Auburn Umbrella: Steam Up This Winter

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Winter is the best time to look runway ready and sophisticated without much effort. Here’s how you can make the most of this opportunity and not jeopardise your sense of style till the next spring.

With the Diwali diyas flickered out, we hereupon commence for winters. This is when reality dawns upon us – our wardrobes shall alter altogether now. We are again faced with life’s most renowned dilemma- “What to wear and how to look stylish?” To up University of Delhi’s fashion quotient and to not look frumpy with a hundred layers, here are all the fashionista approved layering tricks to make you look cool during the cool season-

  1. Put on your Midi Coats-

Invest in a midi coat this winter to feel warm and toasted. Midi coats are not only for girls but are also available in varied designs for boys. Girls can vouch for a midi dress as well, if not a coat.

  1. Mix up your neutrals-

Blacks, taupes, and greys are the easiest and most convenient for the ‘mix and match’ game.  Any of their combinations would be just perfect, no matter how many layers you pile on. For boys, grey/black chinos can be worn this season. Girls can throw on a belt to emphasise their waistlines and not let their body shape get lost in one of those versatile gray/mauve overcoats.

  1. Stack up on one colour-

Piling up shades of the same colour is not only daring, but it is also never over-the-top. It looks casual and something a college student would wear.  In addition to this, if you go the hoodie route, nothing like it.

  1. Never forget your basics-

If you’re Getting late for an 8.30 a.m. lecture, remember that bold is better and an all-black outfit may not seem like an endless sea of fabric, if you just add on a plaid sweater of any other colour and put your style front and centre.  Knit sweaters will always remain the in-thing and long, oversized cashmere cardigans can set you for the winters just right.

  1. Boot, socks, and caps are the essentials-

Yes, winter is the time for some expensive shopping because you can catch a cold with poor quality, less costly hogwash. Spend a little more money to go for cashmere, ribbed crew socks in taupe, dark green and associated colours. As far as footwear is concerned, an ugg, an Emu, or a biker boot can work wonders, and you won’t regret it. For the best woollen caps, have beanies, striped pom -pom, slouchy minions’ winter hats and all other trooper trapper hats ready in your closet.

Therefore, this winter, do not forget to experiment and be creative. Be comfortable in your own skin and keep it simple always.


Feature Image Credits: Lyst 

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