Admissions 2014

Equal opportunity cells hard at work in D.U. admissions

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Dilliwale are known for their big hearts and helping nature and Delhi University takes it one step forward during this year’s admission process. The university is known for its various attempts to make education easier for the differently-abled, this year the Equal Opportunity Cell of the University takes it up a notch.

Aspiring students will find free bus rides from the metro station in North Campus and trained volunteers are available to help out with any situation.There are also Braille brochures about admission details and audio recordings of the whole prospectus to help out the visually impaired.

Volunteers will help out the students with filling up forms and counselling sessions. The college prospectus can also be read online on the Equal Opportunity Cell website through a screen reader both in Braille and audio format

.There is also a special advisory that has been drafted which provides useful information like there is a different form for students with disabilities with a list of different types of disabilities and their specifications and a list of necessary documents to be carried by them.

The main aim is to ensure that students don’t face any hurdle because of small reasons like accessibility. Colleges have also been issued notices to make sure that there are a few basic necessities available at their college during the time of admission like help desks, NSS and NCC cadets for assistance, wheelchairs, accessible spaces and teachers on duty to assist any grievance.

With these measures it can only be hoped that the students receive the equal opportunity that they deserve.


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