Even though you love the way the cold winter winds play with your hair, they can leave your hair dry, rough, and frizzled. Winter winds lack moisture and if your hair is not properly nourished on time, it can lead to permanent damage. Follow these tips to take care of your hair this winter season:


During the winters, your hair requires oiling at least once or twice a week. Without the oil nourishment, your hair can develop dandruff which can even lead to scalp irritation. Massaging with coconut or olive oil works best for all kinds of hair. In case you have developed dandruff, the best way to nourish your scalp is by mixing coconut oil with lemon juice. Apply the mixture from roots to the tips for best results.

Warm Water:

While washing your head, use lukewarm water and not hot water as it strips off the scalp from its natural oils. Hot water dehydrates the hair and scalp severely which leads to frizzy and dull-looking hair.


During winters, a conditioner after shampooing is a must. Start applying the conditioner from the mid-lengths to the roots, concentrating mostly on the roots as that is generally the most damaged part of a person’s hair. The conditioner locks in the moisture and makes your hair smooth and shiny. A leave-on serum after squeezing the hair carefully with the towel is a must-do, as it prevents the hair from becoming static.


Blow-drying your hair during winters can lead to permanent hair damage. To counter this, try air-drying. However, if there is no other way other than using your dryer, dry your hair on a cooler mode. Drying them at the least hot temperature prevents it from becoming frizzy and dull.

Making extra efforts to take care of your hair does not take long and can go a long way in keeping it healthy and shiny.

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Prachi Mehra

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Summer ended sometime back, and with the coming in of fall and eventually winter, the boot season comes along. With the crispier air outside, boots are the saviour. Also important are the totes you should consider having this winter. Auburn brings to you a guide to the perfect boots and totes, highlighting some wondrous looks.

Boots in the Box:

  1. Ankle Boots:

An essential type, because they work with everything- from skinny jeans to skirts and chic minidresses. You can create both casual and formal looks with these boots.


  1. Moto Boots:

For days when you don’t want to wear flats, get yourself these edgy, biker-inspired boots. It can help balance out a more buttoned-up look and coordinates nicely with skinnies too.


  1. Over-the-knee Boots:

They might not be the easiest to wear, but they are indeed worth the struggle, for the look is killer. Shorts, mini-skirts, or dresses look grand with these boots.


  1. Stilettos:

Get a pair for the dressier occasions- parties of every kind. Team these up with shimmery sleek bodycon dresses, one-coloured minis.  Heels make any outfit feel fancy!


  1. Chelsea Boots:

These never go out of fashion. An easy classic with a little rock-n-roll can create fantastic looks with straight-fit jeans, skinnies, skirt, and dresses, with a cardigan on top.

Tribal-art inspired boots and bag.
Tribal-art inspired boots and bag.


Tote Trouble:

  1. The Leather Satchel:

This is the essential workhorse handbag: It can hold almost anything. A neutral colour like black or leather brown adds a classy air to the look. Choose the correct size, and there you are!


  1. Chic Tote

An important part of the look, and hence if you are all dressed up do not carry a tote- carry a little clutch or a side-bag. From a rock-n-roll studded hobo to a sporty messenger to a sleek white patent clutch- every style is so chic.


  1. Iconic Handbag

Nothing heavily luxurious, but these can stand alone- perpetually making a statement and outlasting any trend. Get one, showstopper!


  1. Colour Play

It is not bad to give in to the joys of colours- they can uplift your mood. Match it to your clothes, or try it on the opposite spectrum of colours to create a contrast.


  1. Casual Carry

It allows to show-off personal style. You can work on your effortless 9 to 5 look with a casual tote/handbag.



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Radhika Boruah

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The winter season brings with it a lot of mesmerising scenes much to the delight of a photographer. However, it has some disadvantages too.

Photographers keep lurking in different places looking for the perfect setting and clicking endless pictures to get a flawless photo. And the winter season offers a visual spectacle with those misty clouds and drops of water running through the leaves in the morning. The sunrays oozing out of the fog and the snow-covered mountains shining golden during sunrise can make any photographer’s jaw drop. And these are just a few to name. But, it is not as easy and inviting as it seems. The winter season is as harsh on photographers with the cold weather and freezing temperatures testing the photographer’s skill. Here are a few pros and cons of winter photography.


  1. A good amount of blur can be created with all the air wrapped in the dense fog. This comes in use while capturing portraits or any other object.
  2. The winter season brings a dark touch in the background with itself and so, capturing bright colors create a good spark in the picture.
  3. One very relieving thing about winters is the minimized air pollution. This suits best for doing Astrophotography because clearer skies help in capturing some really good pictures.


  1. The dense fog is not always kind to the photographer. It becomes difficult to focus on the object and click a sharp picture.
  2. The lack of warmth of the sun in winters makes it very difficult to capture bright pictures as is the case in summer.
  3. The low light haunts from picture to picture as it creates darker pictures with more shadows.
  4. The dew and fog can end up ruining the camera as the sensors and camera lenses may get damaged.

Well, it really is a tussle to decide whether winters are advantageous or not for doing photography. It has its share of pros and cons. And at the end, it is all upon the photographer to get the best shot possible. Also, where’s the fun of getting great pictures if it isn’t challenging to click one?


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Akarsh Mathur

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Karan Singhania

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Half an academic year is over, and now you have a few weeks of leisure before the next semester begins. How can this period be utilised for maximum efficiency?

Before the season of examinations begins, and as soon as one opens their books and readings, there is a strong urge to make plans regarding the post-exam season. The mind wanders off towards things that cannot be done then- the shows and movies that cannot be watched, the restaurants that cannot be gone to, the pointless sleeping that cannot be done, and so on.

Now the word ‘productive’ has different interpretations for different people. It can mean taking up multiple internships and earning, doing social work, spending time on hobbies, and so on. But no matter what you hope to accomplish, unless it is pointless sleeping, you should set a pattern to your activities. What usually ends up happening is that with multiple priorities, we end up having only a rough idea of what we want to do. There is never any clear structure given to things. Periods like a winter break begin with a lot of hope about what all we hope to accomplish. However, with a lot of things happening in our heads, combined with the inertia we have regarding starting a task, not a lot ends up happening. We meet a few people we wanted to meet during exams, watch the same three movies rather than diversifying our tastes, and end up saying how bored we are. It needn’t be like this. After you get done with exams, you can start by making a structured layout which should include things like the order of your priorities, their urgency in terms of completion time, and the tasks you need to do in order to cater to them. Make further divisions on what you hope to achieve the most and set deadlines and timeframes for those activities, to achieve them realistically.

It’s only through making concrete, time-bound plans that you will be able to accomplish all you want this break, and nothing is more satisfying than a period where one can proudly claim of time well-spent.


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Rishika Singh
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Winter is the best time to look runway ready and sophisticated without much effort. Here’s how you can make the most of this opportunity and not jeopardise your sense of style till the next spring.

With the Diwali diyas flickered out, we hereupon commence for winters. This is when reality dawns upon us – our wardrobes shall alter altogether now. We are again faced with life’s most renowned dilemma- “What to wear and how to look stylish?” To up University of Delhi’s fashion quotient and to not look frumpy with a hundred layers, here are all the fashionista approved layering tricks to make you look cool during the cool season-

  1. Put on your Midi Coats-

Invest in a midi coat this winter to feel warm and toasted. Midi coats are not only for girls but are also available in varied designs for boys. Girls can vouch for a midi dress as well, if not a coat.

  1. Mix up your neutrals-

Blacks, taupes, and greys are the easiest and most convenient for the ‘mix and match’ game.  Any of their combinations would be just perfect, no matter how many layers you pile on. For boys, grey/black chinos can be worn this season. Girls can throw on a belt to emphasise their waistlines and not let their body shape get lost in one of those versatile gray/mauve overcoats.

  1. Stack up on one colour-

Piling up shades of the same colour is not only daring, but it is also never over-the-top. It looks casual and something a college student would wear.  In addition to this, if you go the hoodie route, nothing like it.

  1. Never forget your basics-

If you’re Getting late for an 8.30 a.m. lecture, remember that bold is better and an all-black outfit may not seem like an endless sea of fabric, if you just add on a plaid sweater of any other colour and put your style front and centre.  Knit sweaters will always remain the in-thing and long, oversized cashmere cardigans can set you for the winters just right.

  1. Boot, socks, and caps are the essentials-

Yes, winter is the time for some expensive shopping because you can catch a cold with poor quality, less costly hogwash. Spend a little more money to go for cashmere, ribbed crew socks in taupe, dark green and associated colours. As far as footwear is concerned, an ugg, an Emu, or a biker boot can work wonders, and you won’t regret it. For the best woollen caps, have beanies, striped pom -pom, slouchy minions’ winter hats and all other trooper trapper hats ready in your closet.

Therefore, this winter, do not forget to experiment and be creative. Be comfortable in your own skin and keep it simple always.


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Oorja Tapan

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With Diwali just having gone by, reality hits us and we realise that the official current semester will be ending soon and our very ‘dear’ semester examinations are coming close as the internals’ fever has died down. We are all huffed and puffed about our attendance issues, looking for ways to increase it or at least manage it to come at par with the ‘so-called’ 67% standard set by the University of Delhi, either through medical or internship certificates, or through extracurricular activity (ECA) slips. We all have one Rambo mission to attend all classes henceforth, especially the horrifying morning 8:30 a.m. lecture, trying our level best not to zone out in the middle of the lecture. We fight the urge to collect every possible reading material and book there is to extract as many sources available and save ourselves from drowning in the upcoming exams. Of course, all of us are engaged in discussions with our peers like, “Boy, that escalated quickly”, “How time passes by”, “Dude, I am having a mental breakdown as to how many more assignments I am still left to submit”, and so on.
Pause for a minute to think and retrospect. How did you spend one-half of the year? Was it according to your customary need to go clubbing at Hauz Khas, hang out at the Hudson Lane food joints, shop at Kamla Nagar or Sarojini Nagar markets, beg your parents to allow you to attend a sleepover at one of your friend’s house or PG, spend another evening at India Gate making Boomerang videos for Instagram, or create that one awesome memory with friends that you failed to capture on Snapchat but laughed out all night about it with your hostel mates? Or were you busy studying the entire semester, preparing for entrances like CAT or JNU, keeping up with the notes, doing various internships, or learning a language? I am sure we all had a coalescence of all the aforementioned activities. How many of these do you consider worthwhile? How many of these do you regret and how many are you still aspiring to do? Students in their freshman year must still be in doldrums regarding adjusting to the new city and will surely plan to carry out all remaining Delhi ventures in the next season. Sophomores must be in a state of shock that they have already reached the intermission in their college lives and should now get serious about what to do next. And my dear seniors, you are very well treading upon the teary path of farewells next semester, so get your grip for the dreary path of a hardcore competitive world outside the walls of your college-cum -cocoon.
As for exam -related tips, I am sure you all are smart enough to figure out how to sail through exams. Just in case you are not accustomed to the exam fever, prepare a fixed target-oriented schedule and try to stick to it in order to micromanage your core and elective papers. Try to avoid all sorts of group-studies as now is the time for individual, prioritised studying. Emphasise on what to read and even more on what not to read. You are the best judge of yourself.
Believe me for one thing – that however you have spent your time since July, be pleased with yourself, because life, and for that matter, college-life is too short for regrets. Have faith in your capabilities and get your guns ready for the next half of the year. Do not let the approaching winter deter your happy, sunny, and young minds.
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Oorja Tapan
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This winter vacations, certain reasons best left to the vivid imagination of the reader, have prevented me from flying back home. Therefore, as I write this down, I find myself stranded in the hostel: a captive of my own hapless circumstances.

But last night, I had an epiphany. You see, as an outstation student of Delhi University, any break, no matter how long or short has always meant a trip back home. So for the last two and a half years, travelling to me has equalled boarding an Indigo flight on the Delhi-Visakhapatnam corridor and back. But when you have the freedom of a collegiate life, travelling shouldn’t be so monotonous! Rather, it should be spontaneous and unexpected, like backpacking away to new destinations with friends or traversing solo through unknown lands in the process of self-discovery.

So when I awoke this morning, I had an agenda: to take a solo road trip. After many hours of research, spent beaming at the computer screen and bothering Google with my travelling queries, I have perfected a list of ‘The top 5 places worthy of your resources this winter season’. Here goes:

For the Cold-Averse
If Delhi winter has you shuddering and quivering at its mercy, you’re best off avoiding any and all places north of the national capital. Therefore, try Rajasthan, which presents the following gems:

1. Udaipur

‘The City of Lakes’, Udaipur is all about elegance and magnificence. Touted as ‘The Venice of the East’, Udaipur is capable of stirring romantic feels in the steeliest of hearts. Even when you’re here on your own, you must take in the vibrant culture and history of the city. You could visit City Palace, Lake Pichola, and Fateh Sagar Lake.  You could also sign up for the Old City Cycle Tour.  September-March is the best time to visit Udaipur, making this deal even more alluring.

2. Mandawa

A mere 271 kms from Delhi, Mandawa is ideal for satisfying your artsy streak. The Mandawa Fort is the most popular tourist destination. But you can also visit the numerous havelis and castles that dot the landscape. For a taste of the royal Shekhawati life that is spoken of in such high value, do give Mandawa a visit.

3. Jaipur

How can one not visit Jaipur when in Rajasthan? It takes round-about 4-5 hours to get to Jaipur from Delhi. Once there, you can satisfy the history buff in you by treating yourself to the palaces, forts,   and temples. Go a step further in self-indulgence and shop and eat to your heart’s content at the local markets.  If you can afford to take some time out in January, then also catch the Jaipur Literature Festival from 19-23rd January.

For the Cold-Loving
For the truly brave hearted, who can not only handle, but rejoice in the Northern winter chill, the Himalayan hills offer the best getaways:

4. McLeodganj

Whoever said that hill stations are meant for only summer holidays? If you find yourself in McLeodganj in December, you could trek up to Guna Devi or take the Kangra Valley Trekking tour. You could also enrol for the Cycle Tour of Kangra Valley. For sightseeing, visit Namgyal Monastery, Tsuglagkhang, Tibetan Museum, Bhagsunath Temple, Bhagsu Falls, Church of St.Johns,  Dharamkot Kareri Lake and Kangra Fort. Wow! So much in one tiny part of Dharamshala!


Unlike Mussorie, Shimla and Nainital, Lansdowne is untouched and unspoilt by rampant tourism. Located just 248 kms off Delhi, Lansdowne is known for its picturesque landscape, old colonial bungalows,  sunrise and sunset points, rare views of the Himalayas and Ganga and trekking activities. If you’re a foodie, you can additionally enjoy the delicious baked goodies(quiches, cookies and cakes!) that the many cafeterias and bakeries have on offer. A warm cuppa with a muffin, warmly snuggled inside a blanket in a wooden café: My Garfield moment.

My solitude in the hostel as the lone inmate made me want to disappear. But looking down at my list now,  I realise that you don’t need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination. And now, I have five of the very best!

I’m off! Anyone care to join?

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Kriti Sharma
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Last month, I struck the following deal with myself: Let go and give in to the unavoidable October festivities, only to come back in full form and study hard from day one of November. But half of November was already over and my progress graph is a terrifying horizontal line. I didn’t study then, and I am unable to study now. The only thing that has changed over the course of time (last week of October and first week of November) is my enemy. While previously, I was battling the ‘levity’ induced by the grand festival of Diwali, now, I am struggling to keep my productivity high against the laziness-inducing ‘winter cold’.

But with less time on my hands to prepare for the semester exams, it’s time I pulled up my socks (to keep the cold away, too?) and got down to business.

After a lot of thought and research, I’ve put together the following strategy to boost my efficiency and effectiveness and tackle the present evil aka ‘winter cold’ that is thwarting all my attempts at studying:

1. Wake up early and exercise
The hardest thing to do during the winter is to pull yourself out of the warm blanket and get to work. But if you have a morning exercise regime scheduled, you can not only get a head start to your day, but also have the sweat you work up in the process keep you warm and enthused through the day!

2. Bathe and dress warm
I know, it is hard shedding layers in the cold. But a bath with warm water, followed by dressing up in snug woollens is the best weapon against this winter cold! Once you’re warm, you can focus on studying and not get affected by the bone-chilling cold around you.

3. Eating small meals at regular intervals
Appetite in winter goes off the roof! Tame your mind and hunger by keeping your tummy content with healthy and frequent snacking. Think nuts and fruits. This way, you’ll concentrate better as you’ll be giving your brain the necessary and regular supply of glucose it needs.

4. Skip the siesta
Afternoon (when it’s warm) is the time when the sun is up at its brightest best. Don’t let this golden period of productivity go by sleeping through it. Instead, study outdoors. And get your eight-hour shut eye by sleeping early at night (when it’s cold).

5. Drink up on warm fluids and beverages
Coffee, green tea, lukewarm water and the works: these are your best buddies through the cold winter nights as they not only keep you feeling pleasantly warm, but also bring about the much need mental stimulation!

With this list, I hope that like me, you feel adequately equipped to fight the ‘winter cold’ and salvage the semester!
All the best!

Kriti Sharma
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The comfort is unparalleled, the peace is inescapable, and the warmth in the cold brings ease; explore what makes Winter so endearing!

Dear Diary

The seasonal clock has ticked once again, and my mind has trailed off to a place of the future, experienced in the past. The wind has fastened its course and gently touches my face to convey the letter from my favourite season – winter. It has promised to please me aesthetically and bring serenity to the storm in my head. Poems always bring out the shade of exuberance and cheer of the summer, and the quiet and moroseness of the winters. I concur with them, yes. The peace, the quiet, the magical tranquillity winters offer; it has a way of wrapping your heart and soul in a very comfortable vacuum, and the mind needs this kind of unruffled period.

Some question my love for this season and incessantly equate it with the fun in the sun one might engage in during summers, or the ray of hope and sunshine which spring brings, or probably enjoying the soulful phase of the monsoons. My intention is not to justify my longing for this season by berating others; they’re all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. However, I will indulge in an innocent degree of favouritism and regard Winteras the Season Star Performer. My reasons for this judgement are multi-fold and not necessarily agreeable. For one, the Winter time is the perfect span for people who find joy in solidarity. Fancy this: the cold has engulfed every corner of your house, you sit wrapped up in the most comfortable blanket with a hot beverage reading that all-time favourite book or binge-watching a show. Winter gives you the perfect excuse to stay indoors and sleep like a baby. Also, one has the privilege of gracing the bed with the supremely comfortable loose sweaters/hoodies and constantly tugging those long sleeves. No, this scenario can never be replicated with perfection if the background were to be changed. The feel of acquiring warmth in the stark cold beats all contentment levels, won’t you say? Secondly, not only does it spread its advantageous wing indoors, winters can be a delightful fashion season if you make it. My mind is flooded with dreamy outfits entailing those adorable mufflers, coats, boots and sweaters. Winter dressing requires only a tad of creativity and effort to give way to a perfect winter look. One of the most significant feeling of pleasure you may encounter during this period is because of the anticipation of the festivities. Christmas and New Year’s get ready to shower some jingle and cheer our way, and everything smells of hope, joy, and excitement. It’s a wonderful season to welcome a new year and a new phase, thus inserting the very essence of happiness!

Well, as the year draws to a close, I can’t wait to delve in the coziness of the blanket with the harbingers of my happiness. Or, the idea of spending the day outside soaking the warmth of the sun on a chilly day, smelling that hallmark ‘winter air’ and just absorbing the feeling of the world slowly makes me delirious with joy too. The Winter season is all this, and so much more. No wonder, a winter lover like me associates such ethereal charm with its existence. With a longing smile, I happily think: Winter is coming.



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If you’re one of the lazy souls who were too reluctant to sacrifice their winter vacations for an internships, luckily, you’re in a good space. It’s not too late because part-time internships are always available. You can easily juggle between college and a part-time internships. It helps you gain the likely experience of a full time internship. Added are the perks of flexible work hours and attractive incentives.

  1. Become a Campus Ambassador

A whole range of companies are recruiting campus ambassadors to manage their promotions in the respective colleges and areas. Companies like wooplr, vogue, koovs, uber have successfully gathered a lot of happy interns!

  1. Join a Start-up

Start-ups provide excellent learning opportunities to college-goers. Start-ups are a platform where you’re actually made to do some real hard-core work, be it ground work or sophisticated analysis.

  1. Bring out the designer you!

If you have some knowledge of graphics designing, you can definitely look up a job in this field. Various agencies and companies need designers to manage their websites and social media platforms.

  1. Write your heart out- Content Writer

If you have a flare for writing, a plethora of options are available for you. Companies need write ups for their blogs, websites and other media handles. All you have to do is bring out your best hand at writing and prepare articles on the said topics.

  1. Business Development Interns

All companies need a strong base of business development interns to formulate strategies and solve the issues of customers. If you can crack quick solutions to problems, this is your world!

  1. Social Media & Marketing

Social Media is present everywhere. Companies need to be hugely active throughout and they on-board a number of interns to take care of their marketing and promotional needs. This is one field where you can always find something that suits you.

  1. Be the change, join an NGO

Have the zest of doing something towards the bigger goal, betterment of society? Join an NGO and help yourself as well as the society. NGO’s are extremely vibrant nowadays with a host of activities planned for the members.