This Fresher’s Season, Look Your Best!

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With Fresher’s season in full swing, and coveted titles of ‘Best Dressed’ up for grabs, a few tips wouldn’t hurt right? For starters, it is important to note that it’s a college fresher’s party and not a wedding. Overdressing will kill the mood. On the contrary, long before you know it, you’ll be a senior scourging for throwback fresher’s party pictures, so you might as well put in a little effort. Also, try not to spend too much money on your outfit, because with college life come a host of events you’ll want to dress up for. Invest in a wearable outfit rather than something you’ll wear only once. Wearing an old outfit wouldn’t hurt and the DIY route is always commendable. If you’re still confused and sticking to the theme is a little trickier than what you’d envisioned, here are a few looks to draw inspiration from:

The ‘Friends’ Look.
 With slip dresses making a comeback in runways and blog posts the world over, they surely make a statement while also appearing breezy and comfortable. To take it up a notch, layering one over a plain t-shirt like Phoebe and Rachel do on ‘Friends’ is a good idea.

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Karishma’s look in Zubeida.
The ‘Bollywood’ theme is a recurring one each year, and for those daring to make a statement in a sari, Karishma Kapoor’s innumerable ethnic looks in the movie Zubeida can be an inspiration. Opt for a light sari with a matching blouse in a pastel hue, and take it light on the accessories. Don a youthful look this time around, as you always have your farewell to look more ‘mature’!

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Woodstock, Coachella and Glastonbury vibes.

Look at music festival outfits for a fun and vibrant look. Off-shoulder dresses, with over the top jewellery and gladiator sandals never fail to make a statement.

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Accessorise the right way.
Most outfits scream for accessories, and a good option this time would be trendy headgear. Say, a turban or a chunky headpiece! YouTube has millions of tutorials on wearing turbans and bandanas. Check them out if taking the headgear route is your thing.

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These tips are only for inspiration, so as to come up with something of your own. You wouldn’t want to let go of your comfort zone, trying to ape someone else!

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