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What These 3 Months as a Fresher Have Been Like

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College is going to be my second home for the next three years, here’s what these 3 months have been like.

I don’t miss school much; especially not 11th and 12th standards but I do miss my school friends. Working day and night to get into a good Delhi University college has finally paid off and it was all worth it.

When I first entered college, I was told not to call my seniors bhaiya or didi, not that it lessens respect for them in my eyes but it breaks a wall of senior-junior and you be more open with them. Your seniors are the pillars for surviving these three years because they are always ready with advice for every situation and for every teacher’s class.

The shift is sudden but you settle gradually. The whole realization takes time to seep in. The number of times you introduce yourself is never-ending and probably won’t end till the next three years and there is no end to kinships – class, department, society, other departments, other colleges – you never know where you may find alike people.

It takes a month or two to find your place in the class and in your group but once that is done; you are as comfortable with these people as you are with your school pals. You share stories and laugh which bond you together. Classes getting cancelled can lead to meaningful conversations or likes, dislikes, opinions and matters of importance. Mass bunks strengthen our unity. College societies become a second home.

I believe girls colleges empower their girls in a way co-ed colleges don’t. Girls have to handle everything on their own without any monopoly like the stage, lights, elections, events or fests.

After the little that I have studied of literature out of the lot, I have realized that women have been oppressed in the name of patriarchy from the beginning of literature and victim-blaming is rampant in all classical texts

Myths busted in the very first month of college that teachers don’t teach and nobody comes to college. My teachers facilitate us with a lot of dedication. College classrooms unlike school give us much more freedom to put forth our point of view and argue with fellow students as well as teachers, such mind-boggling ideas can emerge from such debates.

College is a place where you change as a person and evolve. It hopefully prepares us to deal with the outside world and tread on the path of success while also having fun.


Feature Image Credits: DU Beat


Prachi Mehra

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