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Pros and Cons of Clicking Photos in Winter

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The winter season brings with it a lot of mesmerising scenes much to the delight of a photographer. However, it has some disadvantages too.

Photographers keep lurking in different places looking for the perfect setting and clicking endless pictures to get a flawless photo. And the winter season offers a visual spectacle with those misty clouds and drops of water running through the leaves in the morning. The sunrays oozing out of the fog and the snow-covered mountains shining golden during sunrise can make any photographer’s jaw drop. And these are just a few to name. But, it is not as easy and inviting as it seems. The winter season is as harsh on photographers with the cold weather and freezing temperatures testing the photographer’s skill. Here are a few pros and cons of winter photography.


  1. A good amount of blur can be created with all the air wrapped in the dense fog. This comes in use while capturing portraits or any other object.
  2. The winter season brings a dark touch in the background with itself and so, capturing bright colors create a good spark in the picture.
  3. One very relieving thing about winters is the minimized air pollution. This suits best for doing Astrophotography because clearer skies help in capturing some really good pictures.


  1. The dense fog is not always kind to the photographer. It becomes difficult to focus on the object and click a sharp picture.
  2. The lack of warmth of the sun in winters makes it very difficult to capture bright pictures as is the case in summer.
  3. The low light haunts from picture to picture as it creates darker pictures with more shadows.
  4. The dew and fog can end up ruining the camera as the sensors and camera lenses may get damaged.

Well, it really is a tussle to decide whether winters are advantageous or not for doing photography. It has its share of pros and cons. And at the end, it is all upon the photographer to get the best shot possible. Also, where’s the fun of getting great pictures if it isn’t challenging to click one?


Feature Image Credits: techradar.com

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