DUSU Announces a Farewell Festival for Graduating Students This April

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In a surprising move, Delhi University Students’ Union 2017-18 has invited the final year students of all DU colleges to be a part of ”Congraduation 2018”, to celebrate the final semester of the seniors of University of Delhi.

University of Delhi (DU) is renowned for its fest season, which is queued with celebrities in various colleges in the months of February and March. With multiple department fests and society fests around the corner, Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) recently announced to celebrate the euphoria of the last leg of the varsity for final year undergraduate students, currently studying in the sixth semester. This farewell fest is going to be one-of-its-kind, as it is separate from the graduation dinners and farewell parties offered by the respective individual colleges of the varsity. Naming this initiative of as ”Congraduation”, DUSU’s step of congratulating all the graduating studentsis being welcomed and applauded by diverse sections of the University.

Professors who have been DU alumni have appreciated DUSU’s idea of hosting a finale fest for the seniors and expressed regret over losing this opportunity during their senior years. Final year students are enthused over this event, and the sophomores and fresher’s are eager on celebrating their very own last year, once the legacy of ”Congraduation” commences.

The DUSU President informed DU Beat that the tentative dates for the same are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd April, 2018. Presently, the union is deliberating on conducting the festival in Arts Faculty of north campus of the university. DUSU has deployed a sponsorship cell to invite as many sponsors for the event as possible. No comments have been made on who will be gracing the ‘Star Night’ on the last day of Congraduation, but rumours of inviting Arijit Singh on star night and DJ Chetas on the DJ night have already sprung up. The final year students are definitely looking forward to this finale hoopla and surely, Congraduation 2018 has added much charm to their last semester.

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Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

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