Sonam Satija


Love food? Here is how it works- fine dining kept aside, nothing can beat the magic in the street! Words such as Gol Gappas, Pao Bhaji, Kababs and Dahi Vada are enough to get you salivating, right? Be it the snack department or desserts to satisfy the Indian palette, a recent event in Delhi offered it all. The street food festival at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Complex was a three-day extravaganza from 20th-22nd December, 2013. With around 120 stalls from over 20 states, it was surely a paradise for most street food lovers.

The department freshers’ party of Sri Venkateshwara College‘s English department was a fun affair with imitations of teachers and a ‘Book’ dumb charades. These were followed by an interactive session between freshers and seniors where every fresher was made to introduce themselves not by giving the main information such as their school or hobbies rather an introduction based on random facts.