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Bidding Goodbyes and Uncertain Endings: Signing Off, Head of Design 2019-2020

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Even the most beautiful journeys can have the most sudden and abrupt endings. And my journey with DUB is the best example here!

It was in July 2018, the orientation ceremony of DUB took place. I was sitting alone in a corner, leaning on the wall of a room full of about some 50  strangers. Nervous and hesitant to interact with any new face, with this I began a new journey of my life and perhaps the most important one!

College life can be very difficult for some, and I was no different. However, DUB has been the most tender companion to embark on this bittersweet journey with. Over the months, my love for this place has only grown deeper. From being a naive, nervous kid, I got to head a team of my own and make a small family under the umbrella of this big, fat joint family.

DUB has always been known for its people. And the opportunity to share a table with the Delhi university’s best and the finest writers, photographers, managers, and designers, was something only DUB could have given. But it’s the quality of work that these people create together, makes DUB known and stand out among the slab.

And now, when my journey with DUB Is ending, I have nothing else than immense gratitude for everyone I’ve worked within DUB, and a huge bundle of memories that I shall reminiscent over the coming years of my life.

Ending this beautiful journey, especially in these tough circumstances, makes this challenge even harder than its nature. However, a quote that I live by, “finding aesthetics in times of crisis” shall be the attitude, as despite many unventured paths, it was one delightful journey.

So, if I got to go back, and have a conversation with that nervous kid that I was once, I would only tell her to hold on to each moment, stay a little more late at the Monday meetings, attend more fest coverages, create more graphics and enjoy every bit of it, cause eventually, when all of this will be over, she’s going to love and cherish this journey till ducks start barking or forever! And who knows if she’ll get a chance to give a goodbye hug to everyone or not.

Signing Off,

Sanjana Sanehi

Head of Design 2019-2020


Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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