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5 things to do in the Post-Exam Break

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After almost a month of last minute cramming, pulling off all nighters (successfully or not) and running on endless caffeine, the post-exam break is now here. Here’s our compilation of the top 5 things to do in it:

1.  Watch Breaking Bad


You cannot miss this! Watch all the seasons of this amazing TV show called Breaking  Bad, if you haven’t yet. In case you are already done with it, download a TV show which you have been waiting to see all this while but were too lazy to download. Do complete AT LEAST one TV series. Other must-watch shows suggestions include Sherlock (the UK release date of season 3 has been announced as 1st January 2014), Suits, Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development. Even while you are reading this, keep the downloading tab open!

2. Read


Read everything written by  Gabriel Garcia Marquez and/or Amitav Ghosh. You are going to cherish reading their work and one day, you will be glad that someone gave you this piece of advice. Winter holidays are the best days to have some good reads since you can creep into your blanket with a cup of hot coffee beside you and have a great time while reading.

3. Go for  road trips


Road trips are fun. Push yourself inside a car with your buddies, keep the music volume high, break the 60km/h or the 80km/h speed limit and see how amazing life can get. This should not be done on busy roads of course. STAY SAFE.

4. Sleep


Among all the other things, do not forget that this is the only time when you do not have to wake up early for classes and it is going to last only for some days. So sleep as much as you want to. But, remember not to perpetuate yourself into a state of total inactivity.

5.  Experiment with your looks


Let those people who have been seeing you in the same look since like eternity heave a sigh of relief. New looks are usually given the best compliments. Even if you don’t do it for people, do it for yourself. Everybody needs changes. You too. Try while you can.

One last option? Hunt for an internship through our internship updatesWith these words, I hope you make your break worth having. Have a good one people! 

She is a science student who chose the discipline of literature. An avid writer who writes for self-satisfaction, an optimist who wants to be a successful novelist one day, a reflective person who seeks beauty in the depth of the words of poetry, a believer who believes in the magic of words and a reacher who wants to reach out to people through her pen and shake them out of their comfort zones. You will always find her either chilling out at LP in Hans Raj College or at your disposal at [email protected] .

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