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The Dilemma of a Fresher

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For a Fresher, the whole dilemma of entering into a new phase of life after coming to college is an intriguing one. But unfortunately, the whole process is not all rainbows and sunshine!

The phase just after school between bidding goodbye to one part of life and entering into another part in college is perhaps the most memorable one in everybody’s life. One is filled with gusto and fresh ideas for planning (or not) the new life. For the outstation students especially, the newness and freedom of it all is a whole level of euphoria. But in the midst of jungle of blooming hopes, flourishing sense of independence and sky high aims of adventure, there remain certain dark and murky areas with tangles and traps.

These dark and murky areas are the thoughts that at times cloud a student’s mind when he/she moves into a new life. The sunshine apparently doesn’t penetrate through the whole jungle.

On one end of the pole is the sadness of leaving the warmth of parent’s hugs and presence along with leaving the sweet comfort of a home and on the other hand is the happiness of getting to make a new and defined life for oneself where one needs to be one’s own parent. A dilemma is what one finds oneself in. Where one has the opportunity to make new friends and to know more people from all over the country, one also somehow loses out on the friends one might have had since childhood. Where in one place you are more than thrilled to become a part of the world, a sadness of leaving the town where you were the world of someone else, always remains.

Such thoughts are natural. Such thoughts are what make us human. But for a student just starting college, these thoughts can at times be hard to handle. The voices inside the head get too loud that they become almost incoherent. A lot of people I know who belong to states other than Delhi and are studying in DU found it very difficult to cope with the change in the initial stages.

As much as this phase appears to be an exciting land with all sorts of new and unknown things, with open doors and arms waiting to embrace you, it is just as much a confusing knot of tangles where you might find yourself tripping on trivial things or even, trapped.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Akshada Shrotryia

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