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DU Beat brings to you, this week, an interview with Apurvi Chandela, an International-level Indian shooter who competes in the 10 metre air rifle event. Chandela is an alumnus of Jesus and Mary College. She won the gold medal in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and is currently gearing up for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  We bring to you an exclusive tete-a-tete with this young youth icon who answers various questions relating to her personal and professional life.

When did you start shooting?

I started shooting in October 2008. I started shooting after Abhinav Bindra won his medal at the 2008 Olympics. That’s how I got inspired to take up shooting.


 What is a typical day for you like?
It includes 6 hours of training with meditation, running, exercising and swimming.I spend most of my time with my dogs if I’m not shooting. I also like to read.
As a student, how did you manage between your sport and studies? Do you think you got to experience college life as a regular student?
No, I hardly went to college. All my time was dedicated to shooting. But I did make good friends in the few days that I did go to college. I have no regrets, as it was important for me to focus on my game at that time.


Where do you draw inspiration and support from?

I look upto Abhinav Bindra, Gagan Narang, Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer and Michael Phelps.

What advice would you give to youngsters looking at making sports a career choice? Do they have anything to be varying of?
Sports is a good field to take up. It helps in all-round development. It keeps you going at all times. It’s important to put in all your effort and do what it takes to reach your goal.

What’s been the best moment of your journey as an international level shooter?
It would be when I won the Common Wealth games gold and the fact that 13 of my family members had come to support me in Glasgow. Also, at that time the Indian national anthem that was playing with the tricolor going up. That has to be the best moment.


How do you deal with lows inherent with being a sportsperson? How do you make sure you come back stronger after every loss?
Highs and lows are a part of every sportsperson’s journey I believe and there is always something that I learn from a bad match. The step back after a loss itself gives me the drive to push harder and stronger and take a leap in the next match. Passion for the sport is extremely important and the pride of winning for the country.
What’s your next goal and how do you plan on achieving it?
I’m taking one match at a time. I have the Asian Air-Gun Championship coming up, so I’m training for that at the moment and I’m trying to gain as much experience and confidence I can from the upcoming matches, which will help me in my preparations for the Olympics.


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‘Tis the season of farewells in the University of Delhi where every other day you will catch a glimpse of men and women (yes, it is not boys and girls any more) dressed their best making way to their colleges for that one last official time.

Amidst the sorrow of the seniors and the excitement of the juniors there are several things that are said and done at a farewell party. To make life easier for you, here are five things one should definitely avoid during a farewell.

“So, what are your plans after this?”

Here I am at my farewell minding my own business trying not to think of the future and then someone comes along and asks me this question, I honestly want to just strangle them. No one ever knows what their plans are after college. College was my initial plan; I never got around to thinking I would pass it in the first place. For juniors, you do not want to ask this because karma will bite you back next year and for seniors who know what the “plan” is, you do not want to ask this because a hopeless graduate can be lethal.

“I am not drunk”

It is absolutely important to not be that drunken guy at your college farewell. Trust me after three years that is not the image you want to leave behind. Plus with all the emotional juices already overflowing in your body arriving drunk is probably not the best choice.
The after party, however, is a different occasion altogether.

Excruciatingly long speeches

You did not just win an Oscar, you do not need a ten minute long speech. Don’t make it your job to comment on every single student of your class just because you have the liberty to. It’s always better to keep farewell speeches short and sweet because there are people waiting to move on with their lives.

Holding back those tears

Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…sorry for the Frozen reference but this is the one time in college life when you can cry your guts out and nobody will judge you, in fact you probably might get some “awws” and hugs so go ahead, let the waterworks flow. You know life is going to be all downhill from here so just do not hold those tears back.

Hold on to grudges

People, whatever happened in the three years of college, it’s time to put it in the past. Go hug out the differences and by that I don’t mean make all your enemies your best friends but you probably won’t see them again so smile it out and let bygones be bygones. Ten years down the line you know you will be laughing over this so why not start now?

These guidelines will make sure you have a healthy farewell but most importantly, enjoy every bit of these last few hours.

Happy farewell to all the to-be graduates!


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The Bard of Blood is written by Bilal Siddqui, a 20 year old student (yes, let that sink in) of Mass Media at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. This book is not just his first novel, but also a great attempt at a thriller that will keep you interested all throughout.

The story begins in Balochistan, in the year 2014, with four Indian spies being captured by Mullah Omar- leader of one of the deadliest terrorist clans of Pakistan. On the verge of their beheading, Omar is stopped by another force to reckon with – the ISI, who seem to have a better and more cruel plan to get even with the Indians. With this begins a fast tale of bravery, adrenaline rush and sacrifices which are definitely the three main components of a brilliant story.

The book revolves around Kabir Anand, an ex-RAW agent who had to forcefully leave the organisation after a disastrous mission in Balochistan in 2006, and who was forcefully brought back to carry out another mission in Balochistan. This is his time to avenge not just his defamation, but also the death of his mentor and father figure – Sadiq Sheikh. Despite a number of characters and several location changes (New Delhi to Balochistan to Mumbai to Ahmedabad) the book moves with a fast speed and smooth understanding.

The book, researched with the assistance of US and Indian intelligence agents and war correspondents, and written under the guidance of crime writer S. Hussain Zaidi, takes us deep in the roots of terrorism and what it implies for different sections of this world; how some take it up as a religious agenda, some are driven by the force of revenge and others for the lust of money. As the story evolves, we witness a mix of thrill with a tinge of romance and of course – death, all in a Shakespearean style that is hard to miss.

The events take you on a ride of planning, attacks and counter-attacks as Kabir Anand fights life, death and friendships in a journey faster than time itself, all for the eventual desire to save his country. The book is well researched and written in a way that combines fact and fiction together to create a story worth reading.

Picture Credits: Penguin India


With yet another academic session coming to an end at the University of Delhi, it is time to let nostalgia get you over and look back at the year that has gone by, before all of us get busy with semester examination preparation and some of us eventually leave to charter their career paths. Going by the thought, DU Beat brings to you its exclusive series ‘Colleges’ Round Up (2014-15), where we present the highlighting incidents of numerous DU colleges that took place over 2014 and 2015.     So, go with the flow and view all what activities highlighted the near to end session at Hindu College, in this week’s edition.

From being listed as one of the most trusted education institution in India to witnessing action on discontinuation of ECA admissions and suspension of college professors on charges of ‘indiscipline’, Hindu College, University of Delhi has had quite an eventful year. Here’s an overview of all what happened at Hindu College, this session: Isheeta Sharma ([email protected]) for DU Beat.  ]]>

Delhi University adds another feat to its name as the Geography Department of the University sets up its own weather station at their head office in the Delhi School of Economics. Utilising the prize money the department had won at Antardhwani, DU’s cultural festival last year for “good practices”, they have set up the station on the rooftop of their department and set up a monitor in their laboratory, finding the weather data provided by the government insufficient to cover the city’s “microclimate”.

“Better the data, better the information”, said Dr. R.B Singh, Head of the Geography Department, Delhi University. He said, “The Indian Meteorological Department has been drawing its data from just the two stations of Palam and Safdarjung. In a city like Delhi the climate is influenced by mountains on one side and dry areas on the other side so more stations will help us give better and continuous results about the temperature, rainfall, humidity, pressure and wind speed. Also, the government stations give us an average data while we wish to provide daily data.” The government data is usually provided for the understanding of the general public and is, hence, abridged data which does not provide as much information as it can or should.

The department will provide the weather updates every two months and the researchers at the stations, who are also members of the department, will take down hourly data. Talking about the possibility of having these weather stations in different colleges Dr. R.B Singh said, “I have been in talks with my colleagues from different colleges and it is important to stress the fact that these weather stations are not as expensive as they used to be and if everyone agrees then, of course, it is possible to have them in other colleges and provide an even better result.”

Image credits- Delhi University website


A fairly recent eating joint at the much sought after Hudson Lane in North Campus is ‘Mood Swingers’. The café can be easily located as you enter the lane from Patel Chest, situated right adjacent to the NDPL office.

The name ‘Mood Swingers’ doesn’t convey the story behind this idea but you would be surprised (or not) to find that the real reason behind the name are the chairs, which are hung up as swings. You would definitely be delighted by the décor of the place which is highlighted through bright colors, red sofas, Bollywood movie posters and film strips on the walls.

The food is not very different from that of all the other cafés that Hudson Lane offers; the menu consists of the same old burgers, pastas and pizzas as the main attraction. In a hub like Hudson Lane, where new cafés are always a charming addition, Mood Swingers does live up to the charm.

Mood Swingers
Mood Swingers

The quantity of the food is plentiful and fills you up quite well by the time you are done with your meal. The quality of the food also lives up to your expectations, most of the time. The chicken burgers, especially, the Chicken Texas Rodeo Burger have a soft patty while the slightly different additions to the menu like the Chicken Espetada and the Falafel Platter also complement their fancy names. For vegetarians, too, there isn’t less of a choice and the health freaks will find salads as a refreshing delight.

Something that might disappoint you is the beverage and drinks’ menu. The shakes are extremely mediocre and even something as simple as a Green Tea feels odd. However, Mood Swingers gets the benefit of our doubt on account of being a new setup and we recommend it for some of its deliciously cooked dishes, and for assembling these dishes in a pocket – friendly budget.

Image Credits: Mood Swingers’ Facebook Page

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Downton Abbey, a drama series set in the 20th century revolving around the life of the Crawley family and their servants, is soon to hit Indian televisions on 23rd January 2015 on Star World. If you have been one of the many intrigued by the advertisements, here are 5 reasons from one follower to another to-be-follower on why you should watch Downton Abbey.


Historical significance

No, history doesn’t always need to be boring and that is proved by Downton Abbey. Here is a show where almost every episode has a historical backdrop. Marxism, spread of electricity and technology, women’s rights – you name it and the show has it. The first episode begins in the backdrop of the sinking of Titanic– need I say more?


The real set

When you watch the show you might find yourself in awe of Downton Abbey – The Crawley house. Here is an interesting fact to increase that moment of awe: all the shots in and around the house have been shot at an actual house, and not a set. The real house is Highclere Castle, estate of Earl of Carnarvon.


The discipline

Discipline is the most sought after and the least found quality in a student’s life. The discipline of all the characters on Downton Abbey and the way they have been built with every character having a story of their own will keep you wanting more. The orderliness of the characters might just inspire some order in yours.


British accent

Who doesn’t love a good Brit accent? The pronunciation and sophistication will have you swooning. I bet you will love the way they say simple words like “Papa” and “Mama”.


The ladies

The 20th Century might be a male dominated century but in Downton Abbey the ladies win the show. They have power, vision, compassion, hatred, practicality and emotions mixed all together. Cora, Lady Mary, Edith and Sybil, Isobel Crawley, Anna and other maid servants won’t disappoint you and the cherry on top in two words – Maggie Smith.

Barack Hussein Obama, current President of the United States is all set to pack his bags and visit India on our 66th Republic Day as a Chief Guest invited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Though his itinerary would be managed by his close and trusted but we take the liberty of making a wish-itinerary of places we wish Obama visits.

Hanuman Mandir

No we are not into religious fanaticism but it has been said and heard that Obama carries a mini idol of Lord Hanuman wherever he goes as a lucky charm. In that case we strongly believe that he should visit the majestic looking Hanuman Temple at Jhandewalan and if possible for the special aarti on Tuesday evening.

Delhi War Cemetery

The Delhi War Cemetery sounds like the peaceful place where Obama will earn millions in respect if he pays homage to heroes who lived to die. The cemetery also contains graves of soldiers from the First and the Second World War, the history and war stories of which might just interest him.

Rajiv Chowk Metro and Connaught Place

While we want Obama to visit all the historical and spiritual places we also want him to go to the more upbeat places like C.P. Ignoring the Starbucks and Burger King, he can have a drink from Keventors or a nice dinner at Parikrama – the revolving restaurant. While he is at it though, we wouldn’t mind him travelling or at least taking a sneak peek of Rajiv Chowk metro station during its peak timings.

Old Delhi

No matter how overrated it might be these days, Old Delhi is a must visit when travelling to Delhi. Right from paranthe wali gali to Red Fort, it’s worth a look.

India Gate

Though he would be visiting India Gate for the Republic Day parade we would like Obama to have a nice relaxing picnic at India Gate followed by a late evening ice cream or ‘chuski’. It’s no less than Central Park, after all.

Sarojini Nagar Market

Just because he is the President of the United States with a stylish outlook and personality, this does not mean he can’t use some thrift shopping once in a while. I bet Michelle Obama would love it. This can be followed by lunch at Dilli Haat, probably.

Delhi University Campus

Why not? A little heart to heart with the youth of the country will be appreciated by Obama. So would be the chai and cream rolls.

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How I Met Your Mother came and touched our hearts. We laughed at all of Barney Stinson’s rather sexist jokes, aww-ed Lily and Marshal’s moments of love, admired Robin for all that she was and cried every time Ted Mosby was the ‘dumpee’ or the’ dumper’ whispering to ourselves that it is all going to be fine, the mother hasn’t been introduced yet.

We stayed up waiting and anticipating who the mother would be for so long that she ceased to be the perfect woman for Ted and turned into this perfect woman for all of us. Forget about the mother being liked by Ted and his gang, she now needed our approval.

Hence, it wasn’t very surprising when there was an outrage among fans with the way HIMYM came to an end. Robin and Barney’s marriage ends? The mother dies? Ted goes back to Robin? Umm, cliché much?
HIMYM basically gave us what we were rooting for since the beginning and which we let go finally after seasons, accepting fate.

If this wasn’t enough, the creators came up with an alternate ending which was leaked and then removed before anyone could actually see it but as the rumour goes, the alternate end does not bring back Robin and Ted, has a different voiceover by Ted and ends with Ted meeting the mother at the railway station. If this was an attempt by the creators to pacify the fans then they did not do a very good job.

Here’s one thing that all HIMYM fans were looking for, or at least I was – why Tracy? What was so special about the mother? The development of Ted and the mother as a couple, small glimpses of the mother in the initial ending with the major focus on Robin and a short conversation at a railway station does not suffice this.

We still don’t know how what Ted and the mother have is so amazing that all the other times he has been in “love” fades away and she becomes the mother.

Although the ending disappoints us feeding us the boring old love fable of ‘opposites attract’ and ‘first love is last love’ the show has entertained us for nine seasons and for that fact alone we accept it the way it comes with open arms, and maybe a little slap.

Invigilators are probably the most important part of our exams. Sitting in a closed room with others of our kin waiting for our impending doom invigilators are probably our only source of sanity (or insanity) in those three hours.

Here are five types of invigilators we might love or hate but just can’t ignore (not that we have an option).

The watchful protector

You are writing your exam, probably the toughest one by far, you look up from your answer sheet to gulp in a moment of relief and you don’t see the usual face in the front of the room. Where is the invigilator? Is h/she not in the room? Does this mean an opportunity to cheat?
In that ecstatic moment you turn around to see if anyone else has noticed the missing invigilator and…yup. There he is. At the very end of the classroom waiting for someone to make that one wrong move. Like Batman.

The talkative one

The last five minutes of the exam are the most crucial ones. No matter how much you write in those three hours, you will remember the most important stuff only in those last five minutes. They are a mix of cramming words here and there and trying to make sense out of them. If you are unlucky though you will face that one invigilator who decides to make all important announcements in those five minutes and constantly remind you that there are only five minutes left. Now four…three…two…and that’s how it goes.

The sarcastic one

This one is probably the most typical DU professor. H/She knows nobody has studied for the exam and constantly reminds you of this fact by some very unsubtle sarcastic remarks like –
Kya hua? Aadhi sheet se zyaada nahi likh rahe?
Sone aao ho yahan? So jao, so jao…we don’t have an issue”

Um, why did you wake me up then?

The curious ones

They are probably the most annoying kind. The ones who will stand on your shoulder and read every word you write so more than thinking about what you write you are worrying about what the teacher is thinking about what you write.
Worst part, they don’t even help out.

The sleepy ones

They don’t care. They probably hate you for this stupid invigilation. So they walk in, do their basic duty and sleep. Sometimes, literally.


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