with its lip-smacking stuffed paranthas, Maggi, and steaming hot chai. The bustling food joint keeps its lights open till 1 in the night; allowing a plethora of hostellers and nearby residents to crash in for food at those wee hours for a satisfying meal!

Feature Image Credits: EatTreat

Kinjal Pandey
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Saumya Kalia
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Hello Meal is an initiative taken by a few students of the University Of Delhi to provide a wide variety of foods. In a short span of time, they are now on a platform everyone wishes to be at. All their actions and activities have been conducted considering the needs and demands of the people. Hello Meal is a perfect way to have mouth-watering food at your doorstep, as it is highly convenient for students as well as for the local crowd in every manner. Not only are the prices reasonable, but the quantity is remarkable as well. They specialise mainly in North Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines, and are extremely popular for their biryanis and paranthas. Additionally, their Economical Meal Menu is exceptional.

Due to some shifting issues, they had briefly paused operating. However, there is no need to stress, as Hello Meal will be back again on Thursday, 25 May 2017 with the same energy and delicious food along with a satisfactory delivery at your door. They also offer the option of pre-booking a meal from the midnight of the 24 May.

Positioned in Vijay Nagar, Hello Meal offers home delivery from 11am to midnight. They are available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and offer toll-free telephone assistance at 1800-200-5565. For a better experience, download the Hello Meal app available on Play Store. They can also be found on Zomato.

In a world where everyone is making money out of students, they are the ultimate saviours.


Feature Image Credits: Hello Meal
Content by Hello Meal

Hello Meal started off as a humble initiative by a few students of Delhi University who had the aim of delivering quality food at reasonable prices. Nor have they only fulfilled their goal, but they have gone above and beyond to excel in their field.

Hello Meal is the perfect solution to anyone who wants instant scrumptious food at a moment’s notice. To add to this, the prices are student-friendly and the quantities are extraordinary. Hello Meal has lived up to the standards it set for itself and has gone on to build a reputation so impressive that the founders have now been invited to an international conference that recognises out-of-the-box start-ups.

Rise 2017 is a 3-day event hosted in Hong Kong in July of this year.  A multi-faceted conference, it has different sections for speakers, attendees, etc. Among these, a special category for start-ups, called Alpha, is set up for innovative projects in their nascent stages. Hello Meal is a participant of the same, which only goes to show how far this start-up has come.

With a wide range of choices from North Indian to Chinese and vegetables to mutton, Hello Meal has provided an indispensable avenue to those who wish to indulge in take-out without feeling guilty about the expense. The Zomato reviews are a testament to the brilliance of Hello Meal. Joyee Bhattacharya and Sukhman Gambhir sum it up perfectly when they exclaim “great outlet and great food” and mention how it is “extremely affordable for a college student”.

Based in Vijay Nagar, Hello Meal provides home delivery in record time from 11am to midnight. They offer toll-free telephonic services at 1800-200-5565 and are available on Facebook and Instagram. Download the free app here for a truly satisfying experience.


Image Credits: Hello Meal Facebook

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Fed up of party plans every weekend? Want to do something different without leaving the city? Then you’ve come to the right place. Head to these 5 cafes in Delhi NCR and enjoy the games and food they have to offer.



Be sure to come to this place if you’re ever in the area because Tpot Café has some great BOGO deals running – which, combined with their delicious Lebanese Chicken Wraps and Pastas – is truly a great way to spend your afternoon. Be sure to come here with friends and family, and play anything from Jenga to Monopoly to while away your time.

Cost For Two: Rs. 400
Cuisine: Café
Address: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi


The Colony Bistro


Come here if you’ve got a hankering for strong flavors and huge portions of food. They have rows of cupboards filled with board games and books to read, so you’ll probably end up having a great time, with or without friends. Their Chili Chicken Pizza and Strawberry Diaq will surely give you a foodgasm. End your meal with their Chocolate Truffle Jar.

Cost For Two: Rs 1000
Cuisine: Café, Chinese, Italian, American, North India
Address: Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi


Young Wild Free Café


A hit with the youngsters of Delhi – Young Wild Free is known for its reasonable prices, great books and fun games. The zesty food flavours can warm the hearts of even the fussiest of eaters. The thick shakes are a must try if you’re ever in the area, and a true Delhiite would sue you if you haven’t tried their Butter Chicken Pizza yet.

Cost For Two: Rs. 500
Cuisine: Café, Continental, Chinese, Italian
Address: Satyaniketan, New Delhi


Another Fine Day



As soon as you enter this café, you get a warm, cosy feeling thanks to the cushy chairs, white brick walls, and the humongous collection of books and board games. This place is perfect for chilling out with your buddies while enjoying delicious grub and drinks. Besides being super affordable, their ‘Pancake Steak’ plays a huge role in enticing people to visit this café more than once.

Cost For Two: Rs. 800
Cuisine: Café, Mediterranean, Continental
Address: DLF Golf Course Road, Gurgaon


Café Wanderlust


As the name suggests, this café woos the traveller in you with its quirky interiors and laid back atmosphere.  The setting is such that you will probably end up spending hours playing classic board games while gulping down their specialty shakes and coffees. A special mention to their red velvet cake. It’s just out of this world!

Cost For Two: Rs 850
Cuisine: Café, Street Food, Continental
Address: DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon



Magicpin is a platform where users and outlets in a locality discover, interact and transact. For users, we are the one-stop destination for finding the best restaurants, fashion stores, spas, and salons in their localities. For every visit you make to an outlet, you get free cashback in magicpin points, which can then be redeemed at Amazon, Book My Show, for mobile recharges, and a lot more. 

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The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.
Explore the platform here: https://magicpin.in/

Image Credits: Magicpin Team

Want to go to a place that will keep your stomach, tongue and ears happy? Check out these 5 restaurants in Delhi NCR that boast about featuring the best, brightest and the most upcoming artists in town.


Located in 1-A/1, HauzKhas VillageImperfecto is the best place to chill with your chums over beer. While they offer a variety of Mediterranean, Spanish, North Indian, Continental and Italian food, Imperfecto actually brings in the crowd with their richly flavored pastas and pizzas that go great with their peppy themed live acts that give the place its USP.


HauzKhas Social

While this place has an in-house DJ, HauzKhas Social has people coming back for more because of its uniquely pleasant live music performances. With an unparalleled outdoor seating view that can be enjoyed over an artfully arranged mezze platter of kebabs and veggies alike, HauzKhas Social offers the city’s best burgers and desserts that are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Located in 9-A & 12, HauzKhas Village, HauzKhas Social is best enjoyed during a Sunday afternoon.


The Wine Company

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy some soulful music with a glass of beautifully aged wine in your hand, The Wine Company is the place to be. Known for their European and Indian gastronomical delights, The Wine Company, located in DLF Cyber City, in Gurgaon, features regular acts that are central in forming your opinion of the place. With their peppy performances and unique ambience, The Wine Company recommends their Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip to truly get their best.


Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy

While this is not in Delhi, it is worth mentioning. Located in the Sector 15 market of Gurgaon, this hard to spot place takes inspiration from prohibition era of the United States, when alcohol was illegal and secret pubs had sprung up. Known primarily for its cocktails, this Speakeasy carves a place for itself in your heart. The ambience is perfect for having memorable conversations with friends, and the live music is top notch.


Pirates of Grill

An interesting twist to the already wide variety of themed restaurants in Delhi and Gurgaon, Pirates of Grill is the regular haunt for college buddies who want to have a good time. With their cozy ambience, delicious food – especially their barbecue chicken, and fun live music performances in the evening, Pirates of Grill promises to keep your spirits up while you’re under their roof.



Magicpin is a platform where users and outlets in a locality discover, interact and transact. For users, we are the one-stop destination for finding the best restaurants, fashion stores, spas, and salons in their localitiesFor every visit you make to an outlet, you get free cashback in magicpin points, which can then be redeemed at Amazon, Book My Show, for mobile recharges, and a lot more. 

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  • Backed by Google (Google Launchpad Accelerator Program)
  • Backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners (Other investments include OYO, Snapchat, Limeroad)



Feeling nostalgic because you are not home this festive season? Fret not; we bring you a few restaurants that are almost as good – if not better – than ‘ghar ka khaana’!

Diwali is around the corner, and a lot of us cannot go back to our homes because of internals, less number of holidays and exam blues. While Delhites and fellow students are excited about spending the festive season with their parents and scrumptious food, we bring you a list of restaurants you can go to if you miss that home-made cooking.

For the Bengali Connoisseurs
For the Bong Connection!
  • City of Joy (for Bengali food)

This restaurant not just captures the nostalgia for Calcutta with its black and white posters and rustic ambience, but also creates food that will remind you of home. It will do so because City of Joy gets their spices and fish from Bengal itself! Try their Chicken Rezala and Diamond Fish Fry.

Location: Aravali Shopping Complex, Alaknanda

Cost for two: Rs 800

Find the place on zomato: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/city-of-joy-alaknanda-new-delhi

Ethnic herbs and spices to tingle your taste buds!
Ethnic herbs and spices to tingle your taste buds!
  • Bamboo Shoot (for Assamese, Naga and Manipuri food)

As soon as you enter this place, the smell of spices and bamboo shoots will engulf you along with some decent music and traditional Naga furnishings. Once you taste their food, you’ll want to come here every day to send away your nostalgic blues. Try any of their three thalis and Soibum Eronba (Bamboo Shoot special).

Location: Gupta Colony, Lajpat Nagar

Cost for two: Rs 500

Find the place on zomato: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/bamboo-shoot-kitchen-lajpat-nagar-4-new-delhi

From the land of Wazwan and rich flavours.
Mild in taste, rich in flavour. Kashmiri delights.
  • Khyen Chyen (for Kashmiri food)

Located at a food court, this place won’t give you the feel of being in Kashmir, but the exquisite food probably will. Their food is organised into portions like ‘only me’, ‘hungry’ and ‘very hungry’ which makes it comfortable. Try their Tabakh Maaz, Zafraan Qawah and Ale-i Yakhni.

Location: Second Floor, Select City Walk, Saket

Cost for two: Rs 800
Find the place on zomato: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/khyen-chyen-saket-new-delhi

Some of the world's most delicious foods...Kerela.
Some of the world’s most delicious foods…Kerela.
  • Kerela Food Channel (for Kerela food)

The simplicity of South Indian people reflects in the decor (or no decor) of this restaurant. With only a single page menu, a few tables, no air conditioning, huge portions and quick service, this place is minimalistic and comfortable. Try their curries and off-menu Buff Fry.

Location: DDA Flats, Ground Floor, Kalkaji

Cost for two: Rs 300

Find the place on zomato: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/kerala-food-channel-kalkaji-new-delhi/maps

For the wonderful flavours of Bihari cuisine.
For the wonderful flavours of Bihari cuisine.
  • Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

A quaint little place nestling in South Delhi, that is not easy to find but wonderful to be at. The furnishings are colourful and homey with terracotta pots and glass lanterns to set the mood and the food is gorgeous. Try their Golmirch Chicken, Dehati Fish and Chips and Keema Aloo Chop.

Location: 116 C, Fourth Floor, Shahpur Jat

Cost for two: Rs 800

Find the place on zomato: https://www.zomato.com/ncr/the-potbelly-rooftop-cafe-shahpur-jat-new-delhi


What are you waiting for? Run to these places if you can’t run home!


Anagha Rakta

[email protected]

I scream, you scream, let’s all scream for ‘RAW CREAMS’! The sheer number of restaurants in the Hudson Lane and GTB Nagar locale of North Campus bewildered me when I was a fresher, and even today, two years later, I always feel like Alice in Wonderland when I go to this area of endless food opportunities. But as a die-hard fan of all things sweet, I’ve often complained that there aren’t enough places that exclusively sell dessert. However, in recent times, several dessert parlours and bakeries have come up that can satisfy anybody’s sweet cravings rather awesomely. And one among these is ‘Raw Creams’. Started by Sahil Gulati and Pushpath Oberoi, who famously run ‘II Fat Indians’, their very own food and beverage brand, ‘Raw Creams’ is a dessert parlour that’ll fascinate and stun even someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. It has an extensive menu that offers different varieties of chocolate and fruit ice creams, along with waffles, shakes, smoothies and coffee-ice blends. Although everything on the menu will make you instantly salivate, what this place is really known for is its nitro ice cream and ice creamlettes. Now, the concept of nitrogen ice cream is not new to Delhi. Azote in Safdarjung Enclave is probably the pioneer in this space. However, one visit to ‘Raw Creams’ and you’ll agree with me that it certainly gives an established brand like Azote quite a run for its money. We tried the ‘Nitro Chocolate Brownie’ and the ‘Nitro Guava Chilli’. While the former absolutely satiated the cocoa devil in us, the latter was a refreshing change and a definite favourite. Watching the preparation was a treat to our eyes, and we couldn’t stop awing over the intricacy with which our ice cream was made and served. In the creamlette variants, we tried the extremely popular ‘Strawberry-blueberry’. Who said this flavour was for girls only? Although pink and pretty, this one made our guy friends wanting more! As they made our creamlette from scratch, using milk poured onto a freezing steel pan, we couldn’t help but marvel at the procedure that turned a mundane liquid like milk into a spectacular ice cream, in a matter of minutes! Finally, we gave into our greed and ordered a ‘Fresh Strawberry Waffle’. The amount of customisation that they allowed us on our waffles blew us away. In a nutshell, our experience at Raw Creams was not just satisfying in terms of the flavour riot it created in our mouth, but visually rewarding too. We went home thoroughly contented. We highly recommend this place. Kudos to our friends, the ‘II Fat Indians’ Sahil and Pushpath! Kriti Sharma [email protected] Image Credits: Kriti Sharma for DU Beat  ]]>