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The Best Pocket Friendly Milkshakes in Satya Niketan

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A food haven for starving South Delhi students, Satya Niketan has various hidden (and some not so hidden) gems in its vicinity, offering a wide variety of cold coffees and milkshakes. 

 A delicious and filling snack, the milkshake is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to satiate a starving belly and beat the scorching Delhi summers. A constant for South Campus college students, Satya Niketan (better known as ‘Satya’) is a lane frequented by most, owing to its abundance of affordable eating joints, and vibrant college crowd. 

DU Beat brings to you a list of places in Satya Niketan that offer the best milkshakes and cold coffee, without pinching your pocket.

  • Sandwedges

Recently opened in March, Sandwedges soon gained popularity among students for its cheap Sandwiches, fries and milkshakes. It is a two-story, air-conditioned place that offers plenty seating area, making it a popular and convenient spot for students to catch a break between classes. The Classic Cold Coffee and Oreo Shake are highly recommended and are a must try.

Price of Cold Coffee -Rs 40

Price of Oreo Shake- Rs 70

  • High On Burgers

A quaint shop right beside the main Satya Square, this brightly painted cafe is a hit among the college crowd. Despite its lack of space, the place is a popular spot for coffee, the Cold Coffee being a major crowd pleaser. The perfect blend of ice cream and coffee gives it the consistency of a shake, making it the perfect drink to satiate sweet cravings.

Price of Cold Coffee- Rs 60

  • Bistro

Both South and North Campus students alike can vouch for the credibility of Bistro. It is known for its wide variety of milkshakes, coffees, and other beverages, making decision making a foodie’s worst nightmare. The Cold Coffee and the Chocolate Shake come highly recommended and are must try’s especially for those with an undying love for chocolate.

Price of Cold Coffee- Rs 50

Price of Chocolate Shake- Rs 70

  • Chai Latte

The new kid on the block, Chai Latte offers pasta at prices that are hard to ignore. Apart from the delectable and reasonable pasta, it offers amazing milkshakes, a personal favorite being the KitKat milkshake and the Brownie milkshake. It has an outdoor seating area where students can sit and devour their favorite pasta and milkshakes.

  • Delhi Juice and Shakes

Delhi Juice and Shakes serves as a reminder of a time when cafes weren’t the norm. A small shack,it offers milkshakes at unbelievably cheap rates. It is a quick way to quench your thirst between classes, without the added guilt of having a done some serious damage to your wallet.

Price of a standard milkshake (any flavour, small)- Rs 30


Feature Image Credits: whatsuplife.in


Anoushka Singh

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