This article adds to the buzz and discussion surrounding the “degree-walas”- the graduates who have been taking not only social media but also the street food industry by storm.

Graduation ke baad college ke bahar momos ka stall kholenge” (after graduation we’ll open a momos stall outside college) and “Yaar maggi wale bhaiya kitna kamate honge?” (how much do you think the maggi seller earns) are just a few of the many statements that define a college student, particularly one unsure of what the future holds. For most of us, they are merely a lighthearted escape from the constant degree and college slander and are not intended to be taken seriously. These statements, casually thrown around in after-class conversations, are among the many promises that are made and buried over the course of a degree. But much like how some are able to finally turn their Goa and Manali trips into reality, some capably materialise this as well. I dived into writing this piece without realising the commonality of what I was writing about. It turns out that the relationship between rigorous academic degrees and simplistic street food is more ubiquitous than one would have thought.

From MBA Chaiwala to B.tech Panipuri wali, recently it has been quite hard to overlook viral videos on social media wherein fancy degree holders are venturing into classic street food businesses with an added touch of their own. From fire kulhad pizzas to comforting rajma-chawal, there is something for everyone!

Most recent is the virality of Tapsi Upadhyay, a 21-year-old engineering student who captured the attention of food enthusiasts by giving the beloved panipuri (I prefer the term golgappe) a healthier spin. With “air-fried” pani puri and “organic” tamarind and jaggery sauces, she started her business to contribute to a ‘Swasth Bharat’. As much as one could concur our nonchalance towards “healthy” street food, the idea appears to be working for her. Within just 6 months of operations, her team has been able to expand to four carts at multiple locations across Delhi. However, internet users’ reactions to a video detailing her inspiration and hardships, which has gained over 13 million views on Instagram, have been conflicted.

“Hats off that she is doing everything it takes to be her own boss and being financially independent.”- an Instagram user

“A degree doesn’t guarantee a good job with good living standards. Good to see she started something of her own. All the best to her.” – said another user on social, complimenting the business

On the flip side of the coin, a small part of users have also been vocal about this apparent misdirection.

“Not demeaning anyone but can’t understand why people after doing a good education start street food and term it as entrepreneurship. After completing B.Tech one should think of new technology and innovation rather than selling street food.” – a third user on Instagram

“Wearing a cap is cool but wearing a helmet is a taboo.” – remarked another person in reference to “Panipuriwali” being spotted driving a Royal Enfield Bullet without a helmet.


picture 1 (1) (3).jpg
Snippet from the viral video showing B.Tech panipuri riding a bike with her pani puri stall attached behind, Image Credits: @are_you_hungry007 on Instagram

The tags such businesses possess, which undoubtedly attract intrigue and help with fame, may sometimes have a hint of clickbait as well. For instance, when one hears of MBA Chaiwala, they would inadvertently think of somebody who after slogging for a degree they have no interest in, spent years in the tortuous corporate sector only to realise their true love for making and selling chai. However, the idea simply developed from a rejection from the three-lettered dream college franchise of many graduates. So maybe, if you are looking for a sign to “follow your passion” AFTER doing an MBA, this might not be the best one.

But it goes without saying that one would question how these individuals break free from the shackles of log kya kahenge? (what would people say?) More specifically, why would they need to?

For starters, the ‘hustle culture’ is a term with exceedingly mixed opinions and something that most university students unwittingly fall victim to. However, Indore-born student Ajay is a true example of what grit and perseverance are all about. He sets out at night with “Indore’s first chai on wheels” in the hopes of selling his “Cycle-wali-chai” and making enough money to pay for his coaching, education, and a comfortable sustenance.

Ajay sells tea at night to pay for coaching classes, Image Source: The Indian Express

For others, it might be about embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and the startup wave India takes immense pride in. In an exclusive conversation with DU Beat, Prasenjit Bhowmick talked about his inspiration to work on ‘Engineer Momowala’.

“I always wanted to be in the IT department but my parents forced me to go into mechanical. But I started learning about things like web development and government documentation from YouTube so I could work in a real estate company. But the turning point was when I realised that if I could help a company go from a shuttered office to 8 branches in a single city in just 10 months, then why couldn’t I build a successful company of my own?”

For a Bangalore couple that went viral for reportedly earning 12 lakhs a day, ’Samosa Singh’ was about owning something of their own and possessing the desire to take it to newer heights. Transitioning from high-paying jobs and selling their apartment to build the company further must not have been the easiest of tasks, but their love and devotion towards samosas and its “reclamation of the rightful place among Indian snacks” got them where they are- a company with an annual turnover of 45 crore rupees.

People jumping on this bandwagon might also be doing so as a means of escaping the grind of a 9–5 job. With India recently becoming the most populous country (yes,that day has finally arrived and no, it’s not 2030 yet) and job seekers outnumbering quality job openings, this could offer significant respite from the dearth of employment opportunities in a highly competitive economy. This is what was experienced by Priyanka Gupta, a 25-year-old economics graduate from Bihar, who became Patna’s ‘Chaiwali’ after failing to crack bank examinations for two years. Being a student of economics myself, I would understand the need to do away with the quantitative distress the degree unfurls on you (smiles painfully), but starting a ‘tapri’ of your own is harder than it sounds.

“I went to different banks and asked for a PM Mudra Loan, but they refused. Finally, after running around for one and a half months, I borrowed 30,000 from a college friend.” – Priyanka Gupta, ‘Graduate Chaiwali’

Lastly, I wonder if the fame and existence of such ventures is short-lived. With over 50 million videos across social media, are these only for a one-time experience and places restricted to a couple of Instagram stories and reels? I wonder if we are responsible for over-popularizing them, it is after all just chai and samosa.


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Manvi Goel
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It’s tempting to fall into unhealthy habits, but a balanced lifestyle is the key to a vibrant college life.

One enters college with an abundance of excitement, hope, and the most fun of them all, freedom. While this freedom provides opportunities for growth, it also brings with it a sense of carelessness. When you’re no longer answerable to Mom, you let loose. In most college students, this leads to the rise of some unhealthy habits. Being able to stay in bed and Zomato all the time may seem like a dream come true at first, but it inevitably invites problems.

However, that is not the only factor that could lead to the development of an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s also easy to feel so drowned in assignments, society work, or internships that there’s no room left for exercise or any hobbies for that matter. After a hectic college day, there is nothing more inviting than your bed. With an episode of your current binge and some pizza on the side. This becomes a routine that’s hard to break out of.

“The appeal of the taste of fast food is not the only thing that has kept me in the habit of ordering in almost every night. It’s also very convenient to not have to prep or cook meals. It feels like a quick fix after a long day.” -Vansh, a second-year student

Moreover, “broke college student” is a famous phrase for a reason. When short on budget, cooking the same instant ramen pack a few different ways to get through the week is appealing. Thus, many factors contribute to the rise of unhealthy eating habits among college students. Another major problem is that of little to no exercise. It’s difficult to make time for a routine. The norm of going late to bed and having to wake up early for morning classes keeps one in the cycle of feeling tired throughout the day. Pulling all-nighters consistently and then drinking tons of coffee to survive, skipping meals, and not exercising are therefore common elements of a college student’s lifestyle. The allure of it all is heavy. But this lifestyle is unfortunately not sustainable. How do we beat it?

It’s important to start at the fundamental level and correct your basics. Build your day around a healthy sleep schedule, eat at the right time, and start incorporating at least some exercise throughout the week. As cliché as this might sound, your elders are correct. Doing this will significantly improve your quality of life and help you focus better on your goals. You don’t need some rigid instruction table to help you achieve all of this. Start slow and be soft with yourself. It’s also okay to maintain some flexibility. You do not need to cut Netflix or McDonald’s out of your life (duh, how could we ever?). Just practice moderation with it.

“After college hours, it feels unsafe for me to travel to and from a gym in the city. So, I’ve made it a point to wake up a little extra early in the mornings to do yoga. This way I get some exercise done every single day.” -Gauri, a second-year student at KNC.

While waking up early is definitely not the best suit for many of us, here are some things that you can do to start living a better and healthier life. When you get hunger pangs at odd hours, have fruits for snacks instead of reaching for a packet of chips. They’re yummy and healthy, plus super convenient to grab. Replace your caffeinated beverages with better alternatives that also serve as a refresher, such as milkshakes. When you do need to order in, pick healthier options as opposed to fast foods. For exercise, try to include movement in the little day-to-day tasks. Walk around on your study break instead of sitting in bed. Take the stairs instead of elevators wherever possible (the metro station maybe?). Discover a safe road/park near you and go for the occasional walk while on the phone with family or friends.

There are innumerable little ways you could create a better lifestyle for yourself. Making conscious choices regarding nutrition and exercise will take care of you both physically and mentally, improving academic performance and overall quality of life. Pave the way for a balanced and fulfilling college experience that sets you up for success in the long run. Cheers to doing better!

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Arshiya Pathania

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 A Love letter to Momos, the staple food of many Delhiites, and a look at some experiences built around Delhi’s momos and momowallahs.

To many of us, the first word that comes to our lips when we are hungry and the wallet is light is chal momos khaate hai (lets go eat momos). Momos have become so ingrained in Delhi’s culture that every student you ask can give you the name of their favorite momo shop, and a list of experiences they have had while eating momos. Dolma Aunty, Hunger strike, Majnu Ka Tila, Yashwant Place, and the momo stalls close to our colleges may just feel like a second home to us.

When one talks about momos, how can we forget the loveable momowallahs who pile steaming goodness along with lipsmacking chutney on our plates. Those who eat momos regularly probably see their momowallahs and know their habits better than those of friends. Faizan, a second year student from Jamia Millia Islamia talks about his college momowallahs habit of being friendly with some of his customers. He says “ If you are in college and you need to grab something for your hunger, Momos are your best option. Hundreds of students at my college grab momos between lectures from the Hygienic Mark Cafe, the owner of the place is an interesting person although he gives preference to girls for some unknown reasons. People wait in queues for getting their plates but not the girls. Hygienic’s momos are an integral part of life at JMI.”

Momos have also led to some amazing memories for people with many small dates being planned around momos or including momos. Chhavi, a DU student, says “One of the greatest dates, I’ve ever been on just included chai, hugs and momos. Being a cold winter evening, momos are such a relief. Specially when served with Mayo. It must be remembered, that the best momos are chicken and steamed.” Delhi and momos, a romantic connection indeed and momos have also given the citizens of Delhi some romantic moments of their own. Anandi, a DU student, says “In the streets of Dilli Haat, sharing a plate of chicken momos with my partner, as the chilly Delhi air engulfs us and the momos chutney hits you; tell me something more romantic than this.”

Momos have formed the basis of many small traditions among old friends. Samaksh, a second year DU student says “ After all of us got into college, me and my friends really didn’t have the time to meet each other that regularly with everyone getting busy with their new lives. We made it a tradition to drive down to Yashwant Place once or twice a month at night to eat momos and smoke. It is probably one of the only times I see all my friends together now.”

These silly little anecdotes describe what momos mean to us broke young college kids trying to enjoy even the little moments of our lives, in something as trivial as going out to eat this Tibetian delicacy from our staple momo stalls. Momos in a way define the student culture in Delhi.

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Prabhanu Kumar Das


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Being an out-station student isn’t easy, especially when it comes to compromising on food. Let us look at the role the college canteen plays in a student’s life.

Good food is probably on the top in the wish-list of all university students. However, most of the students don’t have access to the heart warming home-cooked meals. After a long and exhausting day of sleeping during lectures and wrangling in society meetings, we all long for comforting meals. But, where does one find them?

After discussing about this issue with lots of students at a personal level, I found out that most students resort to the college canteen for their meals. A very small proportion actually carried lunchboxes. Even the hostellers and PG-dwellers prefer the canteen over their promised, paid meals.

“Being a PG student, the lunch that I get is usually iced coffee or bread butter everyday.  Although I don’t prefer eating food from canteen daily but I have to rely on it. If I were a Delhi student, I would never consider food from canteen. Also being a PG student, I am broke more than half of the time so it’s real struggle deciding what to do about lunch. So although I don’t love canteen food, but it has become my lunch everyday,” says Avni Dhawan, student of Kamla Nehru College.

Deewanshi Vats, a resident of the Under Graduate Hostel For Girls (UGHG) says, “Though we have a 4 meal package in a day, the quality of food is pathetic. You literally have to search for dal in dal which is just nothing but water! We don’t get nutrient rich food like sprouts and dry lentils at all; also no curd! Salad (only cucumber) provided is usually stale. Quality of rice and other vegetables is really low.”

With the poor quality of meals provided, most students have no choice left but to fall back on the canteen food. This affects them both financially and health-wise. Spending good proportions of monthly pocket-money on unhealthy, and often not very tasty food is not the ideal preference of any student. This is where students cherish home-cooked meals packed in lunch boxes the most.

“One thing you miss more than home is homemade food! It’s quite understandable that you cannot get the same ‘ghar ke khana ka taste’ when you move to a different city; and for a while will enjoy eating fancy food and junk, but there is this saturation point where you will miss basic daal and roti and then no other food will be able to satisfy your tummy!” commented an out-station student of Daulat Ram College.

It truly becomes a sorry state of affairs for the outstation students when it comes to the matters of food. But there is one ray of hope for all the outstation students. With the end of the semester around the corner, one can comfort themselves with the loving thought of returning back to home after the exams are over and enjoy the warmth of those homely meals to their hearts’ fullest content. It almost seems like the delayed gratification, worth all the while.



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Aditi Gutgutia
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With Zomato delivery executives in Bengal protesting against the delivery of beef by Hindus and pork by Muslims, we see solidarity against the food delivery giant which finds itself in turmoil.

Another day in our secular country, another attempt made to communalise food on the religious grounds while the entire narrative on twitter shifts into countless debates on eating beef or pork.

However, for the students of the University of Delhi (DU), this opens up an interesting arena of speculation.

The majority of the student body considered animal cruelty as the reason for not eating beef/pork and very few considered religion to be behind this. A student stated, “I am against any sort of animal slaughter done for the sake of greed, taste or nutrition. They are sentient beings that deserve to live and we can survive without eating them.”

To further elaborate this point another student added, “I belong from a rural background, I am aware of the significance of livestock and cattle in shaping the life of village folks. Right from the agricultural activities, with the dung cakes used as fuel to cook food, to the dairy products used in everyday life, cattle form an essential part of their lives. I don’t consider religion to be the reason behind my choice.”

When religion comes into this narrative, the views are conflicting. Most of the students consider it as a matter of personal choice. However, it seems evident that family and upbringing plays an important role in influencing and strengthening one’s views. Some of them term it as a “disgraceful sin”, while others don’t associate themselves with this debate.

Another student came forward with a separate angle on this debate. She said, “It would be good if people try to understand why their religion tells them not to eat beef or pork, the idea behind it might still be relevant.” She further added that eating or not eating any kind of meat is a personal choice as long as one is not enforcing their opinions on others. According to her, if some religious institutions have certain rules about the consumption of meat then it should be followed while one is within the premises of that institution out of respect.

On the other hand, a part of the DU student body is much in the favour of consumption of beef and pork. “If it appeases the taste buds, it goes on top of the favourite food list” says a History student. The consensus either leans towards exploring the various delicacies that meat has to offer or rebelling against the societal diktats. As one student puts it, “I eat pork even though nobody in my family does. It’s my life and nobody can force me to not do something if I want to. I don’t eat beef because I never felt like trying it.”

Growing up it was hard to acknowledge the idea that beef can be eaten and God won’t smite you if you indulge in this practice. It was even harder to understand that people consume beef and it is perfectly normal for them as they are not indoctrinated into the belief that cow is a holy animal, the way I was from the age when my senses were not even fully developed. However, your beliefs and practices cannot be imposed on another person.

Like a rusty coin, with two alternative sides, this debate is going to be here for a long time much to the delight of the debating circuit of the varsity. Till then, I am here with my double-decker beef burger with a side of bacon to see how this whole debate moves forward.

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Antriksha Pathania

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Being in love at many times leads to a big hole in your pocket. Eating at lavish restaurants and going for fancy dinner dates can only be done at the starting of the month when you’ve just got the pocket money, since by the end of the month we all tend to be broke. But ‘no money’ doesn’t mean ‘no date’. So to solve your problem, we’ve got a list of romantic and budget-friendly places to visit, and things to do with your sweetheart in north campus.

College memories stay with us for life, and so do the memories of college dates. A perfect date, however, doesn’t strictly mean candlelit dinner at a 5-star restaurant. A perfect date is anything that gives you such memories as you will cherish for life. After all, 20 years down the line you will not remember which restaurant you went to, but you will remember if you did anything special with your beloved. You will remember all your crazy dates. So spend your hard earned money on the most attractive luxuries later in life. And for now, enjoy the smaller joys of life with your partner.

Here is a  list that offers you a variety of options, which you can consider for a memorable and romantic date.

  1.    Crazy E-rickshaw experience

North campus and E-rickshaws go hand in hand. But have you ever thought that E- rickshaw rides can be romantic as well? Take an E-rickshaw to any place and be your weird selves on the ride. Or sit at the back of the motor rickshaw, crack jokes, laugh together, and hold on to each other’s hands tightly when you get scared of the vehicles coming in your direction.

  1.    Sudama ki Chai

North campus has various places to visit — from Kamla Nagar to Hudson Lane to Majnu ka Tila. One such place amongst these is Sudama Tea Stall located on the road between Kirorimal and Ramjas college. This place is perfect if you are on a stroll with your better-half and want to stop for some chai. Sudamaji has been serving tea for the last 24 years, and it remains open till midnight because it is visited by an enormous number of people. It is the best and the cheapest place for a nice session of chatting and laughing over steaming cups of tea.

  1.    A Romantic Bicycle Ride

Bicycle rides can never be boring. When you have nothing to do on a pleasant evening, then take your partner on a bicycle ride. You can lend bicycles from Vishwavidyalaya metro station at Rs 10 per hour, and go to Kamla Nagar for food-stall hopping; enjoying each other’s company and some good food. Visit random lanes, have ice-creams from the street vendors, and remember to enjoy yourselves.

  1.    A walk around the campus

The campus has a lot to offer and the best thing that two people can do is go on a walk hand in hand through the campus exploring different places like arts faculty, science faculty and the road near Kamla Nehru Ridge. You can go college hopping and click selfies in front of the colleges, exploring the various regions in the campus.

  1.    A Lazy Evening at the Ridge

If you and your partner are history geeks or heritage lovers – and are not afraid of monkeys – then going to the Ridge is a good idea. Exploring history together and getting cosy in the desolate place can be a fun experience. Also go there only if you are not afraid of the haunted stories that revolve around the khooni jheel. This date might turn out to be the most adventurous one!

  1.    What is better than college canteens?

Being a north campus student gives you the best experience of the campus life because of the proximity of all the colleges. Another perfect idea for a romantic, yet simple date is to go and visit the canteens of all the colleges and try some special dishes everywhere. You might remember what you ate where, and laugh about how you convinced the security guards to let you in, a few years down the line.

Suggestion: Do not miss out on D-School’s canteen.

  1.   A Walk through VC Lawns

The Vice Chancellor’s garden in North Campus is a great place to spend your evenings. Long walks in pretty lawns are always a perfect idea for two people who are in love, as this gives you some quality time with each other, away from the hustle-bustle of your lives. So the next time when you both feel that you do not have anything to do, then buy some snacks for yourself from the vendors there, and go for a walk hand in hand; striking some romantic conversations.

  1.    Shopping at Kamla Nagar

We all shop at high-end malls as a habit. To make your shopping experiences more memorable, take your date for shopping in the streets of Kamla Nagar market and enjoy bargaining with the shopkeepers there, who are easily annoyed and annoying, but always entertaining.


The campus also has a range of restaurants and pretty cafes that one can always go to. But the lunch dates at expensive cafes are never going to be like the conversations you strike while strolling through VC lawns. So go and create some crazy memories with your sweetheart that you will cherish for life.


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Priya Chauhan

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[quote]CONTENT_HERE[/quote]While attending classes in the morning and making breakfast for yourself may seem like a chore, here is how it could be simplified.

The one thing that life has taught me is that self-care is not always easy, or convenient. It is simply necessary, even if it takes effort. When people have an at-home-spa-day, one of the very first things they do is declutter, clean up the entire place, put active, conscious energy into making themselves feel good. Self-reflection, taking care of your body and mind, these are all crucial to clear the mental fog that has gathered.

Health is an investment. And I know there are the elite who will say, “But we are going to die anyway.” Yes, we are. But I would rather stay healthy while I am walking on the Earth. One of the steps towards acquiring health is having a good breakfast. Besides the numerous long-term health benefits, breakfast is something that lifts your mood, and gives you the energy that is required to brave the trials that are in existence.

“There is a different between self-improvement and self-aggression,” says YouTuber, Taylor R. “While it a good thing to be competitive, don’t push yourself to an extent where it is physically and mentally harmful for you.”

College kids have a lot to look after in their lives. But in doing that, they make a mistake of not looking after themselves. In a survey conducted by the students of Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi, it was found that as many as 40%  college students don’t have breakfast. To prevent this,  here are quick breakfast recipes and tips that could help through:


  1. Eggs: Arguably th       e most convenient breakfast, eggs are healthy, filling, and appetising. Egg yolks are also considered  mood-boosting food.
  2. Sandwich: Literally everything – ranging from butter to last night’s dinner can be put inside two slices of bread for breakfast. Add a slice of cheese if you feel fancy.
  3. Overnight oats: If you are not particularly fond of the taste of oatmeal, try overnight oats. Simply adding citrusy liquids like apple juice, or yoghurt to oats, and keeping them in the fridge overnight will make a delicious breakfast.

Apart from these, something as insignificant as cereal could help you plough through the day. Even if you plan to have coffee in the morning, make sure you grab a few nuts, or a breakfast bar before leaving your place. Don’t forget to include something liquid in your morning routine. It can be anything- tea, green tea, milk, or juice. Dehydration can result in headaches and tiredness. People often mistake dehydration for hunger so you may find yourself overeating if you aren’t drinking enough.

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Maumil Mehraj

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21st century has noticed many movements in food and dietary requirements. We explore the concept of veganism and why it is on such a popular rise!

You might be in the middle of a conversation when your eyes catch someone’s social media post wherein they declare, “I am going vegan.” You let that thought settle and with every breath, there is a lurking curiosity.What is veganism and why has it become a more mainstream food choice trend in the recent years?The vegan diet has, for a long time now, been clearly associated with boring salad bowls and alternatives to the meats. At times it is also confused with vegetarianism. Veganism is more than all of this. It is a philosophy, a way of living, which excludes all forms of exploitation and cruelty towards animals for food, clothing, and other purposes. It includes a healthy alternative to everything, even the dietary essentials like milk and other dairy products.

Veganism as a lifestyle option is on the rise, fairly due to its massive presence on social media, influencing the choices of the audiences. A lot of celebrities have opted for a vegan lifestyle. A lot of influencers regularly promote vegan choices and products. According to the recent statistics presented by BBC News, veganism has one of the highest web searches worldwide. With prominent celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Sonam Kapoor, etc. promoting it, it has gained a lot of attention.Some of the vegan foods are alsoknown to be gluten-free. Although these terms are wrongly used interchangeably, they are not the same. Gluten-free and veganism are considered to be similar when they are not. Gluten-free diets are also rising considerably. A gluten-free diet is necessary if you have a celiac disease, or are otherwise gluten intolerant. If neither of those conditions persists, then there is absolutely no reason to avoid gluten. Other misconceptions that circle the vegan choice are the ‘missing out factor.’ When you go vegan, you can still have your favourite foods, the only things you will be ditching are cruelty and cholesterol
that go hand in hand with using animals for food. As the demand for vegan food options is skyrocketing, companies are now coming out with more delicious meat and dairy free options that taste great, are healthier, and do not hurt living beings.

A popular argument against veganism is the fact that it is a luxury or an expensive diet. Tobias Leenaert in his book Vegan Strategist calls veganism a ‘first world luxury’. While a lot of people agree it is the transitioning which partakes to be expensive, it depends from region to region. While transitioning, faux meats will be more expensive than regular meats.Necessities like dairy are now swapped with plant based products. Soy milk, coconut milk, and creams are subject to regional availability, which is key to determining their price. Waiver in the supplementations one will require keeping the nutritional balance. Arpita Chhikara, a graduate of Jesus and Mary College said, “Being a vegan is one of the best choices. You know you are doing something incredibly good when you opt for a more healthy option that benefits all. At the end of the day, it’s our choices that really make or break us. This is my choice
and I love every bit of it.”

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Avnika Chhikara

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With many new things that one gets to experience in their college life is cultural festivals. While it obviously generates excitement amongst all students, it does hold a special charm for first years by virtue of it being a novel experience for them. They harbour certain expectations and have certain ideas about festivals. Some of them are met some aren’t.


  • Good Food
    This expectation of yours is sure to be met no matter how high the bar you set. With sponsorship teams working throughout the year to bring in the best Delhi has to offer. There’s a mind blowing variety of food, stalls and chained to chose from. From high end chains like Brown Sugar to street food legends from old Delhi like Karims, a fest has it all. It would be a good idea to save and work on your budgets because food during the fest season sometimes does stress your pocket.
  • Performance societies
    It is hard to understand in colleges why no one from the dance societies or drama societies attends classes or what are they in general up to. All of it makes sense ultimately on the fest day. Watching performance societies from your college perform their act puts you in awe of them and makes you proud to be from your college. You truly understand and value the sweat, hard work and, time they invest. You also feel sorry to have harboured the belief that they just fool around. The first time one watches their college perform is truly a memorable day for every fresher and the start of you harbouring respect for these societies.
  • Star Night or Concerts
    Another highlight of every fest that catches the imagination of every fresher is the star night. While one expects to have a great time with friends while grooving to the beats of your favourite stars. It’s not as pretty as you might think it to be especially if you are a person who can’t tolerate crowded places. With the dancing and fun, one really can’t turn a blind eye to all the sweating, grinding, lack of space, lack of air to breathe and, the suffocation around. While it has a charm of its own there are certain downsides and a need to be vary and cautious of your surroundings.
  • Dressing up
    It’s so easy to spot a fresher in the crowd of a fest, because the poor chap is extremely overdressed compared to his seniors who have stopped caring. For every fresher a fest is a huge party with all eyes on him and therefore the need to dress well often makes him or her the extra person in the crowd. On the flip side, because of your amazing outfit you might get the real deal since you stand out and all eyes would be on you.
  • Finding Love
    Expectation : Blame it on popular culture! We have all seen infinite number of movies and serials where love starts and blossoms at college parties, gatherings and fests. The innocent fresher harbours similar sort of expectation. Girl meets boy , boy meets girl, boy meets boy, girl meets girl and a lifetime of romance blossoms . As beautiful and fairylike it sounds, we are sorry to break your bubble- it’s not really happening .
    With all the commotion, activities and, hustle, you’ll barely be able to tread your way across the fest let alone find love . In fact it just might be easier to pick up a fight on a fest which is on the opposite end of your imagination spectrum. But, there is nothing wrong with keeping up the hope!


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Bhavika Behal

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It is that time of the year- long, dark and brutally cold nights coupled with sunny days. Basically, the time of the year when you fall in love with your bed and blanket all over again. As a season, winter can be real-intimidating for some people, for reasons closely associated to bathing and driving.

To help you cope with the season, here’s a list of food that you must eat during the winter, while enclosing yourself into a cosy blanket. Food and blanket and warmth:

  • Porridge

Remember how your elders often used to say that porridge is good for health and you always ran away from it? Well, we’re sorry to have left your side right in the beginning, but we can’t  help it. So, here’s the deal: Porridge is clinically proven to be the best kind of breakfast that’s available out there, especially during winters. This is for multiple reasons: For starters, porridge is a slow-release food- hence, it provides more energy as compared to conventional breakfast like bread and butter, sandwiches etc. Plus, porridge, belonging to the grain category of agriculture-based food products, plays an instrumental role in retention of body heat. 

  • Citrus Food/ foods containing Vitamin C

Citrus foods are the best additives to the diet in order to strengthen one’s immunity. Proven to accelerate the body’s capability to fight disease causing germs, Citrus Fruits and Vegetables are an important part of the diet. Another fun fact, lemons help with hangovers as well!

  • Foods rich in Iron and Zinc

During the winter months, we can come into contact with viruses that can cause colds or even the flu. So, it’s important that our immune system functions normally and zinc helps with this. Foods such as oysters, spinach and legumes are good sources of zinc. Ever wonder why Popeye was always infatuated with Spinach? Perhaps this was the reason. 

  • Cheese

Are you a fan of cheeseburgers? Or delicious cheese sandwichs? We got your back! It has been established that the consumption of cheese is instrumental in promoting body heat retention, along with it being one of the best sources of nourishment.

  • Swap Sugary foods for Vegetable Roots

Planning to change your cover photo with a glass of red wine, but can’t save up enough for a glass of that bad boy? Well, this may sound like a life-hack for you then. Take a beetroot, juice it, pour the juice into fancy wine glasses, and pose. There you have it, a healthy solution, to an expensive and high calorie problem. 

Jokes apart, it is always a good idea to substitute sugar-laden foods for more natural sources of sweeteners, like Beetroot. They are easy on the pocket, your waist, as well as your health. Switch to organic sweeteners, for the sake of a long and healthy life.

  • Dry Fruits

Also known as the munchies of the Winter season, dry fruits occupy a special position in our world, especially Indian society. Let us agree with one thing- we all have a small box (at times it is multiple boxes) in our cupboards containing an assortment of dry fruits. Not only are they the perfect late-night companions, but they are also nourishing. Now that is what you call a win-win situation.   

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Aashish Jain

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