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Sex Amma: The Myth about Casual Dating

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Dear Amma, if I indulge in casual dating, does it give me the tag of a ‘fuck boy’?

Casual dating! Ahhh you know, this is one of Amma’s favourite term when it comes to a conversation about intimacy and stuff related to it. My lovely medu vada, let me tell you one thing when it comes to casual dating, consent and a mutual approval is of utmost importance.
Having a Rava idli just to have its top garnishes of tomato and Kaju without informing her about your plans and intentions in the very beginning is what makes a low quality vada. But, having an idli who approves of your plans and herself wants to be had without sambhar or chutney is absolutely fine.

My dear dosa, the terms and conditions of a casual relationship vary from couple to couple. Owing to the complexity and a variety of flavors to be explored in the sambhar of sexual pleasure, some people desire to experience something else and others, something different. It entirely depends upon you and your idli’s mutual desires of pleasure that what you as couple wishes to experience and what not. Thinking and properly deciding everything beforehand is what Amma would suggest you if you are planning to have a casual bond with your idli.

The youth, often frustrated with the many commitments that the society makes them to have with themselves and their families, gets easily intrigued by casual dating and relationships, something which is not wrong. But, at the same time one should not forget that even casual dating comes with some basic human expectations and doesn’t provide any idli or vada with a liberty to spoil the flavour of cheer and contentment of their partners. So, my special medu be careful of never making your idli feel unworthy or gloomy in any respect, make sure the amount of satisfaction and joy that you get from your connection should be the same for your idli.
Amma recalls of you using the term ‘fuck boy’ in your question. My medu vada, a fuck boy is a vada in which the hole required for fitting a heart is absent and he continues breaking idlis just for the sake of his own pleasure, paying no regard to other’s emotions or feelings. But, if you follow Amma’s advice and properly converse about all your desires and pleasures you wish to seek, then you won’t fall in that category for sure. Often, people see getting casually involved as a crime or sin but trust your amma, anything that makes you happy, without stealing somebody else’s smile will not be falling in that critical category. So go ahead and turn your fantasies into reality.

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