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Expectations of Freshers on College Festivals

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With many new things that one gets to experience in their college life is cultural festivals. While it obviously generates excitement amongst all students, it does hold a special charm for first years by virtue of it being a novel experience for them. They harbour certain expectations and have certain ideas about festivals. Some of them are met some aren’t.


  • Good Food
    This expectation of yours is sure to be met no matter how high the bar you set. With sponsorship teams working throughout the year to bring in the best Delhi has to offer. There’s a mind blowing variety of food, stalls and chained to chose from. From high end chains like Brown Sugar to street food legends from old Delhi like Karims, a fest has it all. It would be a good idea to save and work on your budgets because food during the fest season sometimes does stress your pocket.
  • Performance societies
    It is hard to understand in colleges why no one from the dance societies or drama societies attends classes or what are they in general up to. All of it makes sense ultimately on the fest day. Watching performance societies from your college perform their act puts you in awe of them and makes you proud to be from your college. You truly understand and value the sweat, hard work and, time they invest. You also feel sorry to have harboured the belief that they just fool around. The first time one watches their college perform is truly a memorable day for every fresher and the start of you harbouring respect for these societies.
  • Star Night or Concerts
    Another highlight of every fest that catches the imagination of every fresher is the star night. While one expects to have a great time with friends while grooving to the beats of your favourite stars. It’s not as pretty as you might think it to be especially if you are a person who can’t tolerate crowded places. With the dancing and fun, one really can’t turn a blind eye to all the sweating, grinding, lack of space, lack of air to breathe and, the suffocation around. While it has a charm of its own there are certain downsides and a need to be vary and cautious of your surroundings.
  • Dressing up
    It’s so easy to spot a fresher in the crowd of a fest, because the poor chap is extremely overdressed compared to his seniors who have stopped caring. For every fresher a fest is a huge party with all eyes on him and therefore the need to dress well often makes him or her the extra person in the crowd. On the flip side, because of your amazing outfit you might get the real deal since you stand out and all eyes would be on you.
  • Finding Love
    Expectation : Blame it on popular culture! We have all seen infinite number of movies and serials where love starts and blossoms at college parties, gatherings and fests. The innocent fresher harbours similar sort of expectation. Girl meets boy , boy meets girl, boy meets boy, girl meets girl and a lifetime of romance blossoms . As beautiful and fairylike it sounds, we are sorry to break your bubble- it’s not really happening .
    With all the commotion, activities and, hustle, you’ll barely be able to tread your way across the fest let alone find love . In fact it just might be easier to pick up a fight on a fest which is on the opposite end of your imagination spectrum. But, there is nothing wrong with keeping up the hope!


Feature Image Credits: DU Beat


Bhavika Behal

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