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Of comfort and coziness – Diary of a winter lover

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The comfort is unparalleled, the peace is inescapable, and the warmth in the cold brings ease; explore what makes Winter so endearing!

Dear Diary

The seasonal clock has ticked once again, and my mind has trailed off to a place of the future, experienced in the past. The wind has fastened its course and gently touches my face to convey the letter from my favourite season – winter. It has promised to please me aesthetically and bring serenity to the storm in my head. Poems always bring out the shade of exuberance and cheer of the summer, and the quiet and moroseness of the winters. I concur with them, yes. The peace, the quiet, the magical tranquillity winters offer; it has a way of wrapping your heart and soul in a very comfortable vacuum, and the mind needs this kind of unruffled period.

Some question my love for this season and incessantly equate it with the fun in the sun one might engage in during summers, or the ray of hope and sunshine which spring brings, or probably enjoying the soulful phase of the monsoons. My intention is not to justify my longing for this season by berating others; they’re all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. However, I will indulge in an innocent degree of favouritism and regard Winteras the Season Star Performer. My reasons for this judgement are multi-fold and not necessarily agreeable. For one, the Winter time is the perfect span for people who find joy in solidarity. Fancy this: the cold has engulfed every corner of your house, you sit wrapped up in the most comfortable blanket with a hot beverage reading that all-time favourite book or binge-watching a show. Winter gives you the perfect excuse to stay indoors and sleep like a baby. Also, one has the privilege of gracing the bed with the supremely comfortable loose sweaters/hoodies and constantly tugging those long sleeves. No, this scenario can never be replicated with perfection if the background were to be changed. The feel of acquiring warmth in the stark cold beats all contentment levels, won’t you say? Secondly, not only does it spread its advantageous wing indoors, winters can be a delightful fashion season if you make it. My mind is flooded with dreamy outfits entailing those adorable mufflers, coats, boots and sweaters. Winter dressing requires only a tad of creativity and effort to give way to a perfect winter look. One of the most significant feeling of pleasure you may encounter during this period is because of the anticipation of the festivities. Christmas and New Year’s get ready to shower some jingle and cheer our way, and everything smells of hope, joy, and excitement. It’s a wonderful season to welcome a new year and a new phase, thus inserting the very essence of happiness!

Well, as the year draws to a close, I can’t wait to delve in the coziness of the blanket with the harbingers of my happiness. Or, the idea of spending the day outside soaking the warmth of the sun on a chilly day, smelling that hallmark ‘winter air’ and just absorbing the feeling of the world slowly makes me delirious with joy too. The Winter season is all this, and so much more. No wonder, a winter lover like me associates such ethereal charm with its existence. With a longing smile, I happily think: Winter is coming.



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