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No ECA admissions in Hindu College

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Hindu College has scrapped admissions through the ECA quota for the academic year 2014-2015 after the auditions for admissions had already taken place. In a sudden move the college has put up a notice on Saturday, 5th of July 2014 stating that there will be no admissions through the ECA quota this year.

The ECA quota like the Sports quota has been in use for many years now to provide admission to students who have performed well in extra-curricular activities in their school days. They are judged based on their talent and there is a 5% reservation of seats for the ECA students. Though the sports quota remains, the ECA quota has been called off, the decision which has been taken by the governing body of the college is on the grounds of “misuse” of this provision and complaints of corruption. What this misuse is hasn’t been clearly stated. “I think the answer to the problem is controlling the misuse, not scrapping the opportunity altogether” Says Jhashank Gupta, President of Vivre, the photography society of Hindu College. Students are left speechless as the opportunity is being taken away from right under their noses. The students who had already submitted their fees are now being asked to get a refund which has left them baffled about what their next step should be. “Every year we get ECA students which gives us trained students who already know something about the art which in turn helps us in the future competitions to make the college proud…ending the ECA quota is not beneficial for anyone” Said Mayawi Vaishnav, President of Srijya, the choreography society of Hindu College. The decision has left new students worried and surprised and old students angry and disappointed.

The notice issued by Hindu College

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