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Geography department, Delhi University sets up weather station

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Delhi University adds another feat to its name as the Geography Department of the University sets up its own weather station at their head office in the Delhi School of Economics. Utilising the prize money the department had won at Antardhwani, DU’s cultural festival last year for “good practices”, they have set up the station on the rooftop of their department and set up a monitor in their laboratory, finding the weather data provided by the government insufficient to cover the city’s “microclimate”.

“Better the data, better the information”, said Dr. R.B Singh, Head of the Geography Department, Delhi University. He said, “The Indian Meteorological Department has been drawing its data from just the two stations of Palam and Safdarjung. In a city like Delhi the climate is influenced by mountains on one side and dry areas on the other side so more stations will help us give better and continuous results about the temperature, rainfall, humidity, pressure and wind speed. Also, the government stations give us an average data while we wish to provide daily data.” The government data is usually provided for the understanding of the general public and is, hence, abridged data which does not provide as much information as it can or should.

The department will provide the weather updates every two months and the researchers at the stations, who are also members of the department, will take down hourly data. Talking about the possibility of having these weather stations in different colleges Dr. R.B Singh said, “I have been in talks with my colleagues from different colleges and it is important to stress the fact that these weather stations are not as expensive as they used to be and if everyone agrees then, of course, it is possible to have them in other colleges and provide an even better result.”

Image credits- Delhi University website


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