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Reality Checks for a DU Fresher

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As a fresher, you enter college with several expectations and dreams. Not to burst your bubble, but it is extremely important to get some reality checks early on, so that you don’t miss out on what really matters. Having said that, take cognizance of the following eventualities:

1. You may not make good friends on day one

You won’t necessarily gel well with someone on day one- you might even come back a little lonely. It is okay, every other student out there is lonely too. In your head, you might have already started comparing your college ‘acquaintance’ with school friends, looking for alternatives to replace them. Be prepared for heartbreaks and disappointments, as it takes a little while to create a meaningful bond.

2. Your freshers party may not be the best, and it’s okay

Your freshers party won’t be as perfect as you think, most probably. It is because there is only so much funds and freedom given to your seniors to organise your party. Furthermore, your expectations will most certainly differ from what they have in mind. Regardless of that, give them credit for all their efforts, and remember that one day your juniors will think the same for you. Click loads of pictures and pretend that the party was the best thing to happen to you, on Instagram.

3. Everyone else is as apprehensive and confused as you

We know you are cautious, nervous, confused and even judgmental of yourself right now. However, remember that every other fresher is probably feeling the same way! It is completely natural to feel this way in a new environment. One day, the same place which intimidates you, will feel like home and you’ll just laze around, comfortable with yourself.

4. Your branded clothes will not matter after a while

Buy as much as you want, for we love the shine in your eyes and confidence in your spirit that the clothes adorn you with. Having said that, this is a gentle reality check that you will be wearing your PJ’s to college henceforth.. The place becomes home, and you end up wearing all of those clothes you’d never thought would see the light of the day.

5. Taking a lead is always the best

Yes, life isn’t a race. You all are at college to learn together and help one another. However, don’t think that the first year is just a moment to relax. You have relatively lesser academic pressure, so take this time out to take the lead and boost yourself by beginning early. Relax all you want, explore, and have fun too! At the same time, start devoting time to constructive pursuits to get a head start in the corporate, fast-paced world.


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