Last minute revision and examination stress becomes overwhelming. This often leads to skipping some of the vital things of our daily routine, breakfast being the simplest option. Breakfast is the most important meal and is very essential to get ready to write exams. It can even help you improve your grades by increasing concentration and giving energy for this mental marathon.

We all have been gripped by the exam fever and the last moment preparation is almost inevitable. Getting ready for the exam at 9 A.M, and fretting over the last minute revision, feeding our body would be the last thing that would cross our minds. But you can increase your endurance for this mental marathon and in turn stand a fair chance to improve your grades through a simple way- by not skipping breakfast on the exam day.

Breakfast comes as the meal after the longest interval without food; therefore, breakfast seems to influence metabolism more strongly than lunch or dinner. Failing to break your fast with a meal shortly after rising might strain your body. Hence, the right food and drink can energise your system, improve your alertness, and sustain you through the long exam hours.

According to a research conducted by Harvard Medical School, breakfast is the best time to get complex carbohydrates and fibre. In fact, if you don’t start out right at breakfast, you will find it hard or even impossible to get the fibre you need.

An equally important thing is to stay hydrated to maximise concentration. Dehydration can make you feel drowsy and can reduce your attentiveness in the examination hall. Drink plenty of liquids before appearing for the exam.

Breakfast on exam day becomes pivotal as you need your concentration on your exam and not your hunger. Risking your breakfast just for the two minutes of extra revision can result in fatigue and have adverse consequences.

Now, for students living in PG and hostels, skipping breakfast is prudence, rather than waiting in the line to get it.  Some quick fixes in such situation can be to have some brain boosting food which includes food high in protein and whole-grain cereal.  Fruit platter, milk, boiled eggs, etc. are easy solutions.

The right food at the right time will prove to be the best tonic to handle anxiety and nervousness. To avoid the last minute hassle, plan your meals beforehand and don’t miss the morning breakfast. The right choices you make and some steps towards healthy lifestyle practices will surely help you perform better and, as a consequence, will improve your grades.

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[quote]CONTENT_HERE[/quote]While attending classes in the morning and making breakfast for yourself may seem like a chore, here is how it could be simplified.

The one thing that life has taught me is that self-care is not always easy, or convenient. It is simply necessary, even if it takes effort. When people have an at-home-spa-day, one of the very first things they do is declutter, clean up the entire place, put active, conscious energy into making themselves feel good. Self-reflection, taking care of your body and mind, these are all crucial to clear the mental fog that has gathered.

Health is an investment. And I know there are the elite who will say, “But we are going to die anyway.” Yes, we are. But I would rather stay healthy while I am walking on the Earth. One of the steps towards acquiring health is having a good breakfast. Besides the numerous long-term health benefits, breakfast is something that lifts your mood, and gives you the energy that is required to brave the trials that are in existence.

“There is a different between self-improvement and self-aggression,” says YouTuber, Taylor R. “While it a good thing to be competitive, don’t push yourself to an extent where it is physically and mentally harmful for you.”

College kids have a lot to look after in their lives. But in doing that, they make a mistake of not looking after themselves. In a survey conducted by the students of Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi, it was found that as many as 40%  college students don’t have breakfast. To prevent this,  here are quick breakfast recipes and tips that could help through:


  1. Eggs: Arguably th       e most convenient breakfast, eggs are healthy, filling, and appetising. Egg yolks are also considered  mood-boosting food.
  2. Sandwich: Literally everything – ranging from butter to last night’s dinner can be put inside two slices of bread for breakfast. Add a slice of cheese if you feel fancy.
  3. Overnight oats: If you are not particularly fond of the taste of oatmeal, try overnight oats. Simply adding citrusy liquids like apple juice, or yoghurt to oats, and keeping them in the fridge overnight will make a delicious breakfast.

Apart from these, something as insignificant as cereal could help you plough through the day. Even if you plan to have coffee in the morning, make sure you grab a few nuts, or a breakfast bar before leaving your place. Don’t forget to include something liquid in your morning routine. It can be anything- tea, green tea, milk, or juice. Dehydration can result in headaches and tiredness. People often mistake dehydration for hunger so you may find yourself overeating if you aren’t drinking enough.

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