Hello Meal – The Rise of a Start-Up

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Hello Meal started off as a humble initiative by a few students of Delhi University who had the aim of delivering quality food at reasonable prices. Nor have they only fulfilled their goal, but they have gone above and beyond to excel in their field.

Hello Meal is the perfect solution to anyone who wants instant scrumptious food at a moment’s notice. To add to this, the prices are student-friendly and the quantities are extraordinary. Hello Meal has lived up to the standards it set for itself and has gone on to build a reputation so impressive that the founders have now been invited to an international conference that recognises out-of-the-box start-ups.

Rise 2017 is a 3-day event hosted in Hong Kong in July of this year.  A multi-faceted conference, it has different sections for speakers, attendees, etc. Among these, a special category for start-ups, called Alpha, is set up for innovative projects in their nascent stages. Hello Meal is a participant of the same, which only goes to show how far this start-up has come.

With a wide range of choices from North Indian to Chinese and vegetables to mutton, Hello Meal has provided an indispensable avenue to those who wish to indulge in take-out without feeling guilty about the expense. The Zomato reviews are a testament to the brilliance of Hello Meal. Joyee Bhattacharya and Sukhman Gambhir sum it up perfectly when they exclaim “great outlet and great food” and mention how it is “extremely affordable for a college student”.

Based in Vijay Nagar, Hello Meal provides home delivery in record time from 11am to midnight. They offer toll-free telephonic services at 1800-200-5565 and are available on Facebook and Instagram. Download the free app here for a truly satisfying experience.


Image Credits: Hello Meal Facebook

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