Someone has rightly said, “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food!” and being a DU student which epitomises the availability of economical lip smacking food, we couldn’t agree more with the statement! Take a look at some of the canteens across DU and their signature dishes loved by the students.

1. Maitreyi College

Fried Rice and Manchurian (Maitreyi)
Fried Rice and Manchurian (Maitreyi)

Maitreyi College has a canteen which provides a great range of lip smacking dishes and nutritious drinks that wouldn’t make you feel the need to step outside to fulfill your appetite. In summers, a chilled glass of freshly squeezed mosambi juice (Rs.20) with a little chaat masala is exactly the kind of refreshment every student needs. A plate of wholesome Rajma Rice (Rs. 40), which finishes within only two hours of its complete preparation has a perfectly balanced, rich sweet and spicy flavor and one that is bound to make you nostalgic about your ghar ka khaana anytime. The second most sought after dish would be our Vegetable Manchurian and Fried Rice (Rs.28). This heavenly combination of its tangy and juicy gravy with soft sticky rice can be proudly chosen over any Chinese restaurant’s dish. If you try the Honey Chilli Potatoes, they will not only leave you thirsty because of the fiery heat from all its spices but also wanting for another plate because of its sweet flavorful veggies and amazing relish.

Rajmah Rice (Maitreyi)
Rajma Rice (Maitreyi)

-Shagun Marwah, 3rd Year student, Maitreyi College

2. Kamala Nehru College

KNC Canteen
KNC Canteen

Having a regimented timetable with almost no breaks and early morning classes, the little ‘dabba’ that my mom packs in the morning gets finished within the first hour of college. However, KNC’s canteen becomes the ultimate saviour for mid-class hunger pangs. A plate full of Pav Bhaji (Rs. 30), Macroni (Rs. 20) and a cup of Cold Coffee (Rs. 25) is the most filling meal that the canteen offers. The Rajma Chawal are to die for too!

-Riya Chhibber, 3rd year student, Kamala Nehru College

3. Ramjas College

Chilli Potato (Ramjas)
Chilli Potato (Ramjas)

Ramjas canteen recently changed its catering staff and a few new items like chilli potato (Rs. 50), potato manchurian (Rs. 50), egg and bread combos( Rs. 30 for 2 eggs) and fried rice ( Rs. 40) were added to the menu. Chole Bature (Rs. 30) is a hot seller and is claimed to be the best item. Apart from that juices (Rs. 20), tea/coffee (Rs. 10) and bottled drinks like coke maaza and sodas are also available at MRP. The best things about the canteen are that we can eat in the open and the new amphitheatre being constructed beside it.

-Arindam Goswami, Final Year student, Ramjas College

4. Hindu College


Shahi Paneer (Hindu College)
Shahi Paneer (Hindu College)


Facing an avid competition from various eateries in Kamla Nagar and Hudson Lane, the Hindu College Canteen still outshines others. Catering to the college students seeding all around North Campus, here you can munch delicious food at reasonable prices, leaving you not only with a filled in belly but also with satisfied taste buds. The menu lists various delicacies from North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisines along with a few anytime snacks. Chhole Bhature, Dosa, Shahi Paneer served with Butter Naan and Pav Bhaji must be tried. So do grab a bite here next time you’re around the campus. Shaahi Paneer with Butter naan ( Rs. 45) and Dosa (Rs. 25) are a delight to the taste buds.

-Hardik Kakar, Hindu College

5. Sri Venkateswara College

Dosa (Sri Venkateswara College)
Dosa (Sri Venkateswara College)

Sri venkateswara college canteen reminds one of Amma’s canteen in south. With the indistinguishable delicious sambhar and inexpensive south indian dishes it provides a complete package for foodies. ‘Mysore masala dosa’  with the special south indian spicy touch is able to make a  mark on the student’s tongue. Its eccentric location and chilled out atmosphere makes it the most popular hangout place for students. The graffiti walls beside the seating arrangements ups the ambience level. Despite being a new canteen students have found their love and reasons to stay at college than preferring Satya lounges.

-Gerush Bahal and Lakshya, DU Students

6. Jesus and Mary College

JMC Canteen
JMC Canteen

The canteen of Jesus and Mary College is one of the most popular ones of the varsity. With a diverse food menu, consisting of South Indian, North Indian, Italian and Chinese dishes among others, the level of hygiene is also decent. Though the taste of various food items seems average, yet few dishes do attract students of the neighboring colleges to the place. With the price being slightly higher than most of the other colleges, Dishes like Bhel Puri, Sev Puri and Chowmein/Fried Rice captures the hearts (and obviously, the stomach!) of all the JMCites. The favourite dishes – Bhel Puri and Fried Rice, cost 40 rs each.

Fried Rice (JMC)
Fried Rice (JMC)

-Lovleen Kaur, Jesus and Mary College

7. Miranda House

Dosa (Miranda House)
Dosa (Miranda House)

At Miranda House, a satisfactory quality of food is maintained across the menu. From the honey chilli potato (Rs 40) to the chicken manchurian (Rs 50) and masala dosa (Rs 30),the canteen churns out quality food at affordable prices. The fresh juice stand is also a favourite amongst students. To the dismay of many students however, the ‘momo-bhaiya’ has quit his job this year, and chicken momo is no longer on the menu. Come back Bhaiya !

The level of hygiene maintained at the  Miranda House canteen sets it apart from other colleges. A committee of faculty members carries out regular inspections to ensure that cleanliness standards are maintained.

Miranda House Canteen
Miranda House Canteen

-Swareena Gurung, Student, Miranda House

Compiled by Riya Chhibber

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Last week, we came out with an article which laid out the most common base technologies, whether hardware or software, that you’ll essentially require to make your DU experience smoother and more exciting. While that list catered to the necessities, this one, ‘Tech for Freshers- Part 2’ caters to all your temptations.

We begin by mentioning the loner in the hardware side:


1. Bluetooth Speaker

This invention purposefully solves the problem of frequent requirement of loud music at a cheap cost. Whether you are on a department trip or a birthday party of one of your friends, a Bluetooth Speaker can ensure that you never go out of the supply of loud music. Oh and did we forget to mention? You can force your choice of music on others too.

Source: i.ytimg.com

And the better part of the software side:

1. For Dating Needs:

Tinder, Badoo, TrulyMadly, Lovoo – Gone are the days when love in college life meant love in the college campus. Like many other things, finding love or dating has changed for the 21st century. If you don’t find connections in your college, the tech cupid will help you find one using these apps.


Sources: Tinder icon: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinder&hl=en
Badoo icon: https://badoo.com/
TrulyMadly icon: http://trulymadly.com/
Lovoo icon: http://www.appsforpc9.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/lovoo_logo.png

2. For Transportation Needs:


Uber, Ola, Jugnu – Even though the Delhi Metro will serve as the main source of your transportation, there will be times when your actual destination won’t be a walking distance from your ‘nearest’ metro station or when you’re carrying luggage that you can’t drag in the metro, especially while visiting NCR. These apps will help you get around the city at affordable rates.

Sources:Uber icon: https://2q72xc49mze8bkcog2f01nlh-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/New-Logo-Vertical-Dark.jpg
Ola icon: https://naushad.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Ola_Cabs_Logo.png
Jugnoo icon: http://www.businessofapps.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/jugnoo_app-copy.png

3. For Shopping Needs:

Flipkart, Amazon – Local markets are where you’ll do most of your shopping but at times, you’ll need stuff that’s just not available there. These apps will help you get that stuff right at your doorstep.
Paytm – As we get more technologically equipped, exchange of paper money moves towards obsolescence. Paytm wallet is the largest e-wallet in the country and has recently started to root its way into local markets. The day is not far when you’ll paytm the local paan wala for a cigarette or a chewing gum. Paytm also lets you transfer Paytm cash to your bank account for a small fee.


Sources: Flipkart icon: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c9/Flipkart_logo.png
Amazon icon: http://cdn.wccftech.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/amazon.png
Paytm icon: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/42/Paytm_logo.png

4. For Event Needs:


Bookmyshow – Cinema will have a very big space in your college life. Sitting in the canteen after bunking classes gets redundant and boring after a while. At one point you will want to move out of the college and go someplace else. This app will help you find the movie or play of your choice that you and your gang can go to.

Sources: Bookmyshow logo: https://in.bookmyshow.com/job-listings/wp-content/themes/bms-listings/images/logo.png

5. For Fashion and Styling Needs:

Wooplr & Roposo – The first impression you impart on your peers is made by the way you carry yourself and your clothes. There is no doubt that fashion and styles have their own social bonuses. These two apps will help you stay on top of all the latest trends and new ways to expand your wardrobe.


Wooplr logo:https://res.wooplr.com/image/upload/h_120/assets/website/icon/wooplr.png
Roposo logo: http://www.biifund.com/wp-content/uploads/roposo-transparent-500×250.png

6. For Food and Beverages Needs:


Zomato and Swiggy – Someone has rightly said – You are what you eat”.
Don’t take it literally. It doesn’t mean that you’ll turn into a potato if you eat one. Food and choice of food can really define your personality. Also, in your journey as an undergraduate, you’ll encounter many moments where you’ll find yourself wanting to eat at places different from your regular ‘addas’. Zomato will help come in handy at that time. Swiggy is for times when you’re hungry and lazy, and want your food delivered to your doorstep which is not served by a fast food chain such as McDonalds or Pizza Hut.

Sources: Zomato icon: http://logos-download.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Zomato_logo.png
Swiggy icon: https://2q72xc49mze8bkcog2f01nlh-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/pune/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/09/swiggy-logo.png

Therefore, with this, we wrap up our list of a general tech guide for all students stepping into the university. Since every student is different, there are some apps which are better suited for some than others. Also, since the needs of a student are ever expanding, new techs are always emerging, both, on the hardware and the software/application fronts. Do let us know if there are some other essential technologies that we’ve missed out on.

You can also check out some other apps in this article which would help you sail through your college life and make it much more memorable.

Image Credits: Featured image- natashascrazylife.blogspot.com
Others- As cited above, respectively.

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Srivedant Kar
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Jyoti Chinese Corner at Patel Chest Situated amidst the gazillion printing shops and book stalls in Patel Chest, Jyoti is a small stall dishing out excellent food. For such a tiny establishment, it certainly boasts an extensive menu starting from the famous momo and chowmein, to thukpa and shyapta (a Tibeatan meat dish). The portions are also quite large. The only glitch perhaps is that it is constantly packed and seating is limited to about 5 persons. However, for such good food at reasonable rates, who would even complain waiting for a few minutes? One insider tip is to order the ‘home delivery momo’ which although priced substantially higher than the regular momo they serve, is definitely a must have! Le-phing at MajnukaTilla The best reason to visit the famous Tibetan Market, which is a 15 minute auto ride away from North Campus, is perhaps to try ‘Le-Phing’ which is only available here. A famous Tibetan street dish, Le-Phing is usually priced at Rs30 a bowl, and served both dry and with soup, and you can either choose it in yellow or white. Most stall owners are tight lipped about how they prepare it, so you probably won’t even know what you’re actually having. It’s basically a cold mung bean noodle dish dolled up with soya-beans, soya-sauce, salt, vinegar and some magical chutney-like concoction. Perhaps an acquired taste, Le-phing has some serious die-hard fans. If you join the club, expect frequent trips to MajnuKaTilla in between classes to satiate le-phing cravings. Waffle Hut at Kamla Nagar This is a waffle joint in a small bylane in Kamla Nagar, behind the McDonalds on Bungalow Road. Be-fitting its name, it boasts a wide range of freshly made waffles with both sweet and savoury toppings. In case you want to try an extensive variety, it is advisable to order quarter sized pieces with different toppings. The unique pizza waffle is definitely worth a try! Since it is tucked in between many other shops, you might overlook it, so asking for directions is helpful. Bistro at Kamla Nagar A perfect way to ‘TRY’ to beat the summer heat is to have one of the various drinks and sundaes available at this stall. While there are many places around campus offering the same, its main attraction is its pricing. An almost half-a-litre glass of Virgin Mojito comes at 50rs, and a substantial helping of chocolate fudge sundae at just Rs.60. In addition, veg sandwiches and snacks are also available. Although seating isn’t available, you can’t help yourself from going back once you’ve tried it. FUNKY at Bungalow Road A mini Sarojini-Nagar, Funky is a clothing shop that many DU students frequent. Although there are many vendors selling cheap clothes on the streets, the collection here is the best. Tops, dresses, trousers and shorts are priced at around Rs.150 to 250. An occasional gem in the form of a cocktail dress or branded item isn’t uncommon here. However, sometimes the clothes are a little costume-like, so a keen look through the racks can go a long way. Also, they do bring in new stuff quite frequently. Since it is somewhat hidden in a basement amidst the shops in Bungalow Road, it is best to ask seniors or friends for directions.   Swareena Gurung [email protected]]]>

It is no surprise that the admission season comes along with a fair share of anxiety, panic and tension. So, to ease the process, we bring to you, a list of ten food-joints near several colleges of Delhi University where you can sit back, relax and take a break from all the hum-drum.

1. Big Yellow Door, North and South Campus

Cost for two: 600 (approx)

The place is known for its innovative decor, cosy space and the long queues in front of the cafe.   More popularly known as BYD, it can be found both in Hudson lane and Satya Niketan. It has a varied menu with BYD Cheese Bomb Burger, Cheesy Nachos Mexicana and Butter Chicken Pasta as the all-time favourites.

Big Yellow Door
Big Yellow Door
(Image Credits: www.khaugalideals.com)

2. QD’s Restaurant, North and South Campus

Cost for two: 700 (approx)

Located in the Hudson Lane, and Satya-Niketan, this restaurant has the perfect ambience and got popular for its mouth watering Tandoori momos and other Chinese delicacies.

(Image Credits: www.sodelhi.com)

 3. Tom Uncle Maggi, North Campus

Cost for two: 100 (approx)

For the days when you are broke, and want delicious food, head to Tom Uncle’s Maggi stand. You can try the Oregano-Maggi, Butter-Maggi, Cheese Maggi, Masala Maggie, Chilli-Paneer Maggi and many other varieties as well! Who knew Maggi could come in so many tastes and flavours?

Tom Uncle Maggi
Tom Uncle Maggi
(Image Credits: www.streetbite.in)

 4. Diggin’, South Campus

Cost for two: 1000 (approx)

An aesthetically pleasing cafe with red-bricked walls, fairy-lights, and pretty paintings, Diggin’ has gained much popularity among college students. It is situated opposite Gargi College. Chicken & Jalapeno Pizza, Lamb Lasagna, Crispy Zucchini Fries are one of the few recommended dishes of this cafe.

(Image credits: www.zomato.com)

 5. Ricos, North and South Campus

Cost for two: 900 (approx)

It is a cafe which becomes popular with the students since their first year. It offers a wide range of cuisines like Italian, Lebanese, Mexican and Continental at pocket friendly rates. Their collection of desserts is worth trying, as well.

(Image Credits: www.zomato.com)

 6. Chowringhee Lane, North and South Campus

Cost for two: 350 (approx)

It is the ultimate stop for every college-goer to satiate the craving of a perfect kathi roll. It is easy on the pocket, and will please your taste buds all the same.

(Image credits: www.images.grabhouse.com)

 7. Mini Shop, North Campus

Cost for two: 150 (approx)

Situated Opposite Kirori Mal College, in Kamla Nagar, it is the perfect spot to put an end to the hunger pangs while you shop for clothes or books in the market. The cold-coffee is heavenly and they also offer a wide variety of quick bites.

Mini Shop
Mini Shop
(Image Credits: www.zomato.com)

8. Chache di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Cost for two:  150 (approx)

The place is known to serve the best plate of chhole bhature which is quiet evident with the never-ceasing queue in front of the shop. The menu is completely vegetarian but limited and they offer only aloo wale bhatoore, sade bhatoore, kulche and chhole which are full of rich flavours.

Chache Di Hatti
Chache Di Hatti
(Image credits: www.tipini.com)

9. Bhelpuri outside Hindu College, North Campus

Cost for two: 100 (approx)

If you’re an ardent fan of street food, then you should definitely visit this place. One plate of bhelpuri served has ample quantity for two people. You can also pair it with a nice and refreshing banta to enjoy the meal.

Bhelpuri outside Hindu
Bhelpuri outside Hindu
(Image credits: www.campusdiaries.com)

 10. The Chocolate Room, North and South Campus

Have a sweet tooth? Want to indulge in sweet and sinful desserts? Then, this place should be your next stop! From different varieties of Pizza made out of chocolate to mouth-watering pancakes and pastries, this outlet has it all.


The Chocolate Room
The Chocolate Room
(Image Credits: www.zomato.com)

The debate around food, especially protein, has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years. While vegetarianism has been around for centuries, the concept of veganism sprang up in the mid-twentieth century and has gained immense popularity since the 2010s. Often labelled as dietary ‘requirements’ or ‘preferences’, vegetarianism and veganism are much more than just that. They are philosophies, ardently followed by millions of people around the world.


Statistics reveal that more and more young people are making conscious changes in their diets to support food production that is sustainable and ethical. This stems from a number of factors – the collective responsibility to leave behind a better world for our future generations, the desire to reduce our carbon footprint, the right to know exactly what we are consuming, and a guilty conscience about the way humans treat other species.


The advantages of an animal-free diet are plenty – decreased risks of heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure, to name a few. There are also directly visible benefits such as healthier skin and a leaner physique. Often the negative discourse surrounding vegetarianism and, in particular, veganism, takes away from its merits. This summer, challenge yourself to try a new diet and give a shot to a new lifestyle.


With the ever-increasing supply of products that are organic and animal-friendly, it is now easier than ever to take on the challenge of becoming (even if temporarily) vegetarian or vegan. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Set a target – If you eat meat or dairy on a daily basis, you probably will not turn into a passionate veggie-lover overnight. Set yourself a realistic goal – try going a week without meat, then a month, and so on, or decide that you will have meat only on weekends or on special occasions. Either way, keep it balanced.
  • Find a partner – If you are the only one at the party eating paneer while everyone else digs into chicken tikka, you will probably be miserable (and regretting your decision to listen to me). Instead, find a friend or a sibling to join you. You can motivate each other when it gets difficult, but if you’re still miserable, at least you’ll have company. It’s a win-win!
  • Plan a budget – Restricting your diet often takes a toll on your wallet in unexpected ways. From substituting regular milk for soy or almond milk, or finding your favorite gelatine-free candy, veganism can be expensive. Make sure you put some money aside each month to satisfy your vegan cravings.
  • Time it right – Finally, be aware of upcoming dates and events in which you will be tempted to consume animal products. Don’t try your hand at vegetarianism if you are traveling to an exotic country, where a restricted diet will greatly limit your food choices. Instead, pick a period in which you are in a comfortable and familiar place so you have a chance to fully explore your options and make the best of the available resources. Good luck!

Image Credits: http://linkedin.com/

Vineeta Rana

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Though there are innumerable places to visit around Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and College of Vocational Studies, students had always been wishing for an eating joint that serves great food at minimal costs, with a proper seating area. Eatlo is one such place which offers the best of both and is located right in front of College of Vocational Studies. The restaurant serves mainly Italian and fast-food, but has some really innovative dishes, along with some great shakes and drinks.


Eatlo is a small eating joint but the place is much better as compared to other restaurants in the same place. The walls have really quirky things to look at, and the place has great decoration. It’s a great place to chill out with your friends with seating areas both inside as well as outside the restaurant.


Everything we ordered at Eatlo was delicious and affordable at the same time. Their Cheese Storm Pizza beats the Dominos bland pizzas any day. We also ordered a veggie burger, oreo shake, choco fudge waffles with ice-cream, iced tea, and fire-fries. Though the waffles were a tad bit bland, dry, and hard, everything was scrumptious. They provide with a choice to pair waffles with an oreo/kitkat shake, making both even more affordable.


The place is extremely affordable after the kind of service and food they provide. Our bill amounted to lesser than 500 rupees even after ordering such a lot of different items. They provide a 20% discount to students once you show your college id, which makes the food even more affordable.


The people in the restaurant are extremely nice, and talk in a friendly way.


Ambience- 4/5
Food- 3.5/5
Prices- 4.5/5
Service- 4.5/5

Image Credits: Sudisha Mishra

Indraprastha College for Women organized the third Round Table Conference on Gandhi on the theme ‘Gandhi and Food’ on 8th April, 2016.
The session began with a welcome note by the Principal, Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf, who acquainted the audience with the idea of the Round Table Conference and the theme of the third edition. She mentioned that the incidents involving beef ban and the contentious issue of cow slaughter that gave rise to religious tensions recently, were, what triggered discussion on this topic. As per the Concept Note of the Conference, in the Gandhian discourse, food is not just what one eats, but is visualized as a paradigm that exhibits a range of issues. The whole exercise of the conference was perceived to be useful to engage and confront many key quandaries of our times, and answer many conundrums ranging from diet control for personal reasons, being vegetarian on moral grounds, fasting for religious or political expediency, to debate contestations between right to culture and food choices.

Shri Anil Nauriya, Advocate and Member, National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi, delivered the introductory remarks, and quoted instances and anecdotes of Gandhi’s meetings with different people, Sam Higginbottom and Richard Gregg to name a few. This was followed by 12 well-fleshed out paper presentations. Dr. Madhulika Banerjee, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi and Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf, Principal, Indraprastha College for Women judged these paper presentations.

The students presented a variety of riveting and thought-provoking presentations, ranging from a critique of Gandhi’s moral basis of vegetarianism to food in the context of Brahmacharaya as perceived by Gandhi in his times, with peppy titles like “You are not what you eat”. A plethora of viewpoints were discussed: how food is a cult in itself, and how unless there’s moral disgust in animal slaughter, there’s no moral superiority associated with vegetarianism.

The first prize was awarded to Asmita Jagwani, who presented the paper on “Food Asceticism: The Gandhian Grammar of Diet” where she explored the idea of gastro politics, explaining that for Gandhi, vegetarianism was a way of life that  was rooted in his moral convictions and not just an adherence to a filial vow. She was praised by the judges who mentioned that “such sophistication of rhetoric as a means of persuasion leaves you stupefied.” The second position was bagged by a team comprising of Anamika Dass and Ateka Hasan who explored food from the perspective of untouchability. Prerna Mishra, who explored “Salt and Satyagraha” in her paper, was adjudged as the winner of the third position. A judges’ special mention was awarded to Nihita Kumari who spoke on how food was a weapon for Gandhi. All winners were given cash prizes.

Dr. Jyoti Trehan Sharma, the Conference Convener, explained the philosophy behind the theme, and also drew the attention of the audience to the significance of the date when the conference was being held, as the date coincided when Gandhi got arrested at Palwal in 1919, just a few days before the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Punjab. This was also the date when in 1929, Bhagat Singh, alongwith Sukhdev and Rajguru, made his motherland echo with the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”.

The Judges congratulated the participants on building such relevant arguments that led to a very pertinent discourse. They also provided constructive feedback and inputs on the same.

The round table conference at IPCW

Image Credits: Kritika Narula

Kritika Narula

[email protected]

Ambience: The first thing that catches the eye is the vivid and intriguing interiors, based on an interesting upside down concept, well suggested by the café name. The ceiling is adorned by colorful inverted lamps, tables, windows and even stairs while the antique telephones, bicycle and clocks embellish the walls. The open-view kitchen surrounded by real and unreal frames, mirrors and brick setup successfully enhances the aesthetics of this strangely fascinating café.

Food and Menu:

The menu contains numerous options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Owned by Punjabis, the menu is characterized by certain ‘Hatke’ amalgamations like Nawabi Murg Makhani Pasta and Makhani Achaari Pasta. The other items include varieties of soups, salads, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, appetizers, beverages and desserts. The special dishes keep changing on a weekly basis. The first item we ordered was Golgappa shots. Filled with minced chicken or cheese, it’s a must try on any foodie’s bucket list. Another impressive dish was Hot Chicken wings, served with barbeque sauce. The outer crust was tangy and crispy while the spices were extremely consistent and decent. The chicken also seemed well cooked. Our next order, Stadium nachos, with an overwhelming and tasty flavour also didn’t fail to match the expectations. Talking about desserts and beverages, Oreo cheese cake and Sharatta strawberry shake are a must try. The smooth texture and subtleness give you the exact taste you’ve been waiting for. [caption id="attachment_39636" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Golgappa Shots Golgappa Shots at Cafe Hera Pheri[/caption] Music deserves a special mention in this cafe. In addition to some incredible food, the one thing that manages to impress every customer is the hospitality, where each and every customer is treated with sheer love and attention. The customers are also given Polaroid instant snaps by the owners as a symbolic memory.

Final Verdict:

The food prices come to be roughly 350 per person, inclusive of drinks or desserts. Overall, Café Hera Pheri proves to be that impeccable place for students who want to enjoy some amazing music along with budget-friendly food. Image Credits: Udit Malhotra for Zomato]]>

Apart from the regular range of spicy street chaats and traditional comfort-food dishes, Delhiites are never too hesitant (or in fact, full) to try something new, and always welcome delectable varieties with both their eyes and mouths open (even with wallets empty). While Chinese, Thai and Italian may top the list of the most preferred international cuisines for now, it’s not too late for tummies of all foodies to be growling just at the mere thought of soft scrumptious sausages being served with braised cabbage and sweet mustard or a mouth-watering plate of juicy pan fried schnitzels surrounded by crispy potato wedges.

Zu Tisch
Zu Tisch

To make this experience of German cuisine even better, we have the new restaurant Zu Tisch to thank. Nestled in the heart of the capital in the bustling M-Block market of Greater Kailash-1, Zu Tisch is the first one-of-its-kind European Bistro bar and restaurant which serves authentic German cuisine. It was founded by a group of IIT-ians who quit their jobs to open up a restaurant and decided to devote all their time to two things which they loved more than anything else in the world- food and music. It is highly likely that whenever you walk in you’re your friends in the evening, you’ll be welcomed with a live gig. On more than a couple of occasions every week, they have renowned artists performing at the bistro, which not only builds up an exciting and fun venture for all music lovers, but also instantly enhances the whole dining experience altogether.

Apart from its perfectly crafted German menu, impeccable service, rustic vintage charm and beautiful ambience, what also makes this place extremely popular among all students is the fact that it proudly hosts music societies of different colleges every “Thursday Night, Live!” in an acoustic intimate setting. It includes college A Cappella, trio or solo performances with a specific headline act. They not only provide opportunities for college societies to perform in front of a live audience and gain confidence, but also serve as a platform where they can take chances, become spontaneous and different, learn from their mistakes and grow into better artists with each new performance. Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Gargi College, Shri Ram College of Commerce, St. Stephen’s College, IIT Delhi and Sri Venkateswara College’s Western Music Societies are some of its past performers.

Rhea Mahanta of Western Music Society, LSR, tells us, “Playing at the Wine and Music Fest at Zu Tisch was an experience of simply loving what you do. The crowd was so interactive that it felt like a space where we could play around with the boundaries of music and do our own renditions, and people welcomed it! It was a close knit community of souls genuinely wanting to see what we had to share and be a part of that musical exchange.”

Special discount offers for all college students, such as 1+1 pizzas and drinks on all Thursdays, Happy Hours on pizzas, pastas and drinks everyday till 6 p.m., and many other fun deals on food and drinks also make this place too irresistible to be missed by anyone.

They are also further introducing a campus ambassador program called ‘My office desk is a bar station’. Any student who is currently studying/ has graduated from Delhi University’s college can apply. The program allows students to work at a bar and work closely with their college music society based events. They will get free FnB, an opportunity to collaborate with other artists and fixed monetary bonuses every week. To apply, contact 9953469902/ [email protected]. Zu Tisch also requests more and more music societies, bands or musicians to come forward and approach them for gigs.

Image credits: Facebook Page, Zu Tisch

Dhaba’, a north Indian Mughlai cuisine restaurant located in west Delhi. Close to major shopping and cinema complexes including Shoppers and waves, this restaurant attracts a whole bunch of visitors including videshis.


This desi-themed, literally dhaba styled restaurant will take you onto a journey to suburban food eateries in India. As soon as you enter, you get the feel of the rural food eatery you once visited when on a trip to Punjab. Adding to that, the restaurant also features a truck! Yes, a truck inside the premises to grip you into the exact same rural-cultured theme, the designers of this restaurant have so strategically carved out. [caption id="attachment_36474" align="aligncenter" width="168"]Dhaba, Rajouri Garden The truck inside the premises of ‘Dhaba’ at Rajouri Garden.[/caption]


You must have already guessed the main delicacy of this place. Yes! The butter chicken we all so love. You can also try ‘chicken khurchan’, a special Mughlai delicacy they offer. For the vegetarians, the dal makhni is the dish to be ordered. But wait, what about the starters? Don’t miss out on the roasted and afghani chicken or the paneer tikka.

Pocket Bump

Well, to be honest, eating at this restaurant will not dig a hole in your pocket and the food costs are at same average 4 star restaurant level. If you do plan to visit the range of restaurants at Rajouri Garden, all of them come at the same average pricing of thousand bucks for two.


The place deserves 4 stars from me. ****   Brij Pahwa [email protected] Image credits: zomato.com, 361degreeshospitality.wordpress.com]]>