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We have dedicated a whole lot of time and energy welcoming all the new students to college. However, let’s not forget the seniors who are usually the victims of all the ‘fresher enthusiasm’. Here’s a list of five annoying types of freshers.

The impeccably overdressed

While the seniors will be seen dragging themselves to classes in their pajamas with mismatched slippers and hair in an untidy knot, these fresh faces will walk in so perfectly dressed that they end up being annoying. I mean, how do you even get the time to match your clothes AND your nail paint colour?



The Facebook stalker

Yes, I met you. Yes, we share greetings. Yes, I accepted your friend request but that DOES NOT mean we are the new college BFFs! So you do not need to like my updates that you have absolutely no idea about, or ask me to like your updates that I have no idea about and you definitely don’t need to add me to groups like “You are not part of my heart, you are a heart of my part”.
What does that even mean?police


The ‘can you please give me your notes’ type
DU seniors are all about helping the fucchas…well, mostly, and we will help you out wherever we can but can you please stop reminding of the notes I forgot to get for you every time you see me? First, other things are going on in my life. Getting to college is a pain in itself let alone getting a bunch load of notes. Second, getting my notes will not help you pass; chances are you won’t even understand half of it.


The cool cats
These ones are cool. So cool the first question they will ask you would be the location of a nearby theka.
I know times have changed and we have grown old but, honey, this is not how college works. Live the sober fun first.


The lingerer

So this one comes to your group as an acquaintance, greets everyone, has a short conversation and then does not leave! Not that they contribute to the next conversation or anything, they just stand there…just there. Usually the loners who haven’t been able to connect with their fellow freshers; their existence lingers around the seniors.



Not all the freshers need to be in this list. Some of you are actually pretty fun and your seniors love you. If you are on this list, however, then…umm, awkward.

It was a dark time for all of us to give our 12th board exams. The long looming nights filled with dread about the future. Many students passed with flying colors, but few of us were aiming for the entire rainbow.
We caught up with the man of the hour Sarthak Agrawal one week through his new student life in Delhi University.
For those who don’t know who we are talking about, Sarthak was a student of DPS, Vasant Kunj who became an All India CBSE topper for 2014 with a whooping score of 99.6%.
Here is how our conversation with him went.

Isheeta: How has your first couple of days in DU been so far?
Well, it’s been a week and so far it has been good. Everything looks very interesting and SRCC, of course, is one of the best and also my dream college so it is good fun.

Isheeta: Your scores in the Board exams got a lot of media attention and also sparked a few trolls on Facebook! What was your take on it?
Well, I really found the trolls interesting and funny. I am always up for a good laugh so it didn’t really bother me. Also, I don’t see the harm in other people laughing at my expense.

Isheeta: What are your major expectations and dreams related to college life?
Other than scoring well there are quite a few areas in life that I haven’t ventured into for which college provides me opportunities. I am researching about college societies to see where I would fit best, though I am really hoping I can be a part of the debating society or Enactus.

Isheeta: You’re a pretty well known person in your batch, thanks to the media! What are some of the general reactions you got while introducing yourself to your peers?
(laughs) Well, I didn’t actually have to be introduced because everybody sort of knew me and while I did enjoy that I also found it a little weird that I have so much attention since almost everyone in SRCC is here because of their sky high marks so it is not just me.

Isheeta: Most of us know that you are, of course, very focused when it comes to academics. What activities do you take up to unwind in your free time?
I like to sketch, I did a short term course on it and since then I have loved it. I also like my music and sing whenever I feel good, though I am not very good at it. Sports is another thing, of course, I really like cricket and table tennis.

Isheeta: Any advice for SRCC aspirants studying in class 12th right now?
Well, I am not very sure what to say but students should just remain focused and keep working hard, it will be difficult in the beginning but as you go along you will find it gets easy so just don’t give up.

View CIC Admission Guidelines for 2015 here: 

The Delhi University Cluster Innovation Centre is one of the attempts made by the university towards innovative methods of learning through research and development. The admission process for undergraduate courses in CIC begins from 26th of July 2014 when the online admission forms for entrance tests would be made available or the offline forms can be enquired about from the office at the University Stadium, North Campus.

Students who wish to apply must be already enrolled as student in any of the colleges or School of Open Learning (SOL) or Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) undergraduate programme of study in the University of Delhi.

Last date for submission of applications: 5 PM on 5th August 2014
Assignment of admit cards: 6th of August 2014
List of examination centres posted on the CIC website: 7th of August 2014
Examination date: 9th August 2014
Result declared: 16th August 2014
First list: 19th – 21st August 2014

There would be a second list according to the availability of seats for which admissions will take place from 22nd – 25th August 2014 and classes will commence from 25th August 2014. The entire schedule has been mapped out here.

Applicants need the following documents during the application period:

    1. Class XII Mark sheet.
    2. Scanned copy of candidate’s signature (Size not more than 50 KB)
    3. Soft copy of candidate’s passport size photograph (Size not more than 50 KB)
    4. Candidate’s Fee Receipt of College Enrolment
    5. Debit/Credit card.


The Cluster Innovation Centre differs from the teaching style of the rest of the Delhi University colleges. It provides B.Tech. (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovation) with three specialization streams over a course of four years and B.A Honours (Humanities and Social Sciences) which used to be a B.Tech course with four different streams of Journalism, Art and Design, Historical Tourism and Counselling over a course of three years, as undergraduate courses. There is also a Masters available in Mathematics Education in the Meta University.

What is different about the CIC is that it gives students a more real experience with not just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge through internships and a wide array of subjects that they are free to explore and understand. It has been an interesting institute since its establishment and has been under certain controversy regarding the B.Tech. degree in humanities which has now been changed to a B.A Honours degree and the syllabus has been rectified accordingly for the new aspirants.

To apply online:
For more details:

The new session is right around the corner. Several DU aspirants are waiting to see what their much-awaited college life will be like.
College will definitely bring changes in your life and though the expectations are humongous, to save yourself from disappointment here is a list of things freshers should NOT expect in their first year of college.

#1 – Weekend parties
Oh yes, this is something we all look forward to and there will be weekends where you would be swarmed with parties but there will also be weekends when you will wonder how you are still alive despite the boredom.
On the bright side, this period gives you the strength to stand yourself on those lonesome nights of despair.


#2 – Boring teachers
If you think your teachers are going to be a bunch of boring old professors then you are majorly wrong. Delhi University has a variety of professors and I don’t mean to sound like a geek but some of them will blow your mind with the kind of things they have to teach and the personal efforts they put in every student’s learning. So, yes, be ready for some really cool teachers that might just teach you a thing or two about life.
At the same time, be ready for those boring old professors too.boring teachers

#3 – Minimal Studying
Well this one is half true because you will spend more than half of your semester ignoring the books and exploring everything that the campus has to offer but you will regret this as soon as the semester exams approach and you are left fumbling about in the middle of the night with a bunch of incoherent notes and half finished assignments.
You can always save yourself the trouble, though, and pay a little attention in class. minimal studying

#4 – Love
Oh yes, this one is a myth all right. Let’s just accept we are no Rani Mukerji and there is no SRK waiting for us to fall in love. Some of the lucky ones might find the right ones but more often than not you will just find a couple of awkward creepy moments and remain single all throughout your college life.
The good news is, all the best people in this world are content single ones. love

#5 – No early morning classes
Remember in school when you thought ‘hey, let’s just wait for college; we won’t have to get up early anymore’? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. There will be early morning classes and you would have to drag yourself to them (after you are lagging behind in attendance). So it is better to give up hope right now.

late classes

However don’t let all this bring you down, college life is a process of change and we hope yours is a pleasant one!

All the best freshers!

Isheeta Sharma
[email protected]

Hindu College has scrapped admissions through the ECA quota for the academic year 2014-2015 after the auditions for admissions had already taken place. In a sudden move the college has put up a notice on Saturday, 5th of July 2014 stating that there will be no admissions through the ECA quota this year.

The ECA quota like the Sports quota has been in use for many years now to provide admission to students who have performed well in extra-curricular activities in their school days. They are judged based on their talent and there is a 5% reservation of seats for the ECA students. Though the sports quota remains, the ECA quota has been called off, the decision which has been taken by the governing body of the college is on the grounds of “misuse” of this provision and complaints of corruption. What this misuse is hasn’t been clearly stated. “I think the answer to the problem is controlling the misuse, not scrapping the opportunity altogether” Says Jhashank Gupta, President of Vivre, the photography society of Hindu College. Students are left speechless as the opportunity is being taken away from right under their noses. The students who had already submitted their fees are now being asked to get a refund which has left them baffled about what their next step should be. “Every year we get ECA students which gives us trained students who already know something about the art which in turn helps us in the future competitions to make the college proud…ending the ECA quota is not beneficial for anyone” Said Mayawi Vaishnav, President of Srijya, the choreography society of Hindu College. The decision has left new students worried and surprised and old students angry and disappointed.

The notice issued by Hindu College

Delhi University’s School of Open Learning or SOL has finally started its online admission process from June 17th, Tuesday. The students now have the opportunity to fill in online forms which will be free of cost instead of filling the offline forms and paying a fee of Rs. 100. However, that option is still available, in case students wish to opt for it.

The offline forms will be made available from June 25th and the last date for admission to the school of open learning is August 21st, while late admissions will be accepted with a late fee of Rs. 200 till September 15th.  SOL offers three years Bachelors Programme in Arts for Political Science and English and B.Com. (Honours), B.A. and B.Com Pass courses.

There had been talks about converting the three year programme of SOL to the four year university programme like other colleges of DU have previously done due to which the admission process for this year has seen a delay. But after several protests in campus against FYUP the University has decided to keep the three year plan in the school of open learning and begin with the admission process.

To apply online, click here. The prospectus along with the fee structure, eligibility criteria and so on will be available on the SOL website soon.

Dilliwale are known for their big hearts and helping nature and Delhi University takes it one step forward during this year’s admission process. The university is known for its various attempts to make education easier for the differently-abled, this year the Equal Opportunity Cell of the University takes it up a notch.

Aspiring students will find free bus rides from the metro station in North Campus and trained volunteers are available to help out with any situation.There are also Braille brochures about admission details and audio recordings of the whole prospectus to help out the visually impaired.

Volunteers will help out the students with filling up forms and counselling sessions. The college prospectus can also be read online on the Equal Opportunity Cell website through a screen reader both in Braille and audio format

.There is also a special advisory that has been drafted which provides useful information like there is a different form for students with disabilities with a list of different types of disabilities and their specifications and a list of necessary documents to be carried by them.

The main aim is to ensure that students don’t face any hurdle because of small reasons like accessibility. Colleges have also been issued notices to make sure that there are a few basic necessities available at their college during the time of admission like help desks, NSS and NCC cadets for assistance, wheelchairs, accessible spaces and teachers on duty to assist any grievance.

With these measures it can only be hoped that the students receive the equal opportunity that they deserve.


#1 – In 1922 when the University was first established there were only three colleges (St. Stephens, Hindu and Ramjas College) with two faculties of Arts and Science and 750 students. Currently, there are 16 faculties, 77 colleges, 86 departments, 132435 regular students and 261169 students part of informal programmes. Way to go, DU! #2 – Hari Singh Gaur who was the founder Vice Chancellor of Delhi University was also a part of the Royal Society of Literature in London. History students will know about it but for others this was a literary organization founded by King George IV in 1820 and played a major role in the history of Britain. Hari Singh Gaur became a member of it after his book ‘Sleeping westward and other poems’ despite all types of discrimination he had to face in London. Proud to have had such a leader, aren’t we? #3 – The Cluster Innovation Center is a one of its kind attempt by Delhi University to break the traditional norms attached to education and especially, humanities. Under the CIC, students are given a B.Tech in Humanities instead of the normal B.A and get to be a part of not just one college but various colleges every semester. The students are trained practically instead of just theoretically. DU definitely is breaking all standard rules of education! #4 – The Northern Ridge which falls under the North Campus of DU is not just a place for your evening walks and the hub for love activities but is also a place of historical importance. The Flagstaff Tower in the ridge which would look like any other ancient building is actually where the Revolt of 1857 finally came to an end. The ridge also has the Ashokan Pillar which was shifted from Meerut to Delhi by Firoz Shah Tughluq in 1356. Would be more careful around it now, wouldn’t you? #5 – 1st May is annually celebrated as the Founder’s Day of Delhi University. I am sure half of us did not know this! What is more is that there is a proper function including a flag hoisting ceremony every year since 1922!]]>

Hindu College witnessed a celebration of sorts on 28th March 2014. The occasion was the Foundation Stone ceremony for the college’s new academic block and the girls’ hostel.

The Academic Block is a result of the increasing student population in the college. This new block would provide lecture rooms, laboratories for the science students and common rooms for both teachers and students. The girls’ hostel, however, has been on the cards since 2006 but due to approval issues from the municipality and other authorities it took the college 8 years to initiate the construction. The hostel is meant to accommodate 200 girls along with 4-5 female teachers.

Lt. Governor Sh. Najeeb Jung, NCT, Delhi; Prof. Dinesh Singh, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University; Mr. SNP Punj, Chairman of Governing body, Hindu College; Shri Desh Rajgupta, Secretary of Hindu College Education Fund and the Acting Principal of the college Mr. Pradyumn Kumar laid down the foundation stone first for the girls’ hostel and then for the academic block followed by the auspicious ceremony of breaking the coconut on the site to ensure its success. After this, they proceeded to the auditorium of the college where students had already been seated to address the gathering. The programme began to the tune of the national anthem which was followed by a speech given by Mr. SNP Punj where he talked about the culture of the college and the success it has achieved till now.

The stage was then taken by Prof. Dinesh Singh who reminisced his old college days when being a Stephanian he would come to Hindu for its “bun andas” and how he is so glad to see that Hindu is ready to build its own girls’ hostel and provide outstation female students with more opportunities to achieve their dreams. Lt. Governor Sh. Najeeb Jung, another Stephanian also talked about Hindu college with nostalgia as he was almost about to be a part of Hindu.

Finally, the principal of the college took a hold of the mike. He relayed a vote of thanks to the esteemed guests and expressed his happiness over the project undertaken by the college. He then addressed his students in his famous sher-o-shayari style with the following lines –

“Unn rahon pe chalna hai,
jahan girna aur sambhalna hai
Hum hai voh diye auro ke liye,
Jinhe tufanon main jalna hai”

Every year, societies from colleges across the campus compete neck to neck and put up spectacular performances during the fest season. This year too, saw certain teams shine a little brighter than the rest. We bring you a series with college societies that put their heart and soul into their respective fields and took home the top prizes at various cultural fests. The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions at competitive events held during 13 cultural fests of this season. Whenever a society won the first prize they were award 3 points, for the second position they received 2 points and for the third position, 1 point was added to their tally. With 12 points in its kitty, Lady Irwin College’s Prophecy emerged as the winner in the Fashion category. Kamala Nehru College’s Glitz with 6 points follows next.

The Winning Society at a glance

Prophecy, Lady Irwin College

Hover on the information icons below to know more about their victories!

Lady Irwin College, with its theme “Contemporary Cleopatra’s Eviction” won the first position at fashion competitions at multiple fests such as Mecca, Ullas and Crossroads this year. Their piece was based on Cleopatra and her life. “Hard work, will power, dedication and team work, of course, is our secret. We want to be the best fashion society in DU and we are always aiming to achieve it”, said Tarini Singh the President of the college’s Fashion Soc. Names of the performing members: Tarini Singh. Models : Somya, Vartika, Ankana, Samiksha, Aishwarya, Smriti, Purnima, Ayushi, Kriti and Shalini. Back stage : Kaveri, Manvi, Jasmine. Note: The thirteen fests included in our analysis for this series include SRCC’s Crossroads, Gargi College’s Reverie, Sri Venkateswara College’s Nexus, LSR’s Tarang, Hans Raj’s Confluence, I.P. College for Women’s Shruti, Daulat Ram College’s Manjari, Hindu College’s Mecca, Jesus and Mary College’s Montage, Miranda House’s Tempest, Kamala Nehru College’s Ullas, Kirori Mal College’s Renaissance, SGTB Khalsa’s Lashkara. Out of the fests listed, only 5 had conducted a Fashion Show Competition.]]>