As a fresher, you enter college with several expectations and dreams. Not to burst your bubble, but it is extremely important to get some reality checks early on, so that you don’t miss out on what really matters. Having said that, take cognizance of the following eventualities:

1. You may not make good friends on day one

You won’t necessarily gel well with someone on day one- you might even come back a little lonely. It is okay, every other student out there is lonely too. In your head, you might have already started comparing your college ‘acquaintance’ with school friends, looking for alternatives to replace them. Be prepared for heartbreaks and disappointments, as it takes a little while to create a meaningful bond.

2. Your freshers party may not be the best, and it’s okay

Your freshers party won’t be as perfect as you think, most probably. It is because there is only so much funds and freedom given to your seniors to organise your party. Furthermore, your expectations will most certainly differ from what they have in mind. Regardless of that, give them credit for all their efforts, and remember that one day your juniors will think the same for you. Click loads of pictures and pretend that the party was the best thing to happen to you, on Instagram.

3. Everyone else is as apprehensive and confused as you

We know you are cautious, nervous, confused and even judgmental of yourself right now. However, remember that every other fresher is probably feeling the same way! It is completely natural to feel this way in a new environment. One day, the same place which intimidates you, will feel like home and you’ll just laze around, comfortable with yourself.

4. Your branded clothes will not matter after a while

Buy as much as you want, for we love the shine in your eyes and confidence in your spirit that the clothes adorn you with. Having said that, this is a gentle reality check that you will be wearing your PJ’s to college henceforth.. The place becomes home, and you end up wearing all of those clothes you’d never thought would see the light of the day.

5. Taking a lead is always the best

Yes, life isn’t a race. You all are at college to learn together and help one another. However, don’t think that the first year is just a moment to relax. You have relatively lesser academic pressure, so take this time out to take the lead and boost yourself by beginning early. Relax all you want, explore, and have fun too! At the same time, start devoting time to constructive pursuits to get a head start in the corporate, fast-paced world.


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Khyati Sanger

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Dear Sex Amma,
I am a recent school graduate and a fresher in the literal sense to sexual experiences, and a very eager one at that! All my life I have been taught to associate sex with shame. I hear college is way more liberal than school, especially when it comes to this area of life and this makes me scared. Please Amma, help me. How do I go about this?

My luscious little lamb, you are only what, 17, 18 years old? Amma understands you completely and sympathises with your intimate innocence, which I see, our lovely conservative society has had a major role in protecting. To feel that sex is something foreign and shameful is not unusual; thanks to the way we let our children grow up, despite being the world’s second largest populated country.

Do remember, that these youthful years of yours are probably the best years where you can discover your body sensually and allow yourselves the pleasure  you might not be privy to in the future due to biological constraints.

College is liberal yes, but that also does not imply you should feel any pressure to be overtly sexual. Keep in mind my curious kitten, that sex is pleasurable and needs time to be discovered. Do not allow yourself to be shamed for wanting too much or too little sex. Find other non-judgmental ripe munchkins and talk to them about your sexuality. Don’t be embarrassed about being naive about sex. Remember, every cat was a kitten once, even Amma! Your confidence in yourself is the biggest threat to anyone aiming to bring you down by their judgement.

Be sure of yourself, and explore the venereal edens of sexual pleasure and fantasy at your own time. Amma surely didn’t shy away from it. Don’t forget to be safe and always carry an umbrella in this titillating weather. After all, it’s raining men, women or whoever you’re into!

Amma wishes you a safe and lucky semester ahead!

For a Fresher, the whole dilemma of entering into a new phase of life after coming to college is an intriguing one. But unfortunately, the whole process is not all rainbows and sunshine!

The phase just after school between bidding goodbye to one part of life and entering into another part in college is perhaps the most memorable one in everybody’s life. One is filled with gusto and fresh ideas for planning (or not) the new life. For the outstation students especially, the newness and freedom of it all is a whole level of euphoria. But in the midst of jungle of blooming hopes, flourishing sense of independence and sky high aims of adventure, there remain certain dark and murky areas with tangles and traps.

These dark and murky areas are the thoughts that at times cloud a student’s mind when he/she moves into a new life. The sunshine apparently doesn’t penetrate through the whole jungle.

On one end of the pole is the sadness of leaving the warmth of parent’s hugs and presence along with leaving the sweet comfort of a home and on the other hand is the happiness of getting to make a new and defined life for oneself where one needs to be one’s own parent. A dilemma is what one finds oneself in. Where one has the opportunity to make new friends and to know more people from all over the country, one also somehow loses out on the friends one might have had since childhood. Where in one place you are more than thrilled to become a part of the world, a sadness of leaving the town where you were the world of someone else, always remains.

Such thoughts are natural. Such thoughts are what make us human. But for a student just starting college, these thoughts can at times be hard to handle. The voices inside the head get too loud that they become almost incoherent. A lot of people I know who belong to states other than Delhi and are studying in DU found it very difficult to cope with the change in the initial stages.

As much as this phase appears to be an exciting land with all sorts of new and unknown things, with open doors and arms waiting to embrace you, it is just as much a confusing knot of tangles where you might find yourself tripping on trivial things or even, trapped.

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Akshada Shrotryia

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College is going to be my second home for the next three years, here’s what these 3 months have been like.

I don’t miss school much; especially not 11th and 12th standards but I do miss my school friends. Working day and night to get into a good Delhi University college has finally paid off and it was all worth it.

When I first entered college, I was told not to call my seniors bhaiya or didi, not that it lessens respect for them in my eyes but it breaks a wall of senior-junior and you be more open with them. Your seniors are the pillars for surviving these three years because they are always ready with advice for every situation and for every teacher’s class.

The shift is sudden but you settle gradually. The whole realization takes time to seep in. The number of times you introduce yourself is never-ending and probably won’t end till the next three years and there is no end to kinships – class, department, society, other departments, other colleges – you never know where you may find alike people.

It takes a month or two to find your place in the class and in your group but once that is done; you are as comfortable with these people as you are with your school pals. You share stories and laugh which bond you together. Classes getting cancelled can lead to meaningful conversations or likes, dislikes, opinions and matters of importance. Mass bunks strengthen our unity. College societies become a second home.

I believe girls colleges empower their girls in a way co-ed colleges don’t. Girls have to handle everything on their own without any monopoly like the stage, lights, elections, events or fests.

After the little that I have studied of literature out of the lot, I have realized that women have been oppressed in the name of patriarchy from the beginning of literature and victim-blaming is rampant in all classical texts

Myths busted in the very first month of college that teachers don’t teach and nobody comes to college. My teachers facilitate us with a lot of dedication. College classrooms unlike school give us much more freedom to put forth our point of view and argue with fellow students as well as teachers, such mind-boggling ideas can emerge from such debates.

College is a place where you change as a person and evolve. It hopefully prepares us to deal with the outside world and tread on the path of success while also having fun.


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Prachi Mehra

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With Fresher’s season in full swing, and coveted titles of ‘Best Dressed’ up for grabs, a few tips wouldn’t hurt right? For starters, it is important to note that it’s a college fresher’s party and not a wedding. Overdressing will kill the mood. On the contrary, long before you know it, you’ll be a senior scourging for throwback fresher’s party pictures, so you might as well put in a little effort. Also, try not to spend too much money on your outfit, because with college life come a host of events you’ll want to dress up for. Invest in a wearable outfit rather than something you’ll wear only once. Wearing an old outfit wouldn’t hurt and the DIY route is always commendable. If you’re still confused and sticking to the theme is a little trickier than what you’d envisioned, here are a few looks to draw inspiration from:

The ‘Friends’ Look.
 With slip dresses making a comeback in runways and blog posts the world over, they surely make a statement while also appearing breezy and comfortable. To take it up a notch, layering one over a plain t-shirt like Phoebe and Rachel do on ‘Friends’ is a good idea.

Image Credits: dailymail.co.uk

Karishma’s look in Zubeida.
The ‘Bollywood’ theme is a recurring one each year, and for those daring to make a statement in a sari, Karishma Kapoor’s innumerable ethnic looks in the movie Zubeida can be an inspiration. Opt for a light sari with a matching blouse in a pastel hue, and take it light on the accessories. Don a youthful look this time around, as you always have your farewell to look more ‘mature’!

Image Credits: www.lautanindonesia.com
Image Credits: lautanindonesia.com

Woodstock, Coachella and Glastonbury vibes.

Look at music festival outfits for a fun and vibrant look. Off-shoulder dresses, with over the top jewellery and gladiator sandals never fail to make a statement.

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Accessorise the right way.
Most outfits scream for accessories, and a good option this time would be trendy headgear. Say, a turban or a chunky headpiece! YouTube has millions of tutorials on wearing turbans and bandanas. Check them out if taking the headgear route is your thing.

Image Credits: thescottishsun.co.uk

These tips are only for inspiration, so as to come up with something of your own. You wouldn’t want to let go of your comfort zone, trying to ape someone else!

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Swareena Gurung.
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The new session is right around the corner. Several DU aspirants are waiting to see what their much-awaited college life will be like.
College will definitely bring changes in your life and though the expectations are humongous, to save yourself from disappointment here is a list of things freshers should NOT expect in their first year of college.

#1 – Weekend parties
Oh yes, this is something we all look forward to and there will be weekends where you would be swarmed with parties but there will also be weekends when you will wonder how you are still alive despite the boredom.
On the bright side, this period gives you the strength to stand yourself on those lonesome nights of despair.


#2 – Boring teachers
If you think your teachers are going to be a bunch of boring old professors then you are majorly wrong. Delhi University has a variety of professors and I don’t mean to sound like a geek but some of them will blow your mind with the kind of things they have to teach and the personal efforts they put in every student’s learning. So, yes, be ready for some really cool teachers that might just teach you a thing or two about life.
At the same time, be ready for those boring old professors too.boring teachers

#3 – Minimal Studying
Well this one is half true because you will spend more than half of your semester ignoring the books and exploring everything that the campus has to offer but you will regret this as soon as the semester exams approach and you are left fumbling about in the middle of the night with a bunch of incoherent notes and half finished assignments.
You can always save yourself the trouble, though, and pay a little attention in class. minimal studying

#4 – Love
Oh yes, this one is a myth all right. Let’s just accept we are no Rani Mukerji and there is no SRK waiting for us to fall in love. Some of the lucky ones might find the right ones but more often than not you will just find a couple of awkward creepy moments and remain single all throughout your college life.
The good news is, all the best people in this world are content single ones. love

#5 – No early morning classes
Remember in school when you thought ‘hey, let’s just wait for college; we won’t have to get up early anymore’? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. There will be early morning classes and you would have to drag yourself to them (after you are lagging behind in attendance). So it is better to give up hope right now.

late classes

However don’t let all this bring you down, college life is a process of change and we hope yours is a pleasant one!

All the best freshers!

Isheeta Sharma
[email protected]