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5 Things Every DU girl loves about Winters!

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Living in Delhi, everyone is habituated to at least two things- the scorching summers and almost frosty winters! Bidding goodbye to the summers and welcoming the cover-me-up winters is definitely the most awaited time of the year for every girl. Why? Well, it’s just another time of the year to play dress up. And DU girls sure know how to play dress up and make a statement. There sure is something about the winter wardrobe. But apart from this, there are 5 things, every DU girl has an obsession for during the winter season. Here’s what they are:

1. Lusting For Leather!

Irrespective of the seasons, the DU-ites have an irresistible lust for leather. Whether in the form of accessories or attires, you will find students in awe of rugged leather. If you have friends in DU, your ears might be tired of hearing, ‘yaar, iss bar sardiyo me leather jacket lena hai!’. Yes, their winter bucket list always has a leather jacket. And, why not! It’s the most warm material for the weather here. You can be warm and still manage to be the diva of your college! We suggest that you go in for a tan brown or a ruby instead of the usual blacks and browns?


2. Let Your Boots Be The Hero!

Believe it or not, boots give a stiff competition to a girl’s favourite pair of heels. Some DU girls don’t even wait for the winds to be as chilly to get their seasonal heroes out. The loyalty that even their boyfriends won’t get. Mind you! They are not the kind who would opt to play it safe in black boots. In fact, they love showing off their unique boots with the most daring details.


3. Because They Love To Hug Their Wools!

And finally, the woolens won’t suffocate anymore. It’s about time we bring them out and give them a good rub. While sweaters and mufflers are common among the girls, the centre of attraction is always that one favorite woolen beanie you put on! Don’t forget to check out the latest trends in woolen wear before you go on your next winter shopping spree!


4. Lazy As They Are, The Baggy Hoodies Are Here To Stay!

Our rigid perceptions about guys being the laziest creatures on this planet were boggled by a handful of DU girls when they told us one reason they love winters is because they wouldn’t have work on their looks too much and still look stylish! The front shelf of their closet will always be occupied with the most baggy hoodies that they can pull of amazingly with denims and give a kick start to their day at college. You know what? Make hoodies your best friend for letting you enjoy some extra sleep time in the morning!


5. Secret crush? It’s the Winter Blush!

Are you also one of those who waits for December just to get this glowy skin tone with just the perfect pink blush on your cheeks? Well, if you are, the wait is about to get over. Keep your blush ons back in your kits and get ready for the natural one! You can always play a lot with your eyes in this make up friendly weather, but, all thanks to it, you are definitely not going to waste too much time on doing your face. And, just for the record, if you do have some secret crush for real, isn’t ‘Winter blush’ the perfect con?


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