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HIMYM alternate ending – alternate enough?

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How I Met Your Mother came and touched our hearts. We laughed at all of Barney Stinson’s rather sexist jokes, aww-ed Lily and Marshal’s moments of love, admired Robin for all that she was and cried every time Ted Mosby was the ‘dumpee’ or the’ dumper’ whispering to ourselves that it is all going to be fine, the mother hasn’t been introduced yet.

We stayed up waiting and anticipating who the mother would be for so long that she ceased to be the perfect woman for Ted and turned into this perfect woman for all of us. Forget about the mother being liked by Ted and his gang, she now needed our approval.

Hence, it wasn’t very surprising when there was an outrage among fans with the way HIMYM came to an end. Robin and Barney’s marriage ends? The mother dies? Ted goes back to Robin? Umm, cliché much?
HIMYM basically gave us what we were rooting for since the beginning and which we let go finally after seasons, accepting fate.

If this wasn’t enough, the creators came up with an alternate ending which was leaked and then removed before anyone could actually see it but as the rumour goes, the alternate end does not bring back Robin and Ted, has a different voiceover by Ted and ends with Ted meeting the mother at the railway station. If this was an attempt by the creators to pacify the fans then they did not do a very good job.

Here’s one thing that all HIMYM fans were looking for, or at least I was – why Tracy? What was so special about the mother? The development of Ted and the mother as a couple, small glimpses of the mother in the initial ending with the major focus on Robin and a short conversation at a railway station does not suffice this.

We still don’t know how what Ted and the mother have is so amazing that all the other times he has been in “love” fades away and she becomes the mother.

Although the ending disappoints us feeding us the boring old love fable of ‘opposites attract’ and ‘first love is last love’ the show has entertained us for nine seasons and for that fact alone we accept it the way it comes with open arms, and maybe a little slap.

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