Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and explore different facets of fashion in the post-independence era in the most celebrated pedagogical campus of India.

Delhi University, the most prestigious university in the country also boasts of hosting a wildly diverse student body. The colleges of DU spread all over the national capital have for over a hundred years produced a pedigree of students which have gone on to excel in all sorts of fields. This diversity in culture, ethnicity and identities has facilitated the existence of a vibrant fashion culture in the university.

Umberella shaped sorts of Kurtas without cuts on the side. They were pretty trendy but walking and running around in those was a bit arduous. We paired these with tight pajamas. In the 60s very few ‘mod’ women wore pants. Most girls either made a simple plait or huge high buns with puff stuffed within”, an alumna of IPCW, Batch’62.

Owing to her back to back hits with Junglee, Bluff Master, Ayee Miyan ki Belan, Padosan and plenty more in the 60s, Saira Banu and her style became a cult classic for the youngsters. Her high placed classic bun with a middle partitioned hairline, dramatic winged eyeliner and tight fitted sarees were celebrated and greatly imitated by most young women back then.  Almost everyone wanted to look like her, dress like her.

Popular footwear included Canvas sneakers, T-strap sandals with tiny heels, one toe flats from Janpath or the basic slip-ons from Bata. Archives from websites of DU colleges like LSR and Miranda shows women practicing their P.T drill in tight fitted suits with thin strap slippers on.

By late 60s several new all-women’s colleges had been established, thereby bolstering the admission rate of women into Delhi University. This gave space for their style to acquire a bolder and more liberal facet.

Fashion meant a lot to us back then. With tight fitted shirts, churidar pajamas, full length wrap around skirts, pleated pants and bouffant hairdos with backcombed puffs, we all put our best foot forward when dressing up for college. We didn’t wear revealing clothes but our tops and kurtas were tight fitting”, shares an LSR alumna, batch’1967.

Dr Prabha Jain, an alumna of Lady Hardinge Medical College, MBBS Batch’72 recounts,

As far as I can recall, my college, unlike other DU colleges had certain restrictions on what we all chose to wear – especially the anatomy department. Most girls barring a few wore either sarees or kurta and salwar. Our suits were either sleeveless or tightly fitted, but were all cloaked under our Doctor’s Apron. Our go to shopping place was Karol Bagh – going to Chandni Chowk seemed too daunting because of the rush, and CP was too expensive for us back then”.

“Everything flared” was definitely the fashion tagline of the 70s. This decade had the youngsters drooling over bell bottoms and bell sleeve printed tops. Neetu Singh, Zeenat Aman and Sharmila Tagore were the biggest fashion icons of this age. Dimple Kapadia’s cropped polka dots white front tie top in Bobby resulted in the print being labeled as the ‘hallmark of 70s Fashion’. Denim was formally introduced in the same decade through Veeru (Dharmendra) and Jai’s (Amitabh Bachan) denim jeans and shirts in the blockbuster – Sholay. Nonetheless denim jeans in the common population only became a staple towards the late 80s.

We wore extremely deep cut bell bottoms with embroidered patterns at the lower helm. Styled those with cropped tops with a shrug on top, if not cropped then they would be longer. We occasionally also wore corduroy knee length shorts, not often. Pre-made dhotis with short kurtis and chiffon duppattas had gotten pretty famous. Chand Baliyan, dainty neck pieces, big buns and winged eye liners – we have done and loved them all”, says Ranjana Kohli, a Maitreyi College alumna, Batch’74.

By end 70s/early 80s, owing to it’s pan-India nature, DU had definitely developed itself into a melting pot for different cultures, identities and even fashion styles. Student from different parts of the country, from different backgrounds, ethnicities, elite boarding schools, public schools, rich and not-so rich families came together in one city. This facilitated interaction of faiths and ideologies, and was one major factor behind the fact that Delhi became “mod” (slang for modern) in terms of fashion quite sooner than other major cities.

Gautam Kalra, a 1991 DU graduate mentions,

80’s was all about loud fashion, neons, permed hair, bleached hair, plastic jewellery. Students wore a lot of unaesthetic synthetic clothing. 1991-1993, then I went to Delhi School of Economics for post-grad – which was more intellectual and saw a lot of toppers from Presidency college & Stephens. The vibe was Anti-fashion with tailor-made trousers clad nerdy under-dressed people sporting jhola bags and reading glasses. I however continued serving individuality and wore the then cool Bermuda shorts with T-shirts, fake ysL blue reading glasses, plenty of colour and denim”.

The popularity of flared pants and bell bottoms waned towards late 80s and was replaced by straight-fit or bootcut trousers. The 80s and 90s also witnessed an overwhelmingly crazy obsession with denim jeans. George Michael’s typical cross jetted pocketed loose jeans and the multi-pocketed ones were the most sought after styles in denim. 90s brought in the obsession with Salman Bhai’s shirtless look with tattered baggy jeans on in O O Jaane Jana. DU students usually wore jeans from indigenous brands like wrangler or locally sourced them from second-hand markets in Sarojini. International brands like Benetton and Levis became popular among the youth only after mid 90s, post liberalization.

We didn’t really have the kind of influencers you have today on Social Media. We derived our fashion inspiration from movie actresses and pop icons of our time. Luckily for us stereotypically skinny framed girls, Sonali Bendre popularized the ‘skinny’ body type. Madhuri was definitely a cult favorite in the 90s”, says an alumna of Hindu College, Batch’92

This obsession with Madhuri Dixit is implicit in the fact that in the early 90s, almost everyone was trying to emulate her shoulder length, wavy, voluminous, side portioned puff. The impact Madhuri’s purple lehenga with it’s backless blouse in ‘Hum Aapke hai kaun’ was ineffable to the extent that most girls insisted on wearing a similar design for their farewells and other college functions.

The movie “Aashiqui” was all the rage in early 90s. The amount of influence the movie had on everyone back then was overwhelmingly crazy. All the boys in a bid to look like Rohan Roy started maintaining a longer mane and the girls would run to the local tailor to improvise their own versions of Anu Agarwal’s famous white lace navy blue dress. Her polka dots net ribbons had a separate fan base altogether.

Jeans were in, shirts without sleeves were in, but crop tops or any shirts that showed the stomach were still a bold fashion statement. I was rather a plain Jane. So I knew little about makeup and fashion trends. But, Kajal, lipsticks and liners were always a staple for most. Reebok, Adidas sports shoes and Woodland were the flavours of the season”, says Sarika Salil, an English (Hons.) graduate from Hansraj College, Batch’97.

She continues to highlight the darker side of this flourishing period of fashion in India,

People were body-shamed openly and brazenly. Anyone who was considered ‘fat’ according to the rigid beauty standards had to stick to the ‘conservative’ fashion trends, and donned only salwar kameez. They avoided jeans and short blouses because of the persistent comments on their bodies”.

90s was also the time when Aviators gained huge love among the youngsters – especially men. This love can greatly be attributed to Tom Cruise’s look in Top Gun. Only some could afford the real OG Raybans aviators, others managed it with dupes. Women bought more of oval shaped, narrow framed sunglasses. These have made a comeback in recent years. Around this time, the baggy multi-pocketed denims had been discarded for high waist straight-fit bootcut jeans. The aesthetic became cleaner and more sophisticated.

Devika Ahluwalia, who graduated from Venkys in the summer of 98’ remarks,

‘Fashion’ in college for me was on the one hand about kohlapuri chappals and comfy kurtas to slightly cropped belly button showing cotton sleeveless tops over comfy pants. Mismatched laces on cloth trainers (not sure I could afford Converse then) along with shirts tied at the waist over a flared skirt made sense to me at the time. As did cutting off the bottom of t-shirts to make them shorter”,

she continues

Sarojini Nagar export clothes reject market was a monthly hang out for good fashion reject bargains. My hair was long and not “styled” and a pencil was used when I tied it into a bun. Silver jewellery passed/gifted to me by my sister was a part of my daily look. As was kajal and slightly thin eyebrows. Going out at night meant borrowing clothes from friends who had the access to their ‘abroad’ shopping. Tight short skirts and even tighter tops came out of the closet for those times”.

The 2Ks were an era of tube tops, low rise denims, Aishwarya’s dressy dainty micro tops, Poo’s sexy fusion of indo-western elements, the tiniest mini-skirts, natural looking blow dried hair and dangly earrings. All thanks to Juicy’s tracksuits popularized by Britney, the Kardashians and Paris Hilton; and in the Indian context Karishma’s outfits in Dil toh Pagal hai and SRKs wardrobe from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai resulted in a new found love for athleisure. Late 90s and early 2000s was also the golden period for India in International pagents. Back to back wins by Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra and Dia Mirza. There was a global recognition and acknowledgement of the Indian beauties globally. Their fashion etiquettes and aesthetics were largely emulated by young college going women. The 2000s also saw a crazy obsession with the front hair being styled into a pouf. Everyone was getting their hair cut into steps or layers.

The DU fashion trends while segueing it’s way into the early 2010s from 2Ks transitioned from bootcut to strechy skinny jeans, low rise to high waisted multiple buttoned denims, from glossy liquid lipsticks to baby lips, crop tops to T-shirts, pencil heels to wedges. Jeggings replaced jeans and was worn under kurtas or loose T-shirts. Short kurtis with harem pants, Punjabi juttis paired with silver jhumkas and bangles from lajpat or janpath was the new staple in DU colleges.

We were obsessed with using baby lips and excessive Kajal. We had luckily stopped with the puffs in 2012 but the side parting was huge. Jeggings and crop tops were fashion in 2015-16”, says Selina, an alumna of Lady Irwin College, Batch’2016.

Today’s DU fashion is an astounding amalgamation of fashion aesthetics of different decades, cultures and identities. From the effortlessly chic clean girl activewear, to Y2ks big pants small tops, big T-shirts small shorts, kurta and pajama, crop tops and pajamas, summer midi dresses, dark academia inspired deep shade pleated skirts, Sarojini ke jhumke, Lajpat’s western jewellery, from nike sneakers to ‘kohlapuri chappals’ from janpath to crocs, from H&M, Zara apparels to their dupes and rejects from Sarojini, – us DU students can style all of these effortlessly.

Fashion today is not a mere display of vanity or simply about putting on random trending pieces of clothing. Yes, we do feed on trends and contribute to the fast fashion capitalist economy in a lot of ways, but still, Fashion today has a lot more to do with self-expression, comfort and acceptance.

Fashion for me is acceptance. It is finding solace in the fact, especially in an all-girls college, that no matter what you wear, no one will judge you. There’s always going to be someone more over-dressed or under-dressed than you are. One can walk into the campus wearing a saree and no one will bother, one only appreciates”, says Dolijung Negi, a final year student from LSR.

A lot of current DU students agree that the fashion today doesn’t necessarily coerce one into opting into a particular vertical of trend, but instead, thanks to the diversity in aesthetics one doesn’t necessarily feel alienated and ends up discovering their own fashion sense and learns to celebrate it’s uniqueness.

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Now that trends influence everyone’s style, let’s finally separate the hype from the real deal.

I’m playing fashion police today- waving goodbye to trends that are potentially tired while giving some overdue love to the seriously underrated ones. Let’s set things straight once and for all.

Overrated fashion trends-

  1. Birkenstocks- These iconic sandals have been the epitome of comfortable footwear for a very long time. However, their chunky design makes it hard to integrate them with most outfits. So, while they’re definitely made out of quality material, the prices aren’t justified for a sandal used for casual wear.
  2. Sheer clothing- This provides the opportunity to play around with layers and textures which could be so fun! But, the comfort and practicality of sheer clothing is questionable. They can prove to be itchy and the synthetic materials are not very environmentally friendly either.
  3. Mini sunglasses- These are a departure from traditional eyewear by far. Indeed, they are more about making a statement than functionality but it’s impossible to see properly in them, let alone walk. Big yay for the look and all the fun colours they come in, but utility garners negative marks.
  4. Statement sneakers- The debate about their place on this list would be an intense one. While I agree with (and even partake in) sneakerhead culture, some designs are clearly more about flashiness and prestige than quality and comfort. While a good pair can transform a look for the better, a flashy one could push it slightly into the tacky category.

Underrated fashion trends-

  1. Dad shoes- ‘Dad’ shoes are those that are not necessarily considered very stylish but provide unparalleled comfort. They are the most ideal choice for extended periods of walking and their resurgence in recent times is a testament to a shift in fashion priorities, where comfort is taking precedence. It’s great to have an awesome sneaker collection but also get yourself some of these. Dads have always known best.
  2. Neutral tones- They deserve more recognition instead of being considered boring. Neutral colours exude understated elegance and should be staples in our wardrobes. They are easy to style and serve as the perfect backdrop for statement accessories.
  3. Timeless prints- Their appeal lies in being a reliable option for both formal and casual outfits. They have stood the test of time and their charm goes beyond that of passing fads such as animal prints. Most of them are eternally relevant but I’m still not so sure about polka dots, though.
  4. Fanny packs- The outdated designs have been revamped in recent times and are incredibly convenient. While I am a fan of tote bags, having to fish for my keys for 5 minutes is not fun. Fanny packs are thus a great accessory for on-the-go lifestyles.

Fashion has always existed as a means to express yourself. None of it could ever be the ‘wrong’ way to do it. Obviously, it’s important to wear what you like and are comfortable in. While certain trends may not resonate with everyone, they still contribute to the fashion landscape. If you like Birkenstocks and are rocking them, good for you! But do yourself a favour and buy some Dad shoes today.

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This article is an op-ed about the statement dressing observed across the Delhi university, what it essentially symbolizes and potentially offers to the society in general.

The unanimous euphoria every girl felt in the washroom of the Barbie movie premiere over pink couldn’t help but make me think about this one another symbolic yet statement dressing unifying a large cohort ,that being the “DU dress code”.

What feels like being in the bluepilled matrix of the “bonkers-ification” of college outfits, the raging monopoly of H&M and Zara with their Sarojini Dupes, or the razzmatazz of fast fashion outlets in Kamala Nagar or Janpath, essentially paints a larger picture of what happens to be the “DU-fied rizz”, it’s not about how many times your typical slogan printed tote bag slides off your shoulder, it’s about pulling it back up. It’s about the constant euphoria-esque serve with the statement face paint art at Fests. It’s about finding the perfect faux Pas between upper east side vogue and the fawning desi attires. It’s oxidised Janpath earrings, artsy witch core septum piercings, chikankari kurta slay, MKT thrifts and what not.

It portrays itself with a certain sense of irony how you can easily identify the DU brigade dressed in the spectrum ranging from fab India khaki kurta simpletons to lulu & sky corsets bearing baddies, right from the oversized shirt over tanks and wide legged trousers to the artisanal bangle clad kurti endowed individuals.

More than a sense of fashion, it’s a statement, one that brings together chic with sustainability. Sarojini becomes a high fashion substitute, thrifting becomes the new currency and locally grown businesses the warble call for styling enthusiasts. At the risk of generalizing the human experience curve we have achieved what appears to be a unified assertion of what fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be, it remains to be an inclusive domain for expression of identities. Ofcourse the situation Is far from ideal, arguments in favour of elitist bias, bullying and harassment claims and the general lack of tolerance for the “chalk and cheese” fashion statements continue to exist but from the standpoint of observing the bigger picture it does feel like that Delhi University as an institution offers space to harbour the fraternity of the fashion diaspora that seems to have become a hallmark in identifying the university’s culture by and large.


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It’s tempting to fall into unhealthy habits, but a balanced lifestyle is the key to a vibrant college life.

One enters college with an abundance of excitement, hope, and the most fun of them all, freedom. While this freedom provides opportunities for growth, it also brings with it a sense of carelessness. When you’re no longer answerable to Mom, you let loose. In most college students, this leads to the rise of some unhealthy habits. Being able to stay in bed and Zomato all the time may seem like a dream come true at first, but it inevitably invites problems.

However, that is not the only factor that could lead to the development of an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s also easy to feel so drowned in assignments, society work, or internships that there’s no room left for exercise or any hobbies for that matter. After a hectic college day, there is nothing more inviting than your bed. With an episode of your current binge and some pizza on the side. This becomes a routine that’s hard to break out of.

“The appeal of the taste of fast food is not the only thing that has kept me in the habit of ordering in almost every night. It’s also very convenient to not have to prep or cook meals. It feels like a quick fix after a long day.” -Vansh, a second-year student

Moreover, “broke college student” is a famous phrase for a reason. When short on budget, cooking the same instant ramen pack a few different ways to get through the week is appealing. Thus, many factors contribute to the rise of unhealthy eating habits among college students. Another major problem is that of little to no exercise. It’s difficult to make time for a routine. The norm of going late to bed and having to wake up early for morning classes keeps one in the cycle of feeling tired throughout the day. Pulling all-nighters consistently and then drinking tons of coffee to survive, skipping meals, and not exercising are therefore common elements of a college student’s lifestyle. The allure of it all is heavy. But this lifestyle is unfortunately not sustainable. How do we beat it?

It’s important to start at the fundamental level and correct your basics. Build your day around a healthy sleep schedule, eat at the right time, and start incorporating at least some exercise throughout the week. As cliché as this might sound, your elders are correct. Doing this will significantly improve your quality of life and help you focus better on your goals. You don’t need some rigid instruction table to help you achieve all of this. Start slow and be soft with yourself. It’s also okay to maintain some flexibility. You do not need to cut Netflix or McDonald’s out of your life (duh, how could we ever?). Just practice moderation with it.

“After college hours, it feels unsafe for me to travel to and from a gym in the city. So, I’ve made it a point to wake up a little extra early in the mornings to do yoga. This way I get some exercise done every single day.” -Gauri, a second-year student at KNC.

While waking up early is definitely not the best suit for many of us, here are some things that you can do to start living a better and healthier life. When you get hunger pangs at odd hours, have fruits for snacks instead of reaching for a packet of chips. They’re yummy and healthy, plus super convenient to grab. Replace your caffeinated beverages with better alternatives that also serve as a refresher, such as milkshakes. When you do need to order in, pick healthier options as opposed to fast foods. For exercise, try to include movement in the little day-to-day tasks. Walk around on your study break instead of sitting in bed. Take the stairs instead of elevators wherever possible (the metro station maybe?). Discover a safe road/park near you and go for the occasional walk while on the phone with family or friends.

There are innumerable little ways you could create a better lifestyle for yourself. Making conscious choices regarding nutrition and exercise will take care of you both physically and mentally, improving academic performance and overall quality of life. Pave the way for a balanced and fulfilling college experience that sets you up for success in the long run. Cheers to doing better!

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To the heels I bought with my limited savings from last month, as the perpetually broke college student that I am, I wish I knew that visiblising queerness comes at a social price.

 Manifesting queerness had always been on my list of things I had to do in college. When things, without any notice, went online, it bothered me because in my head college was going to be only a little more than me strutting in with the trendiest indie fashion pieces, a feminist poetry collection in hand, and a Matisse or New Yorker tote in the other. But fashion statements come at a cost and this time there was the added interest of a pandemic too.

Upon hearing the news of the much-awaited re-opening, I rushed with two friends to Hudson Lane and walked into three different shops – before buying a comfortable heel that not only matched the image in my head but also fit.. Even as I tried out the shoes, I could feel the eyes of the shopkeeper on me. It is for a friend who is flying in, I remember saying to just avoid being value judged by an abject stranger.

But if the shopkeeper was a stranger I was willing to lie to, people in my college were too large in numbers to even respond. And, being a dream that I had nurtured for the longest while, this was a question I was more than willing to engage with. The online college had limited my interactions with a select few people scattered across the college, people who I thought would point towards my heels and say, Oh my god! You did it? or with an air of abject sympathy say, Aren’t those hurting? Do you have band-aids?

Appraisal and sympathy are west winds that comfort the length and breadth of your skin upon touch. But what I was unprepared for was walking into my canteen quarters and being faced with groups of bulked up men from the northern quarters of our country, taking stalk of my heels coupled with my ajrak shirts and small rainbow pendants – just to turn back and initiate a pungent and viral smirk that would birth a sense of hateful sense of directed towards my end.

There would of course be the whispers – annoying to an extent that you know you are being spoken of but you hardly have the courage in your system to walk up to them and ask, in absolute De Niro style, are you talking to me? The first few days of offline college makes you realise that truly the online space is a created bubble wrap of people who are tailored to be decent to you, as opposed to the offline front which throws open the possibilities of being sucked into a whirlwind of heterogeneous socio-cultural capital holders where being the other comes at the cost of scrutiny on the altar of toxic masculinity.

The North campus too, with all its red bell towers and granite pillars, is a divided world in itself. The world of Ramjas is characterised by muted warm colours and gazes that make you hit home the realisation that you’re abjectly out of place – that you don’t belong and you never will. Cross the road and on the other side, outside JP Stall you’ll find a queer visual haven where wearing H&M and carrying Starbucks with neon painted into your hair – makes you no longer an object to be stared at but rather something desirous and aspirational.

Anwesh Banerjee

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When it comes to dressing up for college, what a student looks for is something that’s easy but also cool, classy, quick and inexpensive. Minimalism is just that. 

A minimalist closet is one of the most effective ways to save time and money when getting dressed. It refers to paring down your closet, full of essentials until you have a whole host of easy-to-recreate outfits at your disposal. Online fashion communities use a fancy term – capsule wardrobe for such a versatile collection of clothes that can be used on an everyday basis.

A plain or graphic t-shirt, simply styled with black jeans and white/black sneakers is so effortlessly stylish. While girls can experiment with knots and tucked-in styles, guys must try pairing a cap or bagpack. Minimalism fashion is often misconceived to be all about black, white or grey shades. Whilst these are the go-to palettes for a minimalist look, it is not always the case. Even bright colours like yellow, pink, orange, blue or red can work well when they are simple in design or similar in tone. Tone-on-tone, as they call it, is a more exciting way to explore the trend of minimalism. 

White works as a good base for all colour palettes. Credits: Komal Pandey, Ranveer Allahbadia via Instagram
White works as a good base for all colour palettes. Credits: Komal Pandey, Ranveer Allahbadia via Instagram

Here is a list of clothes that you should have in your wardrobe and not stress about what to wear to college everyday because it’ll be just enough. These are very basic pieces available across online and offline shops for cheap and affordable prices. Remember to not over hoard.


Kurta and jeans is not a new revelation, it is literally the OG Dilli University style statement. For boys, kurtas over pants, jeans and even pyjamas does the thing. Similarly for girls, kurtis of all kinds – short, peplum, solid or printed look so effortlessly pretty with bottoms of all kinds – palazzos, pants, skirts and even shorts. 

Shirts & T-shirts

T-shirts and tops are probably the most comfortable piece of clothing one can own; perfect for everyday wear. Have a bunch of these and wear them interchangeably! You can find a variety of colours and fit at Decathlon stores. 

From formal college presentations to wearing it casually, shirts can be used more often than you think. Checked shirts never go out of style; they’re a classic and come in million variants. Boys, most simply can wear them with denims or pants, and even open-buttoned with a plain tee inside. For girls, a white shirt especially, layered over a printed tank top or tucked into a chic skirt, goes a long way. 

Dresses and Skirts

Girls out there, a dress is literally the laziest thing you can wear and still look amazing! It is a one stylized item that you can throw on and look instantly put-together. As for skirts, find what’s comfortable to you and experiment with prints and textures. These are two pieces that can survive your day-to-night look. Dress down with a pair of sneakers for the lecture and dress up with heels or boots for a party. 


Skirts and dresses are the go-to for girls during summer months.Credits: Jenna Jacobs via Instagram
Skirts and dresses are the go-to for girls during summer months. Credits: Jenna Jacobs via Instagram


This is the most obvious but necessary item for every college going student. Invest in one or two solid pairs of jeans because they can go with literally everything. Boyfriend jeans are the ideal denim choice due to their comfortable fit. They look absolutely chic and casual on girls when paired up with feminine pieces like printed blouses or simply tank tops. 

Perfect for university, here are a few tips and tricks to ace your style game with the bare minimal clothing items in your capsule wardrobe. 


This one’s a no-brainer. You need one bag that is sturdy to carry your load of books and other college stuff. Tote bags are pretty comfortable and fashionable too. 


Layering is no more a season specific trick. Pairing up jackets or shrugs (denim, khaki or textured) with a basic inner layer is so effortless. A patterned or solid shirt is a great alternative too. Use the scarves, dupattas and stoles as add ons!

A still from Piku, effortless and comfortable outfit idea for college. Credits: Bollystyle
A still from Piku, effortless and comfortable outfit idea for college. Credits: Bollystyle


Accessorizing for boys can include watches, caps, scarfs etc. You don’t need to go extra but wear these casually. Experiment with colours, go beyond the darker shades. 

For girls, dainty or junk jhumkas, neckpieces and bindis are ever popular accessories that can add the bling to your outfit. And not just jewellery, you can play with caps, baker boy hats or bandanas to edge a regular college look. 

On your feet

Sneakers, low-top shoes, converse and sliders are a few comfy yet edgy footwears that you can wear to college. Do not go for all of these, pick what’s most comfortable for you since you will be on your toes throughout the day. 


Outfits curated with very basic pieces, for all kinds of days at college. Credits: Saurav Nagar via Instagram
Outfits curated with very basic pieces, for all kinds of days at college. Credits: Saurav Nagar via Instagram


Look effortless and edgy, it’s all about feeling yourself. Credits: Sejal Kumar via Instagram
Look effortless and edgy, it’s all about feeling yourself. Credits: Sejal Kumar via Instagram

Incorporating minimalistic pieces like these in everyday fashion can make one look effortlessly good, for it is all about comfort, lightweight materials, easy-throw-on pieces – just simple basics with a tiny twist. When it comes to everyday fashion, less really does say more. 

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To assist your indecisiveness, here’s your ultimate manual to choosing the correct frame with accordance to your needs.

There are majorly three kinds of framing structure under which myriads of other specific frames fall in categorization with. These are full-rimmed, half-rimmed, and rimless. If you wish for eyes to be the focal point then you would want a full rimmed structure which outlines the lenses completely. If you wish to emphasise your upper half of the face, semi-rimmed is your pick. These frames outline the lens partially and thereby leave it to be more susceptible to scratches. If your priority is a lightweight frame then you may go rimless, which is not heavy on your nose but most susceptible to damage.

The variety of frames which are available in the above-mentioned formats are as follows:

1) Round glasses:



Image Credits: Ray ban

Harry Potter led phenomenon of round glasses, gained quite a popularity and since then these frames are quite trendy among the quirky guys. These glasses vary in the size of circular circumference, colour and rim preference.

2) The Aviators:


Image credits: Ray-Ban 

Adapted from the shape of sunglasses, aviator eyeglasses are large teardrop structured glasses which have been the go-to choice for people who wish to experiment with fashion. These glasses apart from being available in all rim formats also get innovated with every new fad to give the most trendy outlook.

3) Cat Eye frames 


Image credits: Amazon.in

The sexy cat-eye frames are the perfect choice for people with narrow foreheads and prominent features. These frames have a broad and bold lining on the top and slightly narrower details on the bottom line. The style which makes these frames distinctive is its upward tapering. So, if you are in a search of something with a slightly vintage touch accompanied by a fashionable look, cat-eye is just for you.

4) Square glasses 


Image credits: AliExpress

The chic square glasses worn by the simple innocent girl in every rom-com, which eventually comes out as a real hottie are a soft corner for many. These glasses work wonders for those with slightly round-ish or oval face structures, the edgy look makes a perfect balance with their inherent curvy look. Also unlike the rom-com lead, black and square is not a necessity you can choose a colour which suits your complexion or matches your attire.

5) Rectangular glasses 


Image Credits: Readers.com

Talk about trendy without the mention of rectangular frames is impossible. Whether sharp or curved edged they never fall back in adding appeal to your personality. A strong recommendation for those with round or oval face. Where sharp-edged rectangular represent sporty the curve edged provides a relatively softer look.

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Winter is a wonderful time of the year, though nippy. So, as the temperature falls, rather than bracing yourselves and turning into abominable snowmen burying yourself into deep and large bulky coats, style-less scarves and large gloves, its time you hone your vogue sense, but at the same ensure you don’t freeze yourself.

So here are some trendy and spruce must-have outfits which will literally help you kill two birds with one stone by keeping you warm in the chilly weather and at the same time enable you to keep your personal vogue up!

1) Leather Jacket-

A Leather Jacket is the most stylish, multifaceted, flexible clothing that every college going dude must possess! A leather jacket goes well with any and everything. It can be worn over a hoodie or with a T-shirt to give that casual and sleek look. Further, Leather Jackets are timeless since they can be worn for years if taken proper care of!

2) A Pair Of Dark- Wash Jeans-

Although plain, a pair of dark jeans are a staple without which no closet is complete! Jack up your outfit with a leather jacket, scarf, and boots or embellish it with a suit jacket. 

3) Woolen Overcoat-

A woolen overcoat is the perfect formal and dapper winter outfit that one can sport to look stylish and feel snug at the same time! Overcoats are available in a diverse range of colors ranging from navy to charcoal, etc and are sure to make you look bold and well- dressed.

4) Crew Neck Sweaters and Cardigans-

A crew neck sweater is essentially winter’s shirt. It has a smart appearance on its own, but can also be paired with a suit and pants or with jeans. The make of a crew neck is penny-plain and hence it would go well with a print or a bright color.

Cardigans, on the other hand, are a bit old- school and the latest ones maintain the classic look but with a modern edge. Style is something that one can modify with subtle additions and hence a cardigan can be kept modern by layering it with trendy tees or a mock neck shirt.

5) Flannel Shirt-

A flannel shirt is a perfect option for a casual and layered look. A wardrobe essential it compliments a legion of outfits! This goes well with a T-shirt and jeans for a relaxed look, or can be flaunted with a roll neck with a pair of chinos to enhance the vogue!

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Got a literal cold feet situation? Boots. Broke your toenail while dancing your heart out at the New Year’s party? Boots. Feeling as active as a sloth? Boots. Feeling “Vogue”? Boots.

Boots are the ultimate saviour. With “Dilli ki sardi” hitting us hard, the halos over boots only become more visible.

With winter in full bloom, it is time to go back to your cart where you saved those pair of boots to combat Delhi’s very own feet freezing January.

For the days when you feel like life is not that bad, take out your old friend out- jeans! Pair it up with a pair of calf-length boots, put on a high neck sweater and a long coat and you are good to go. Here is an advantage- the traitor denims that left you midway for those dirty ankle ends might not be an issue anymore.

For just another lazy college day, get your hoodies to work, put on your denims and get yourself a humble pair of flat-fleece lined boots.


Feature Image Source: Anushree Joshi for DU Beat

We have got you covered even for days when sudden parties and dates knock on your door. Get your acquaintance- loose sweater from the bottom-most shelf of your wardrobe, get a wide belt and put on knee-high boots. If you feel like the inner diva needs to vent out, do not hesitate from adding a bold element of thigh-high boots.

For the street style look which needs no introduction, get your cargo pants, oversized knitted sweater, an infinite scarf, a beanie and lace-up boots. Viola! Your Instagram feed gets a treat.

 Pull off power dressing with the “bell-bottoms & boots” master plan. Take out those bell-bottoms and tuck in a knitted sweater. Put on a blazer and finish the look with classic leather boots. A statement piece adds a kick to the outfit.

When it comes to boots, one cannot help but think about fests. Don’t look at, but look like the Vogue model you had your eyes glued on to. Fetch a well fitted high neck sweater, denim skirt a chunky pair of earrings and ankle boots for the perfect chic look.

Style tip #101: Get your peep toe heels out of the closet’s darkest cranny and find stockings of the same colour. Prick a hole at the bottom of the stockings and wear the stockings over the heels, letting the hole fit under the heel and slide the stockings up to achieve the sock-fit boots look without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Power dressing and its impact can be incorporated in our everyday college wardrobe. Read on to know more.

Power dressing emerged as an alternate style of dressing that allows you to convey that you are in a position of power. Its whole purpose is to emit authority, confidence, and strength. The main motive is to dress smart, and feel like it.

Now, what does power dressing look like? Giving patriarchy its due credit, now power dressing focuses on putting the well-dressed in the position of power and that position has been enjoyed by men since time immemorial. Hence, power dressing is masculine in its foundation. It comprises of suits as it is basically workplace dressing. However, based on the concept of “dress to thrive”, power dressing is now evolving to be about more than just clothes. It’s your body language, posture, confidence, and even your hair. Even though power dressing focuses highly upon corporate culture, there are ways to incorporate it into our daily style, especially with winters right around the corner.

Strive on structure:

Tight silhouettes with broad jackets make you look more uptight, improving your body structure, and give you the needed curves, making the outfit provide you a sense of self-confidence and alertness.

Choose matte:

Power dressing is formal in its origin, hence, it fails when paired with bright textures. The entire point of power dressing is to look calm while emitting your authority. Therefore, matte textures in black, brown, blue, and burgundy go a long way.

A-line kurtas are A-plus:

A-line kurtas provide you the perfect tight structure you are longing for. Choose vertical patterns over horizontal ones to add height to your outfit. Stay away from anarkalis and patiala suits, and you will be good to go.

Credits: AJIO

Choose the right fabric:

Choose fabrics like cotton, silk, chanderi, etc, rather than fabrics like chiffon and georgette. The stiffer and tighter the fabric, more formal the attire will be.

Layering is the key: Any mundane t-shirt can be made edgy with just wearing an old shirt over it. Power dressing has great emphasis on layering as it’s the easiest way to add structure. Go for jackets, shrugs, and even t-shirt over t-shirt layering for a more concluded look.

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Power dressing may provide external strength, but always remember what really matters is how you feel in what you wear, so if a long t-shirt with shorts is your thing, wear it with confidence!

Feature Image Credits: Lavanya Topa

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