Satya Niketan


A food haven for starving South Delhi students, Satya Niketan has various hidden (and some not so hidden) gems in its vicinity, offering a wide variety of cold coffees and milkshakes. 

 A delicious and filling snack, the milkshake is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to satiate a starving belly and beat the scorching Delhi summers. A constant for South Campus college students, Satya Niketan (better known as ‘Satya’) is a lane frequented by most, owing to its abundance of affordable eating joints, and vibrant college crowd. 

DU Beat brings to you a list of places in Satya Niketan that offer the best milkshakes and cold coffee, without pinching your pocket.

  • Sandwedges

Recently opened in March, Sandwedges soon gained popularity among students for its cheap Sandwiches, fries and milkshakes. It is a two-story, air-conditioned place that offers plenty seating area, making it a popular and convenient spot for students to catch a break between classes. The Classic Cold Coffee and Oreo Shake are highly recommended and are a must try.

Price of Cold Coffee -Rs 40

Price of Oreo Shake- Rs 70

  • High On Burgers

A quaint shop right beside the main Satya Square, this brightly painted cafe is a hit among the college crowd. Despite its lack of space, the place is a popular spot for coffee, the Cold Coffee being a major crowd pleaser. The perfect blend of ice cream and coffee gives it the consistency of a shake, making it the perfect drink to satiate sweet cravings.

Price of Cold Coffee- Rs 60

  • Bistro

Both South and North Campus students alike can vouch for the credibility of Bistro. It is known for its wide variety of milkshakes, coffees, and other beverages, making decision making a foodie’s worst nightmare. The Cold Coffee and the Chocolate Shake come highly recommended and are must try’s especially for those with an undying love for chocolate.

Price of Cold Coffee- Rs 50

Price of Chocolate Shake- Rs 70

  • Chai Latte

The new kid on the block, Chai Latte offers pasta at prices that are hard to ignore. Apart from the delectable and reasonable pasta, it offers amazing milkshakes, a personal favorite being the KitKat milkshake and the Brownie milkshake. It has an outdoor seating area where students can sit and devour their favorite pasta and milkshakes.

  • Delhi Juice and Shakes

Delhi Juice and Shakes serves as a reminder of a time when cafes weren’t the norm. A small shack,it offers milkshakes at unbelievably cheap rates. It is a quick way to quench your thirst between classes, without the added guilt of having a done some serious damage to your wallet.

Price of a standard milkshake (any flavour, small)- Rs 30


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Project FUEL (Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson), founded in 2009 by Deepak Ramola, collects life lessons from people all over the world and turns them into interactive session with performance activities, to pass on the learning. The passing on happens by way of workshops, seminars, and sometimes even over coffee. To facilitate more such exchanges Project FUEL initiated Pop–Up cafe, a place where people can pass on and receive all the wisdom from each other.

On 18th March, Saturday, Project FUEL organised the first ever Delhi version of Pop-Up Cafe  at Cafe 121, Satya Niketan from 4pm- 7pm. DU Beat had a wonderful opportunity to be part of the meet up.

A diverse crowd of 35-40 people gathered at Cafe 121 and soon after a brief introduction session by the volunteers everyone was randomly allotted a seat at different tables. It was made sure that on each table everyone is a stranger.

To start off, everyone was asked to give an introduction and then, was asked to assign three adjectives and talk about the first impression of everyone at their table. To make sure that the conversations keep flowing and things stay interesting, small games and appetising snacks were infused. For instance, people were given a placard each with various questions on it which resulted in a fun question and answer session. These placards were later given out as souvenirs. At the end, everyone was told to give one advice, tip, or any life lesson that they thought would add value in one’s life.

Later in the day after two hours of surprisingly unreserved chats the session was called to an end, but it wasn’t all. Before leaving, the oldest member of project fuel Miss. Sharaddha taught us the “Happiness Song” which was followed by an impromptu open-mic session where people recited poems, shayaris and songs.

Acceptance is the first step in overcoming bad memories and moving beyond the unjust happenings of past. It takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge the troubling aspects of one’s life, but with support and impartial understanding speaking out become easy. Keeping this in mind the last activity of the day was conducted. Based on the principles of Sociometry it encouraged people to speak out. Many individuals came forward and shared their life experiences with others, and with the uplifting display of solidarity and catharsis the meet-up was concluded.

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Off-Campus attempts to attain a few off-beat features and become more than just another café in Satya Niketan.With spacious and lightly decorated indoor and rooftop setting, the café tries to capture the essence of simplicity, unlike most of the competitive cafes of the area. The yellow walls along the staircase leading to the 4th floor are filled with red coloured, unusual designs that won’t fail to catch your eye. Simple, cozy, interiors characterized by brick textured walls and vibrant lampshades are coupled with an open air setting, which gives a fine view of Sri Venkateswara College.Railway lights, Decorative Glasses, Upside down Lamps, Hanging Fans and Sober Frames give it a more exquisite look. A quick scan through the menu gave an idea of diversity, with items ranging from ‘Road wali Aloo Tikki’, and ‘Malabar Parathas’ to ‘Squid pizza Kalamari’. The café is also popular for its diverse range and sizes of Hookahs. After endless probing of the menu, we ordered ‘Addictive Nachos’ and ‘Punjab Da Pita Pockets’ for starters. Following that, we asked for pizza customization where two slices of margherita were coupled with an entirely contrasting flavor of ‘Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza’ and ‘Butter Chicken Croquettes’. Lastly, we added a ‘Ferrero Rocher Shake’ and ‘Water Melon Mojito’ after taking suggestions from a helpful waiter. [caption id="attachment_44395" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Customised Pizza Customised Pizza[/caption] [caption id="attachment_44394" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Addictive Nachos Addictive Nachos[/caption] As its name suggests, ‘Addictive Nachos’ turned out to be extremely delectable. The ‘Bloody Mary Salsa and Sour Cream Dip’ accentuated the flavor of simple corn tortilla chips, that were topped with cheddar cheese and tangy jalapeno salsa. ‘Punjab Da Pita Pockets’, I would say, were average in both taste and presentation. The amalgamation of ‘Channa Patties’ and ‘Lebanese Pickle’ was however, an intriguing idea. The one item, which according to me, wouldn’t disappoint anyone visiting, is ‘Peri-Peri Chicken Pizza’: a thin crust pizza topped with delicious, grilled peri-peri chicken. The crust isn’t too doughy or too hard, and the tangy chicken and pepper toppings give it a scrumptious flavor. Best suited to the typical Punjabi palates, the Butter Chicken Croquettes were cylindrical chicken pieces with a buttery, creamy texture served with ‘Punjabi Makhani’ gravy that successfully provides you with the taste you’d been craving for. Among the drinks, ‘Ferrero Rocher Shake’ is a must try. The shake is thick yet subtle in flavor, with the perfect sprinkle of Rocher on top. The ‘Watermelon Mojito’ seemed satisfactory, with the syrupy taste slightly overpowering the actual mojito essence. While all the dishes are served in simple, wooden plates, the cooler drinks arrived in attractive glass jars. [caption id="attachment_44396" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Watermelon Mojito Watermelon Mojito[/caption] Overall, the café experience was great. Trying something ‘over the edge’ after various monotonous cafes felt worthwhile. The price comes to around a thousand for two or three people, and that, coupled with good hospitality and decent music, definitely calls for another visit soon! Image Credits- Lovleen Kaur Lovleen Kaur [email protected]]]>

Ambience: The first thing that catches the eye is the vivid and intriguing interiors, based on an interesting upside down concept, well suggested by the café name. The ceiling is adorned by colorful inverted lamps, tables, windows and even stairs while the antique telephones, bicycle and clocks embellish the walls. The open-view kitchen surrounded by real and unreal frames, mirrors and brick setup successfully enhances the aesthetics of this strangely fascinating café.

Food and Menu:

The menu contains numerous options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Owned by Punjabis, the menu is characterized by certain ‘Hatke’ amalgamations like Nawabi Murg Makhani Pasta and Makhani Achaari Pasta. The other items include varieties of soups, salads, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, appetizers, beverages and desserts. The special dishes keep changing on a weekly basis. The first item we ordered was Golgappa shots. Filled with minced chicken or cheese, it’s a must try on any foodie’s bucket list. Another impressive dish was Hot Chicken wings, served with barbeque sauce. The outer crust was tangy and crispy while the spices were extremely consistent and decent. The chicken also seemed well cooked. Our next order, Stadium nachos, with an overwhelming and tasty flavour also didn’t fail to match the expectations. Talking about desserts and beverages, Oreo cheese cake and Sharatta strawberry shake are a must try. The smooth texture and subtleness give you the exact taste you’ve been waiting for. [caption id="attachment_39636" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Golgappa Shots Golgappa Shots at Cafe Hera Pheri[/caption] Music deserves a special mention in this cafe. In addition to some incredible food, the one thing that manages to impress every customer is the hospitality, where each and every customer is treated with sheer love and attention. The customers are also given Polaroid instant snaps by the owners as a symbolic memory.

Final Verdict:

The food prices come to be roughly 350 per person, inclusive of drinks or desserts. Overall, Café Hera Pheri proves to be that impeccable place for students who want to enjoy some amazing music along with budget-friendly food. Image Credits: Udit Malhotra for Zomato]]>

What might not seem very impressive and little generic at first, will definitely surprise you once your table starts piling up with mouth-watering delights. Situated right in the heart of Satya Niketan, 2 Bandits certainly lives up to the standards set by the cafés and food joints around.

The ambience is fairly suitable for any meal of the day, the interiors of the place being carefully defined. Along with offering some exceptional specials, it is also a paradise for all hookah-lovers. Double-Apple, Mint, Orange, you name it, they have it! The food menu was very comprehensive, having  indigenous Vada- Paavs and Bruschettas in the list. It also managed to have a vibrant non-vegetarian food list which certainly tasted as exotic as it sounded.

The Chicken Steak Sizzler was one of the most served and enjoyed dishes the place had to offer. The mashed filling between chicken breast was exceptionally different from the regular chicken sizzlers our taste-buds are used to. Potato wedges with the chicken proved to be a splendid side dish. A must-try for vegetarians is The Arabian Night-Veg which is a divine vegetarian paneer wrap served with Garlic Mayo. Veg and Chicken Panini were also favourites.

The café also has a very attractive shakes and mocktail menu. The Lamberjack, a chocolate brownie tasted as fancy as it sounds, served in chemistry lab beakers. The mild taste of Apple with a tinge of Mint and Lemon enabled the Apple Soaked Mojito to make a place in the special recommendations. The evergreen iced tea served in an unconventional funnel-shaped flask tasted as good as it should have.

With all the unusual appetizers the place has to offer, it also carries the basic pasta, burger and pizza menu beginning from as low as 95 rupees. One of the highlights of the café was the tree trunk standing right at the entrance with paper leaves hanging from it boughs, carrying hundreds of memories and messages. With its overall charisma and ambience (not to forget, the affordability for the young crowd out there), this place is certainly worth a visit.

Rating: 4.3/5

Image Credits: 2 Bandits Facebook Page

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Kai Chicken, a very oriental name that boasts of a wide ranging menu, but does it live up to the standards of us DU students?

Location: Kai Chicken is located about 10 steps down the lane from Chowrangee, right next to Bubble Tea Shop (which has shifted) this makes it very accessible. Even though their board is quite in everyone’s face, the clutter of Satya Niketan may force you to overlook this place.

Ambience: As soon as you enter this eatery, be rest assured you’ll forget that you are in Satya. The place is neat and clean, quite spacious- which comes as a surprise and we could not miss the powerful AC that gives much needed respite.


Menu and Food: The most crucial aspect of an eating joint, its food. Sadly Kai Chicken does not fare too well here. We found the burgers to be bite sized, compared to the hogger’s delight the menu displayed. The wrap we ordered was mostly cold and seemed half heartedly done up. They do take into account a wide variety of non vegetarian food- mainly chicken and can prove to be a refreshing change for chicken lovers.

Service: It took more than a reasonable amount of time for our food to find its way to our table. This seemed even more unreasonable as there weren’t any other customers at the time. However, service at the counter is prompt and we have no qualms whatsoever. The option of home delivery is also there, so you can order Kai right to your PG.

Value for money: Here is where the hoardings get really misleading. They boast of a very student friendly price tag, but it isn’t all that friendly. The average cost for 2 for a meal can touch Rs. 400/- if drinks, main course and dessert were to be taken into account.

Unmissables: You can certainly not miss the ceramic- burger shaped jar- that houses ketchup sachets- very eye catching. In terms of food the Chicken bucket and Chicken fingers with the variety of dips are worth a try.


As you enter this Milk Bar situated right next to Chowringhee Lane in Satya Niketan, you wouldn’t help but notice your favourite chocolates and your nose will savour some of the best aromas. Fat Cow is an exclusive milk bar serving you some of the most scrumptious and exotic shakes. The menu will excite you as it has numerous options of cookies, cakes and chocolates freshly being converted into mouth-watering shakes. You can choose from a wide variety of the finest chocolates and cookies like Cadbury, After-Eight, Ferrero rocher, M&M’s, Oreo and Mc Vities. Fruit and Energy shakes are other options that can be explored.

The most appetizing of all shakes are the assorted ones consisting of world-class flavours like peanut butter, marshmallow, vanilla-mint, muffin and pudding. The shakes are absolutely delicious and succulent. Further on, you can top up your shake with toppings like almonds, choco chips, crumbled cakes or brownies which make every sip even more delightful and lip smacking. “The shakes at Fat Cow are much cheaper and tastier than what you get at most of the cafes and fast food joints”, says Vibha Chaudhary a student of Maitreyi College.

The shakes are served in huge take away glasses, and a hearty glass will cost you not more than 80 -90 bucks.

Graphic Credits: Sahil Jain

The never-ending war between the North and South campus continues! This time, Juxtapose questions your loyalty towards the immense popularity of Kamla Nagar A.K.A “Knags”, or the bustling charm of Satya Niketan. Would you prefer Burger Girl or FYI Maggi? This is your chance to defend your favourite campus market/hangout!

Scroll down and post your arguements.

The doors of Essence of the East open into a small room with eight tables, with plain green walls. It is a no non-sense place where you can just concentrate on the flavours from the East. A pleasant looking girl hands out the menu. Don’t hesitate if you don’t understand any name, ask and she’ll answer it most readily. The menu has a wide range of dishes and is presented in a direct manner, without any superfluous descriptions.

Coming to the food, pork ribs are enormously loved by the customers. Naagah, a 3rd year student of Sociology from Sri Venkateswara College is a regular customer, along with Sean, who is pursuing MA from the South Campus. They both enjoyed the pork ribs and pork noodles. They find the place to be easy on the pocket, something which every student looks for. Kriti Talwar, pursuing MA English from South Campus, said, “The pork noodles are a little too oily, but tasty.”

Thukpa is a popular soup-and-noodles dish, and rightly so. It is yummy and tummy-filling. EOTE offers Thukpa to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. Another popular dish, Honey Chili Potatoes, is average in taste and a better version can be obtained elsewhere.

EOTE has introduced Leafu Noodles, which are neon green in colour in their vegetarian version. A little sprinkle of soy sauce from one of the tiny bowls make the noodles all the more delicious. Kimchi, a Korean dish, is a cold cabbage salad with just a little too much chili. Gooseberry juice is well-suited for the taste buds that can accept something new, as it is made from fermented gooseberries. It is a bit strange, but it surely is something fresh for our palate.

The restaurant has free home delivery service with minimum order of Rs.100. You can bring the East to the comforts of your P.G. and enjoy!


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What a glistening mirage college life radiates! To each of  those dreamy eyed ones, campus  life is a gift wrapped experience of enthralling fun, persistent chilling, some really cool signature hangouts, and truly the incidence of  “the best things in life” with a validity of three years! This picture perfect imagery might just be shattered with some mundane schedules and chores that we hate to get around with, but that isnt too much of a problem. Delhi University offers you some splendid locales, that would be just enough to reconcile all the pieces of the broken hour glass. The more happening north campus has much to allure. With attempts to modify classrooms to student’s interests, what happens around in the haven of students is not worth the miss! It’s the ever so famous Kamala Nagar market that you will splurge on, you’d live to die for QD’s scrumptious delights.  The more desi ones will take refuge in Chatte de Hatti and monsoon rains will pour on Kamala Nehru ridge, to all lovers’ glee. The more popular colleges will leave you spellbound with blissful experiences.  Whether it is the iconic sports complex of SRCC and the adored Irfan’s canteen or the ultimate café of St. Stephen’s, ranging to the unexplored ones like a supposed Bhoot Bangla, a Graffiti wall, SPIC MACAY’s Canteen and the Tibetan market, you would want to venture into every barricade and every locked iron door, simply because this place breathes youthfulness and freedom. To satiate your drive to explore some more irresistible places, do not hesitate to visit all that south campus has to offer you.  Lined up in Satya Niketan is an array of enticing cafes including student’s paradise QD’s. The elite Taj’ CCD is a host to a number of campus birdies too. Contrary to that is the incredibly popular Chowrangee in Satya Niketan which feeds you to your heart’s satisfaction. Living up to the popular perception of Delhi’s malling culture, Delhi University students will never refrain from spending days together in malls like they were their second homes. Many of whom have attained nirvana in our favourite Select City walk. The ones in Vasant Kunj have supremely come up with the ice skating and bowling trends, which is truly GenY’s thing to do. Delhi University is a world in itself and it’s unbelievable how seemingly short the time we have here seems. It has a myriad of joys to spread and heaps of experiences to retain forever and for life. So, cease this year here and set out on the journey to unveil new avenues. Hope you have a Xing on experience! Picture Credits: Additi Seth]]>