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Why You Should have Breakfast

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[quote]CONTENT_HERE[/quote]While attending classes in the morning and making breakfast for yourself may seem like a chore, here is how it could be simplified.

The one thing that life has taught me is that self-care is not always easy, or convenient. It is simply necessary, even if it takes effort. When people have an at-home-spa-day, one of the very first things they do is declutter, clean up the entire place, put active, conscious energy into making themselves feel good. Self-reflection, taking care of your body and mind, these are all crucial to clear the mental fog that has gathered.

Health is an investment. And I know there are the elite who will say, “But we are going to die anyway.” Yes, we are. But I would rather stay healthy while I am walking on the Earth. One of the steps towards acquiring health is having a good breakfast. Besides the numerous long-term health benefits, breakfast is something that lifts your mood, and gives you the energy that is required to brave the trials that are in existence.

“There is a different between self-improvement and self-aggression,” says YouTuber, Taylor R. “While it a good thing to be competitive, don’t push yourself to an extent where it is physically and mentally harmful for you.”

College kids have a lot to look after in their lives. But in doing that, they make a mistake of not looking after themselves. In a survey conducted by the students of Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi, it was found that as many as 40%  college students don’t have breakfast. To prevent this,  here are quick breakfast recipes and tips that could help through:


  1. Eggs: Arguably th       e most convenient breakfast, eggs are healthy, filling, and appetising. Egg yolks are also considered  mood-boosting food.
  2. Sandwich: Literally everything – ranging from butter to last night’s dinner can be put inside two slices of bread for breakfast. Add a slice of cheese if you feel fancy.
  3. Overnight oats: If you are not particularly fond of the taste of oatmeal, try overnight oats. Simply adding citrusy liquids like apple juice, or yoghurt to oats, and keeping them in the fridge overnight will make a delicious breakfast.

Apart from these, something as insignificant as cereal could help you plough through the day. Even if you plan to have coffee in the morning, make sure you grab a few nuts, or a breakfast bar before leaving your place. Don’t forget to include something liquid in your morning routine. It can be anything- tea, green tea, milk, or juice. Dehydration can result in headaches and tiredness. People often mistake dehydration for hunger so you may find yourself overeating if you aren’t drinking enough.

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