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Some stalk, some cling, others overdress: Five types of annoying freshers

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We have dedicated a whole lot of time and energy welcoming all the new students to college. However, let’s not forget the seniors who are usually the victims of all the ‘fresher enthusiasm’. Here’s a list of five annoying types of freshers.

The impeccably overdressed

While the seniors will be seen dragging themselves to classes in their pajamas with mismatched slippers and hair in an untidy knot, these fresh faces will walk in so perfectly dressed that they end up being annoying. I mean, how do you even get the time to match your clothes AND your nail paint colour?



The Facebook stalker

Yes, I met you. Yes, we share greetings. Yes, I accepted your friend request but that DOES NOT mean we are the new college BFFs! So you do not need to like my updates that you have absolutely no idea about, or ask me to like your updates that I have no idea about and you definitely don’t need to add me to groups like “You are not part of my heart, you are a heart of my part”.
What does that even mean?police


The ‘can you please give me your notes’ type
DU seniors are all about helping the fucchas…well, mostly, and we will help you out wherever we can but can you please stop reminding of the notes I forgot to get for you every time you see me? First, other things are going on in my life. Getting to college is a pain in itself let alone getting a bunch load of notes. Second, getting my notes will not help you pass; chances are you won’t even understand half of it.


The cool cats
These ones are cool. So cool the first question they will ask you would be the location of a nearby theka.
I know times have changed and we have grown old but, honey, this is not how college works. Live the sober fun first.


The lingerer

So this one comes to your group as an acquaintance, greets everyone, has a short conversation and then does not leave! Not that they contribute to the next conversation or anything, they just stand there…just there. Usually the loners who haven’t been able to connect with their fellow freshers; their existence lingers around the seniors.



Not all the freshers need to be in this list. Some of you are actually pretty fun and your seniors love you. If you are on this list, however, then…umm, awkward.

Isheeta is a hardcore writer and reader with an undying love for travelling. Her dream is to travel the world and write something about each part of the world in a way which has never been written before and for that she is aiming towards becoming a travel journalist. A student of history from Hindu College, she loves her college and her subject (well, parts of it). Romanticizing everything about this world in the head is her biggest weakness.

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