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5 facts about DU you probably didn't know

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#1 – In 1922 when the University was first established there were only three colleges (St. Stephens, Hindu and Ramjas College) with two faculties of Arts and Science and 750 students. Currently, there are 16 faculties, 77 colleges, 86 departments, 132435 regular students and 261169 students part of informal programmes. Way to go, DU! #2 – Hari Singh Gaur who was the founder Vice Chancellor of Delhi University was also a part of the Royal Society of Literature in London. History students will know about it but for others this was a literary organization founded by King George IV in 1820 and played a major role in the history of Britain. Hari Singh Gaur became a member of it after his book ‘Sleeping westward and other poems’ despite all types of discrimination he had to face in London. Proud to have had such a leader, aren’t we? #3 – The Cluster Innovation Center is a one of its kind attempt by Delhi University to break the traditional norms attached to education and especially, humanities. Under the CIC, students are given a B.Tech in Humanities instead of the normal B.A and get to be a part of not just one college but various colleges every semester. The students are trained practically instead of just theoretically. DU definitely is breaking all standard rules of education! #4 – The Northern Ridge which falls under the North Campus of DU is not just a place for your evening walks and the hub for love activities but is also a place of historical importance. The Flagstaff Tower in the ridge which would look like any other ancient building is actually where the Revolt of 1857 finally came to an end. The ridge also has the Ashokan Pillar which was shifted from Meerut to Delhi by Firoz Shah Tughluq in 1356. Would be more careful around it now, wouldn’t you? #5 – 1st May is annually celebrated as the Founder’s Day of Delhi University. I am sure half of us did not know this! What is more is that there is a proper function including a flag hoisting ceremony every year since 1922!]]>

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