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Food Review: Mood Swingers

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A fairly recent eating joint at the much sought after Hudson Lane in North Campus is ‘Mood Swingers’. The café can be easily located as you enter the lane from Patel Chest, situated right adjacent to the NDPL office.

The name ‘Mood Swingers’ doesn’t convey the story behind this idea but you would be surprised (or not) to find that the real reason behind the name are the chairs, which are hung up as swings. You would definitely be delighted by the décor of the place which is highlighted through bright colors, red sofas, Bollywood movie posters and film strips on the walls.

The food is not very different from that of all the other cafés that Hudson Lane offers; the menu consists of the same old burgers, pastas and pizzas as the main attraction. In a hub like Hudson Lane, where new cafés are always a charming addition, Mood Swingers does live up to the charm.

Mood Swingers
Mood Swingers

The quantity of the food is plentiful and fills you up quite well by the time you are done with your meal. The quality of the food also lives up to your expectations, most of the time. The chicken burgers, especially, the Chicken Texas Rodeo Burger have a soft patty while the slightly different additions to the menu like the Chicken Espetada and the Falafel Platter also complement their fancy names. For vegetarians, too, there isn’t less of a choice and the health freaks will find salads as a refreshing delight.

Something that might disappoint you is the beverage and drinks’ menu. The shakes are extremely mediocre and even something as simple as a Green Tea feels odd. However, Mood Swingers gets the benefit of our doubt on account of being a new setup and we recommend it for some of its deliciously cooked dishes, and for assembling these dishes in a pocket – friendly budget.

Image Credits: Mood Swingers’ Facebook Page

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