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Why it’s okay to not do anything this winter

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Most students of Delhi University find themselves in a perpetual state of confusion especially in the breaks between college semesters. Although the semester exams are known to reduce our minds to sawdust and enervate us in the truest sense of the word, most of us after two to three days of excessive partying start wondering what exactly we are doing with our lives during the course of this break. So if all your friends are off interning or participating in fests don’t feel bad because there are plenty of reasons why it’s okay to simply sit back and relax during your winter break.

If you’re in first year remember that you have four more sets of holidays to go before college ends and you’ll surely end up doing something constructive in at least one of them if not all. With school reunions, numerous family functions and the successful completion of your first semester of college,taking a few weeks off to get out of town or simply lie in bed is a pretty good way to spend the winter break.

Third semester is usually a living nightmare for most people with most students experiencing what many call a sophomore slump and battling through their exams just to survive. Keeping this in mind and the fact that almost everyone has already done something to enhance their portfolio in the preceding summer or probably will in the upcoming one, if you’re a second year student, and you’ve realized that you’re currently exactly midway through your college life then now would be a good time to do things that you may feel you wont have the time to do in a year’s time, whether it be attending some of the numerous festivals happening across the country or binge watching every TV show that you have missed out on earlier this year.

Third year students this time of year are usually in a state of perpetual mental trauma. As if the realization of college ending in one semester isn’t bad enough, they are also continuously bombarded with the oh-so familiar questions of their “concerned” family members (primarily “Beta, What plans?”). If you aren’t sure about what the next step is then don’t worry, you’ll figure it out soon enough. After five semesters of college, internships, tedious placement processes and entrance examinations now could be a good time to focus on finishing that college bucket list you probably made in school (and haven’t thought about since then) and simply relax yourself and head into the final semester with a positive attitude.

Shraman Ghosh

[email protected]


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[email protected] ; Shraman graduated from Modern School Barakhamba Road and is currently pursuing Economics Honours at Hindu College. In addition to writing, Shraman loves reading books and constantly tries to make himself better aware of the world around him. His pastimes include community service and theatre which he actively pursues in college. He hopes to complete his undergrad and do masters in Economics or Finance so that he can try and contribute to our country's economic development and growth. He loves travelling and is a massive foodie as well.

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