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5 things NOT to do on a farewell!

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‘Tis the season of farewells in the University of Delhi where every other day you will catch a glimpse of men and women (yes, it is not boys and girls any more) dressed their best making way to their colleges for that one last official time.

Amidst the sorrow of the seniors and the excitement of the juniors there are several things that are said and done at a farewell party. To make life easier for you, here are five things one should definitely avoid during a farewell.

“So, what are your plans after this?”

Here I am at my farewell minding my own business trying not to think of the future and then someone comes along and asks me this question, I honestly want to just strangle them. No one ever knows what their plans are after college. College was my initial plan; I never got around to thinking I would pass it in the first place. For juniors, you do not want to ask this because karma will bite you back next year and for seniors who know what the “plan” is, you do not want to ask this because a hopeless graduate can be lethal.

“I am not drunk”

It is absolutely important to not be that drunken guy at your college farewell. Trust me after three years that is not the image you want to leave behind. Plus with all the emotional juices already overflowing in your body arriving drunk is probably not the best choice.
The after party, however, is a different occasion altogether.

Excruciatingly long speeches

You did not just win an Oscar, you do not need a ten minute long speech. Don’t make it your job to comment on every single student of your class just because you have the liberty to. It’s always better to keep farewell speeches short and sweet because there are people waiting to move on with their lives.

Holding back those tears

Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…sorry for the Frozen reference but this is the one time in college life when you can cry your guts out and nobody will judge you, in fact you probably might get some “awws” and hugs so go ahead, let the waterworks flow. You know life is going to be all downhill from here so just do not hold those tears back.

Hold on to grudges

People, whatever happened in the three years of college, it’s time to put it in the past. Go hug out the differences and by that I don’t mean make all your enemies your best friends but you probably won’t see them again so smile it out and let bygones be bygones. Ten years down the line you know you will be laughing over this so why not start now?

These guidelines will make sure you have a healthy farewell but most importantly, enjoy every bit of these last few hours.

Happy farewell to all the to-be graduates!


Isheeta Sharma

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Isheeta is a hardcore writer and reader with an undying love for travelling. Her dream is to travel the world and write something about each part of the world in a way which has never been written before and for that she is aiming towards becoming a travel journalist. A student of history from Hindu College, she loves her college and her subject (well, parts of it). Romanticizing everything about this world in the head is her biggest weakness.

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