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Five Things To Do This Vacation

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Winter vacation’s utility rests in sleeping in the bed the entire day? Maybe yes, but maybe there lies something before or beyond it. While some hone their skills and others delve into reflection, there are many who create an amazing blend of both. Here is a list of five things you need to do in order to spend a versatile vacation:

  1. Experiencing something new

    This seems to be the most clichéd of the things you would want to do in a vacation but holds true for every vacation. You might have certain ambitions and dreams before joining college that should have been fulfilled by now. You actual self is the one who should have achieved all those things. Be it a better social life or the want to have spiritual solitariness, a new musical instrument or a better intellect, vacation is indeed the time to work towards your actual self if it hasn’t been achieved.

  2. Preparing yourself for a new semester

    Think that your previous semester could have been better socially, academically, spiritually or philosophically? Then there is not a better time to prepare yourself but a vacation. You can be a better and efficient member of your respective society in college or perhaps be academically better at the background to every major topic to come in the coming semester’s syllabus. Preparation works in every realm.

  3. Experimenting

    The need to experiment with a lot of things comes right in the middle of a semester a lot of times. The need of that hour is to defer the gratification of experimenting then because hastiness may kill the utility of it. A vacation is the best time to drop scepticism about a lot of things and bring it for others. Experimentation is the name of the game. Trying something you’ve always dreaded or testing yourself at a venture would fulfil this aspect.

  4. Working on your fitness

    This area should mainly involve focusing on your fitness goals and if not fully, partially changing your current fitness levels. This could involve making your fitness levels plummet or to take them to another level. A change in fitness levels, ‘improving’ or ‘deteriorating’ them distinctively, generically speaking, is a marker of your perceived activity during a vacation.

  5. Bringing balance to life

    This could involve bringing consistency to what others call ‘an imbalanced life’ so that ultimately it appears to be balanced or afterall working towards the conventional sense of a balanced life.

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Sidharth Yadav
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Hits road cycling or gym when others party hard. A fitness freak with also interests in Politics, Literature and Philosophy, he is also an ardent traveller who defines travelling as a composition of heritage, language and markets and not just ‘food’ with has become a metonym for travelling nowadays. An English Honours student at Hindu College, he hates fiction but loves the subject because of its inter disciplinary nature.

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