Winters, a season when you can be extremely lazy without having to make any excuses. An additional five minutes of sleep in the morning really does matter in winters but there’s a lot you’re missing out on for it. Go out and have fun because it’s the perfect time to gather the golden moments. Here is a list of things everyone needs to do with their friends this winter:

  1. Road Trip To Murthal:
    Let’s admit it—we eat more during the winters. It’s the perfect time to plan a short road trip to Murthal for indulging in the butter loaded stuffed kulchas & parathas on the road side dhabas which are over 50 years old.
  2. Crash A Wedding:
    Delhi is filled with an astounding number of people getting married on specific dates during winter. So go crash a wedding this season because, as cliché as it may sound, memories like these with friends never fade

    Image Credits: dvdizzy.com
    Image Credits: dvdizzy.com
  3. Throw a Party:
    Nights are best celebrated with music, friends, dance, barbeques and bonfire! If you have open space like a lawn or terrace, winter is the best time put them to good use by throwing a party.
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  4. Cycling:
    Good roads, early morning chills and spectacular sights all make Delhi a wonderful place to cycle. Some of the best cycling routes are from India Gate to central ridge, the Mehrauli Gurgaon road and the stretch behind St. Stephens.
  5. Shopping:
    Spend a day shopping with your girl friends, who actually tell you how well the clothes suit you, at exquisite yet pocket-friendly markets in Delhi like Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi Hatt, Janpath and Connaught Place.
  6. Visit unconventional places:
    Every group has that one person who is always looking forward to visit weird and unconventional places. Maybe it’s time to listen to him/her. Some of the most haunted places in Delhi are Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi Cant, Khooni Darwaza, Zamali Kamali Masjid, Lethiyan Cemetery and Sanjay Van.
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  7. Picnics:
    Winter time is picnic time. Why not take a break from the tedious college schedule and spend a day with your friends at a lakeside or a picnic in a beautiful garden? There are many places in and around Delhi that make for ideal picnic spots like the Lodhi Gardens, Damdama Lake, Tulaqabad Fort, The Ridge, Nehru Park, Buddha Gardens and India Gate.
  8. Take a trek:
    Plan a trek with your friends to some of the best trekking places near Delhi like Lansdowne, Benog Tibba Trek, Kalka-Kasauli Trek and Roopkund Trek.

    Image Credits: Google
    Image Credits: Google
  9. Study:
    This one’s for people like me who hate attending college lectures and assure themselves at the last moment by saying “Yaar next semester mein pakka” . Try improving your college score this semester. Start with attending classes.
    point 9

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Most students of Delhi University find themselves in a perpetual state of confusion especially in the breaks between college semesters. Although the semester exams are known to reduce our minds to sawdust and enervate us in the truest sense of the word, most of us after two to three days of excessive partying start wondering what exactly we are doing with our lives during the course of this break. So if all your friends are off interning or participating in fests don’t feel bad because there are plenty of reasons why it’s okay to simply sit back and relax during your winter break.

If you’re in first year remember that you have four more sets of holidays to go before college ends and you’ll surely end up doing something constructive in at least one of them if not all. With school reunions, numerous family functions and the successful completion of your first semester of college,taking a few weeks off to get out of town or simply lie in bed is a pretty good way to spend the winter break.

Third semester is usually a living nightmare for most people with most students experiencing what many call a sophomore slump and battling through their exams just to survive. Keeping this in mind and the fact that almost everyone has already done something to enhance their portfolio in the preceding summer or probably will in the upcoming one, if you’re a second year student, and you’ve realized that you’re currently exactly midway through your college life then now would be a good time to do things that you may feel you wont have the time to do in a year’s time, whether it be attending some of the numerous festivals happening across the country or binge watching every TV show that you have missed out on earlier this year.

Third year students this time of year are usually in a state of perpetual mental trauma. As if the realization of college ending in one semester isn’t bad enough, they are also continuously bombarded with the oh-so familiar questions of their “concerned” family members (primarily “Beta, What plans?”). If you aren’t sure about what the next step is then don’t worry, you’ll figure it out soon enough. After five semesters of college, internships, tedious placement processes and entrance examinations now could be a good time to focus on finishing that college bucket list you probably made in school (and haven’t thought about since then) and simply relax yourself and head into the final semester with a positive attitude.

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Winter vacation’s utility rests in sleeping in the bed the entire day? Maybe yes, but maybe there lies something before or beyond it. While some hone their skills and others delve into reflection, there are many who create an amazing blend of both. Here is a list of five things you need to do in order to spend a versatile vacation:

  1. Experiencing something new

    This seems to be the most clichéd of the things you would want to do in a vacation but holds true for every vacation. You might have certain ambitions and dreams before joining college that should have been fulfilled by now. You actual self is the one who should have achieved all those things. Be it a better social life or the want to have spiritual solitariness, a new musical instrument or a better intellect, vacation is indeed the time to work towards your actual self if it hasn’t been achieved.

  2. Preparing yourself for a new semester

    Think that your previous semester could have been better socially, academically, spiritually or philosophically? Then there is not a better time to prepare yourself but a vacation. You can be a better and efficient member of your respective society in college or perhaps be academically better at the background to every major topic to come in the coming semester’s syllabus. Preparation works in every realm.

  3. Experimenting

    The need to experiment with a lot of things comes right in the middle of a semester a lot of times. The need of that hour is to defer the gratification of experimenting then because hastiness may kill the utility of it. A vacation is the best time to drop scepticism about a lot of things and bring it for others. Experimentation is the name of the game. Trying something you’ve always dreaded or testing yourself at a venture would fulfil this aspect.

  4. Working on your fitness

    This area should mainly involve focusing on your fitness goals and if not fully, partially changing your current fitness levels. This could involve making your fitness levels plummet or to take them to another level. A change in fitness levels, ‘improving’ or ‘deteriorating’ them distinctively, generically speaking, is a marker of your perceived activity during a vacation.

  5. Bringing balance to life

    This could involve bringing consistency to what others call ‘an imbalanced life’ so that ultimately it appears to be balanced or afterall working towards the conventional sense of a balanced life.

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Living in Delhi, everyone is habituated to at least two things- the scorching summers and almost frosty winters! Bidding goodbye to the summers and welcoming the cover-me-up winters is definitely the most awaited time of the year for every girl. Why? Well, it’s just another time of the year to play dress up. And DU girls sure know how to play dress up and make a statement. There sure is something about the winter wardrobe. But apart from this, there are 5 things, every DU girl has an obsession for during the winter season. Here’s what they are:

1. Lusting For Leather!

Irrespective of the seasons, the DU-ites have an irresistible lust for leather. Whether in the form of accessories or attires, you will find students in awe of rugged leather. If you have friends in DU, your ears might be tired of hearing, ‘yaar, iss bar sardiyo me leather jacket lena hai!’. Yes, their winter bucket list always has a leather jacket. And, why not! It’s the most warm material for the weather here. You can be warm and still manage to be the diva of your college! We suggest that you go in for a tan brown or a ruby instead of the usual blacks and browns?


2. Let Your Boots Be The Hero!

Believe it or not, boots give a stiff competition to a girl’s favourite pair of heels. Some DU girls don’t even wait for the winds to be as chilly to get their seasonal heroes out. The loyalty that even their boyfriends won’t get. Mind you! They are not the kind who would opt to play it safe in black boots. In fact, they love showing off their unique boots with the most daring details.


3. Because They Love To Hug Their Wools!

And finally, the woolens won’t suffocate anymore. It’s about time we bring them out and give them a good rub. While sweaters and mufflers are common among the girls, the centre of attraction is always that one favorite woolen beanie you put on! Don’t forget to check out the latest trends in woolen wear before you go on your next winter shopping spree!


4. Lazy As They Are, The Baggy Hoodies Are Here To Stay!

Our rigid perceptions about guys being the laziest creatures on this planet were boggled by a handful of DU girls when they told us one reason they love winters is because they wouldn’t have work on their looks too much and still look stylish! The front shelf of their closet will always be occupied with the most baggy hoodies that they can pull of amazingly with denims and give a kick start to their day at college. You know what? Make hoodies your best friend for letting you enjoy some extra sleep time in the morning!


5. Secret crush? It’s the Winter Blush!

Are you also one of those who waits for December just to get this glowy skin tone with just the perfect pink blush on your cheeks? Well, if you are, the wait is about to get over. Keep your blush ons back in your kits and get ready for the natural one! You can always play a lot with your eyes in this make up friendly weather, but, all thanks to it, you are definitely not going to waste too much time on doing your face. And, just for the record, if you do have some secret crush for real, isn’t ‘Winter blush’ the perfect con?


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After almost a month of last minute cramming, pulling off all nighters (successfully or not) and running on endless caffeine, the post-exam break is now here. Here’s our compilation of the top 5 things to do in it:

1.  Watch Breaking Bad


You cannot miss this! Watch all the seasons of this amazing TV show called Breaking  Bad, if you haven’t yet. In case you are already done with it, download a TV show which you have been waiting to see all this while but were too lazy to download. Do complete AT LEAST one TV series. Other must-watch shows suggestions include Sherlock (the UK release date of season 3 has been announced as 1st January 2014), Suits, Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development. Even while you are reading this, keep the downloading tab open!

2. Read


Read everything written by  Gabriel Garcia Marquez and/or Amitav Ghosh. You are going to cherish reading their work and one day, you will be glad that someone gave you this piece of advice. Winter holidays are the best days to have some good reads since you can creep into your blanket with a cup of hot coffee beside you and have a great time while reading.

3. Go for  road trips


Road trips are fun. Push yourself inside a car with your buddies, keep the music volume high, break the 60km/h or the 80km/h speed limit and see how amazing life can get. This should not be done on busy roads of course. STAY SAFE.

4. Sleep


Among all the other things, do not forget that this is the only time when you do not have to wake up early for classes and it is going to last only for some days. So sleep as much as you want to. But, remember not to perpetuate yourself into a state of total inactivity.

5.  Experiment with your looks


Let those people who have been seeing you in the same look since like eternity heave a sigh of relief. New looks are usually given the best compliments. Even if you don’t do it for people, do it for yourself. Everybody needs changes. You too. Try while you can.

One last option? Hunt for an internship through our internship updatesWith these words, I hope you make your break worth having. Have a good one people!