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2014 was undoubtedly the year of trailers. With several Hollywood movies only releasing teasers for trailers, this proved to be a very significant hype-creating strategy. While Indian cinema had only released its trailers a month, two or at most three in advance of movie releases, trailers everywhere caught the eye of everyone. If you have not seen any of these, I recommend you do, as most of the following are foresight for the movies coming out in 2015!

1. Fifty Shades of Grey

The most widely viewed trailer was a hit on youtube when the teaser for this Valentine’15 released in August. Beyonce’s Crazy In Love exclusive version has still not been released, but the audio behind the trailer sold like hotcakes on the internet. November saw the much awaited and speculated release of the global trailer, and the movie is already anticipated to hit Valentine’s Day like a blow, all thanks to the not-so-appreciated secrecy around the movie.

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron

After Marvel’s first Avengers about the superheroes union came to theatres, the wait for Avengers 2 came immediately too. One cannot deny that although the trailer kept its suspense intact, it was definitely refreshing to once again see the superheroes all together. Wait for May’15 and you shall know what the movie is about!

3. Jurassic World

Most of us were kids when Jurassic Park series earned fame, and all thanks to Steven Speilberg and television channels, we still got to see the three movies. But come June’15 and you will see Jurassic Park open its gates to visitors(not again). Well, this time there are no mere inspectors, but tourists and a hybrid for attraction. I am curious for the human hunting, are you?

4. Furious 7

The final testament! Not exactly. The final sequel to the Fast and Furious franchise, this one is the last to feature the late Paul Walker. Also, it is the apt sequel to the second movie, featuring Jason Statham. Fans are sure to miss him and so it is most appropriate to not make another movie in the series without him. But, look at this car chasing series’ end one last time and get ready for an adrenaline rush once again.

5. The Fault in our Stars

The movie based on John Green’s much popular book was a much awaited and widely viewed one. Although the movie released too this year, but it was a very moving adaptation. Have a look again at its trailer and reminisce in the film’s aura once again.

6. Gone Girl

This was one of the masterpieces I recommend everyone to watch. Read the book too. Ben Affleck is good but Rosamund Pike gave me chills for days. It is not a horror movie but it can scare you. To know the suspense, watch. Watch where did this guys’s wife vanish to? Or did he actually murder her?

7. Interstellar

Christopher Nolan fans will admit the movie kept them quiet for days. The effect is profound. But if you haven’t seen the trailer, you will never know the feeling of waiting for this director’s movie and what he has in store to shock you again. Matthew McConnaughey’s best performance so far, this one is still recommended as a must watch.

8. Mockingjay Part 1

The trailer was also one widely viewed owing to the huge popularity garnered by its actors and the movie series itself. While what happens to Peeta is a question before this trailer, what is District 13 is shown through glimpses in the trailer. Also, the various teasers through Capitol TV in all white just boosted the temptation.

9. Exodus: Gods and Kings

This one did not win much after its release, but the trailer was surely stunning. Christian Bale and the exceptional picturisation, effects and larger than life sets made this trailer a hit. If you have seen this trailer before a movie in a theatre, you will know why I mentioned it here. Just the greatness of the trailer is everything.

10. Haider

Now why did this movie become a hit? Because the trailer of this Hamlet adaptation was so interesting and affecting that it engrossed the masses and convinced them to throng the theatres for this Shahid Kapoor-starrer. Now, he did a brilliant job and earned critics’ good reviews after very long, so why not watch that fantastic trailer once again!

India holds its breath when Atletico de Kolkata’s fierce striker Lemessa goes past all the defenders with his flashing speed and heads on with the last man. Lemessa scores the first goal of the league, and the entire stadium erupts in euphoria and passion. Well, this is Indian Super League, unique and pushing freshness into the country’s dream of entering the biggest gala on the planet – FIFA World Cup. A visionary league, ISL aims at raising the standard of football in India and seeing it qualify for the 2026 FIFA world cup.

Co promoted by IMG-Reliance, All India Football Federation (AIFF) and Star India, the League has 8 teams representing various football traditions of the country. European clubs like ACF Fiorentina, Atletico Madrid and Feyenoord FC have stakes in these clubs along with Bollywood stars and business giants like John Abraham, Ranbhir Kapoor, Harshavardhan Neotia, Prasad V Potluri and the Videocon group.

With the lower limit for domestic players on the squad being 14, International wizards like Del Piero, Elano, David James, Materazzi and Anelka are the icing on the cake. Indians couldn’t contain their happiness when it was revealed in a press release that ISL is the best attended football league in Asia and the fifth highest football league in average attendance in the world only after Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga and Serie A, and ahead of the USA’s popular MLS, French Ligue 1 and Mexico’s Liga MX.

Accompanied by Twitter wars and a 1.2 million strong army of followers on Facebook, the matches are aired on 8 channels in India and 3 internationally. With quality matches, capturing video graphics, previews and telecasts of the league in many languages, Indians are now driven by football fever and defence of their favourites.

The closure of the league brings two co cricketers head to head in an unprecedented clash guaranteed to pump adrenaline among both football and cricket fans. Saurav Ganguly’s Atletico de Kolkata crushed the hopes of FC Goa in the semi final by defeating the side in penalty shootouts. Sachin Tendulkar’s Kerala Blasters faced stiff competition against Chennaiyin FC but managed to get past it. On paper, both the sides have fared equally well in the league. Now that we’ve reached the end of the League, all that remains to be seen is which team will bag the first Indian Super League Trophy when ‘Dada’ and ‘Master Blaster’ meet at DY Patil stadium in Mumbai!


Sidharth Yadav
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As this semester comes to a close, you finally realise that you don’t really have the necessary notes you need to feel optimally prepared for the upcoming exams. You do what any person undergoing a shock would do – call up all your contacts to find an equally unprepared friend and find relief that you are not alone in this dilemma (and, fascinatingly, it works every damn time). Just to make matters worse, here is a list of new game releases that you will be missing out on for a really long time:

Far Cry 4
The Far Cry series has set a whole new benchmark in the genre of open world, sandbox games. While Far Cry 3 was set in the wild, humid tropics, the latest instalment of the series will have you explore the chilly mountain ranges of Kyrat. Don’t bother checking the map, Kyrat is a fictional setting nestled in the Himalayas. The players will set into the shoes of the new English speaking Nepalese protagonist – Ajay Ghale, who returns to his native hometown of Kyrat to spread his mother’s ashes. He is unwittingly caught in the tide of a civil war, where the rebels struggle to fight against the despotic regime of a psychotic King – Pagan Min. The cinematic trailers and gameplay snippets have shown just how much effort the developers are putting in, to push the next-gen systems to its limits. Apart from the promised graphic upgrade, the other new features include: wide choice of armaments, different variety of flora and fauna, new modes of transport like auto-rickshaws (don’t forget to set down the meter) and a freaking six tonne elephant! Oh and it also has a grappling gun to go “Na na na na na na Batman” with. The game is set to release on the 18th of November, 2014. While Ajay is out exploring the vast expanse of the Himalayas and trading bullets with the local colours, why don’t you open that book that has been gathering dust on top of the shelf?

Dragon Age Inquisition
After the disappointment that was Dragon Age 2, the latest instalment seeks to redeem itself. With the game already being reviewed and praised by critics worldwide, I was encouraged to raise my hopes up again for this new RPG game by Bioware softwares. Dragon Age Inquisition is, as the previous instalments of the series, a very story driven game with lots and lots of dialogue. The developers have promised greater story immersion, with plenty of decision making that will inadvertently affect how the story unfolds. Many of the previous characters are to make a cameo in the game bringing back fond memories and nostalgia. Dragon Age Inquisition does not linger on the past though, you, an ‘inquisitor’, are set into the path of saving the world from itself, as it threatens to implode. As an inquisitor you are responsible for the safety of your people and travel across vast, different territories, which are independent of each other and accessible only through the map. Looking at the many video reviews, it looks like the combat system has lost its awkward clumsiness and the graphics are just eye-popping. Maybe it is time to put Skyrim to pasture while we try out this bad boy as it released on the 18th of November on console and 21st of November for the PC. Oh, dang! We have exams, don’t we?!

Grand Theft Auto 5
Yes, yes. We all know that GTA 5 came out last year and everyone had the chance to play it. Well, everyone that owned a previous gen console that is. For months, console owners have laughed and mocked the PC and the next gen consoles for its inability to play this masterpiece developed by Rockstar Studios. Well, they aren’t laughing anymore. That’s right, folks. GTA 5 is now making an appearance in the next gen consoles boasting of better graphics, refined gameplay and some neat surprises. The re-mastered edition for the PS4 and X box One is due to release on November, the 18th. Unfortunately, PC owners, #gamingmasterrace, will have to wait till January for their edition, which doesn’t really matter as you wouldn’t have been able to touch the keyboard anyways. Imagine the world of Los Santos in ultra HD with new contents the next time you hit your books.

Shadows – Heretic Kingdom
The gaming market seems to be flooded with fast paced and cinematic FPS or the watered down arcade games to entertain the novices that only look to pass time rather than commit hours into gameplay. It has been a long time since any good old school RPG has hit the market since the release of Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. Then my eyes fell towards a lesser hyped Shadows – Heretic Kingdom, developed by GamesFarm. This point and click game shows promise of countless hours of level farming, loot collecting and character building that would make any RPG fans jump with glee. The early access to the game is available on steam which shows off two of the three heroes we can choose to play (the archer and the barbarian. Sorceress is unavailable in early access.). The story line follows the usual ‘world in dilemma’ thread, but your character is what makes the gameplay a little different than other games like Diablo. You are a devourer, a demon with the ability to consume souls and control the bodies of men. The game is divided into two worlds – the material world and the shadow world – and you can jump from these two worlds seamlessly by switching between your demon or the mortal body that you chose to posses. This may allow for a whole new angle of strategy in combat and exploration. The game is set out for a full release on the 20th of November. Yet another game to ponder upon while Karl Marx and calculus refuse to make sense.

Assassins Creed Unity
There has never been a dull moment in the Assassins Creed Universe…scaling impossible heights or jumping from atop the tallest towers all with the push of a single button. You always took care to plan your assassinations methodically, playing and replaying every mission just to discover the most efficient way of killing your target. Or, if all the sneaking around bored you, there was always the flamboyant sword fights you could get into, beautifully animated and orchestrated to give us some of the most smooth gameplay. With a franchise known for its historical depth and great sandbox features, its new instalment has been very much awaited for a long time. Assassins Creed Unity is set in the era of revolutionary France where both wine and bloodshed flowed aplenty. You play as a French Assassin named Arno Dorian. What makes the story a tad bit complicated is the Arno’s dad is a high ranking templar and Arno himself is in love with a templar named Elise De LaSerre. Who are the templars? Only the mortal enemy of the Assasins that have been locked in an eternal battle of brawns and wits. Assasins Creed Unity boasts of some of the most bold new changes which include better parkour mechanics, scene transition without loading screens, ability to render 8000 character models at a time without busting a sweat, re-invented stealth and cover system and hardened the combat system to encourage players to play an Assassin game the way it’s meant to be played – stealthily. The game released on the 11th of November but not without problems. Complaints ranged from random glitches, connectivity issues and the most notorious 30fps controversy. But you can be glad you don’t have to worry about such things as you have other things to think about right now…

Ambiso Tawsik
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1. Do I have to be a student in Delhi University?
Yes. The newspaper is based in Delhi University and hence all our correspondents are from one of the colleges.

2. Is it a paid job profile?
No. It is an unpaid position like every other in DU Beat.

3. Do I have to be excellent in English?
While we do not necessarily look for a Shakespeare we do require a certain level of command over the language.

4. What kind of writing samples do you need?
Anything from a report of an event to a review of a book/movie/TV show. It would be advisable if you could go through our website and make yourself familiar with the kind of content before applying. Please avoid sending poetry and fiction.

5. How many hours of my week will I have to give?
Allotments of stories are done once a week but news reports can be assigned at any point. Enough time is provided to complete them though.

6. My CV got selected, what now?
Congratulations! You are one step closer. We will have another session of conversation with you which could be from an Interview to a group discussion.

7. Can I be terminated at any point?

Definitely. There is a probation period once you join in which you can choose to leave or we can ask you to leave.

Reasons for termination:

If you are lacking in your work and do not complete your assigned reports or submit them late.
You refuse to take up assignments a number of times.

We are not satisfied with your stories and your writing.

8. That sounds harsh! 

Don’t worry, we’re nice people. As long as you laugh at our jokes, of course.

9. I’ve applied before. But haven’t heard back/wasn’t selected. Can I re-apply?

If you think you match all our criteria, then sure, go ahead!

10. What does an ideal candidate look like, for you?

Some one who:
-Has a good command over the language
-Is well versed with DUB’s usual content and likes the kind of work we do
-Is ready to bring their A game and contribute to the team’s effort
-Wants to develop a writing style and experiment with various types of pieces (news stories, opinions, review, event coverage and so)
-Has a good sense of humor and work ethic


“Changing Landscape of Electoral Democracy and Political Demography: A study of 2014 General Elections in India’ on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014. Dr. Sunil Kumar is a political scientist and professor and has a variety of achievements under his belt. Not only does he hold an outstanding academic record, he is also a Gold Medalist from University of Delhi (1990), a post doctoral fellow from Tel Aviv University, Israel (2002-03) and a Commonwealth fellow at the Oxford University, UK (2011). Also, Dr Sunil has penned down contemporary issues like communalism, secularism, party systems, democracy, governance, human rights, Diaspora and corruption extensively. Not only has his views been figured on various referred national and international journals but have also been published as peer-reviewed books. [caption id="attachment_25544" align="aligncenter" width="401"]sunil Dr. Sunil Kumar, Associate Professor of Political Science at Shyam Lal College (Evening), University of Delhi.[/caption] An expert, examiner and editor Dr Sunil Kumar has been associated with various premier institutions like commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Indian Institute of Public Administration, Annamalai University, Vimala International Research Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences besides University of Delhi. Dr. Sunil Kumar was awarded US 1000$ as the prize for his winning paper along with the ‘Global South Award’. For more information about the winning candidate, research and award visit here.   Amitoj Singh for DU Beat.]]>

Disclaimer: Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost believable fake news.

The buzz is back in the campus as it is now certain that come Wednesday, Kamaal R Khan, aka KRK, will host a guest lecture at Conference Center, North Campus  on how to use social media to one’s advantage.

The lecture will be titled, “Overcoming #2rsppl”.

“I will speak about my personal experience( since I have a lot of it.) I review movies, and women. I like to keep my followers updated with what’s happening in my life( though nobody cares much), so I constantly tell them about the phones I buy, friends’ wives I like, visitors I have, ‘real’ celebrities I meet, places I go to and Twitter wars I get into. I quite enjoy it. My FB posts get an average of 1300 likes each(wow!). People like me, I am a celebrity after all.” Kamaal said.

“Then I will warn about 2 Rs. People who cannot see someone climb the ladders of success. I have a full-time assistant whose job is to block these 2 Rs. People from my Facebook and Twitter handles.(My My!)”

Students are quite excited by the news of KRK coming to campus. “I was bored and tired of telling him what I think of him in Facebook comments, ab mooh pe bolenge,” yelled a student.

KRK will also place a ‘2nd chance for 2 Rs. People’ box in the campus in which he’ll invite people who’ve been blocked to put apology letters and get unblocked. Let’s see who gets lucky.

Disclaimer: Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost believable fake news. If, and when, KRK decides to hold a session and you plan to attend, DU Beat is not responsible at all.

Symposium, the Parliamentary Society of Hindu College will organize the Hindu Policy Summit-2014 from 22nd to 24th August. During the course of the three-day Summit, major agendas of discussion would be economic welfare, citizens’ empowerment, conflict resolution, sustainable development, socio-economic justice and multicultural co-operation.

First day of this event would witness a stakeholder’s meet specifically on Article 370, Uniform Civil Code and Higher Education Reforms. On the second and third day of the event there would be National Commission to review the working of the Constitution of India, Planning Commission-National Development Council Joint Sitting and Tripartite Security Meet (India-Pakistan-Afghanistan). These committees would meet up and work towards finding solutions to various national crisis.

“Hindu Policy Summit is one of its kind conferences which provides the young generation the platform to act like the actual policy makers and to understand the implications which arise during the formulation of policies. Through this event they will see how the things work and how the policies are formulated”, said Alankrit Bhatia, Joint Secretary of Symposium. He also said that they were aiming to make youth the actual pillars of the country and enlarge their vision to achieve a solution to every problem.

Participation in the event is open to all undergraduate, post-graduate and school students.

Venue: Vallabhbhai Patel Convention Centre, Patel Chest Institute, Delhi University- North Campus.



Shaurya Sahai

[email protected]

Picture Credits: Hindu Policy Summit’s Facebook page




Spoiler alert!

Hasn’t this season given us the perfect welcome with the death of Joffrey Baratheon? At last, the debt has been paid! Though it would only be fair to praise Jack Gleeson for his flawless depiction of one of the most notorious characters ever created by George R.R. Martin in his medieval fantasy book series, A Song of Ice and Fire! It must be remembered that Joffrey wasn’t intentionally or ambitiously evil. Book readers would know of his confused upbringing, courtesy a drunk ‘father’ who spent most of his time in brothels or hunting and him secretly being an incestuous child. Fans of the TV show will surely remember him. (Remember him? Yes. Miss him? Definitely not!)
DU Beat brings you a detailed review of the 7 episodes of the fourth season of Game of Thrones that have been aired till now.

This season has swung in all directions, from giving us the best moment of our lives with the death of Joffrey Baratheon early in the season, to almost making us cry when Tyrion Lannister is tried for the same murder. His little speech at the trial is surely worthy of a second Emmy Award for the actor Peter Dinklage!

But let’s begin with the beginning. The season began with Tywin Lannister melting a sword, made of Valyrian steel, to make two swords for Jaime and Joffrey. The scene went quite unexplained, so for those who didn’t understand, that was the ancestral Stark sword taken from Ned Stark when he was announced a traitor in season one. In that same episode, Arya is depicted as a rising character when she melodramatically kills Polliver (who was responsible for killing her friend Lommy) and gets her own horse amidst some majestic Game of Thrones background music.

The season progresses to Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding, also called The Purple Wedding, which ends when King Joffrey dies of poisoning. Cercei accuses Tyrion of the murder, since the two never got on well (not that anyone got along particularly well with Joffrey!) The half-man had imparted a couple of slaps across Joffrey’s face in the past. The real culprits however, are later revealed to be Olenna Tyrell and Petyr Baelish.

At the trial of Tyrion, many testify against him. But the biggest disappointment was Shae’s betrayal. Shae is a prostitute Tyrion fell in love with, but because matters in King’s Landing had started turning dangerous, Tyrion wanted Shae to stay away from the city. He told Podrick, his squire, the same and he adhered. Shae was persistent on staying, compelling Tyrion to insult her as a ‘whore’ just to make her go away to a safer place. She returns and, possibly on the persuasion of Cercei, testifies against Tyrion and lies, saying that to please Sansa Stark, Tyrion had promised to kill King Joffrey. When Tyrion cries to her to stop lying, she replies, “I am a whore, remember?”

This has undoubtedly been the lowest moment of the season. It was followed by an outburst of Tyrion as he reminds the court that it was him who saved the city from being sacked at the war fought at Blackwater Bay. He says he’s not on trial for a murder, but on trial for being a dwarf. Finally, he demands a trial by combat, to the shock of everyone present.

One character who has started to turn out more important to the story than we ever expected him to be is Lord Petyr Baelish. Lysa Arryn discloses that she had poisoned her husband Jon Arryn on the request of her love, Petyr. He also reveals to Sansa that it was him who murdered Joffrey. At the end of the seventh episode, Petyr kisses the young Sansa on her lips telling her she is more beautiful than her mother and pushes a heartbroken Lysa out of the gaping Moon Door as she played an uninvited witness to the moment after telling her that the only woman he has ever loved is Sansa’s mother Catelyn Stark. Just your typical, happens-all-the-time, GOT drama.

Hopes are high for episode eight as the new entrant of the series, Oberyn Martell a.k.a. The Viper, has volunteered to be Tyrion’s champion in the trial by combat, for which Cercei plans to introduce Gregor Clegane a.k.a.
(and very rightfully so) The Mountain. Gregor is responsible for raping and murdering Oberyn’s sister Elia 15 years before the beginning of the series, for which Oberyn is vengeful. Who knows what will happen next; well, except for the ones who’ve read the books! The rest of us can treat ourselves to the following blessing of the internet.


The 80’s proved to be the golden era for both western and Indian music.The quality of music created then still stands higher than the quality of music created in the present era. With a downfall in record deals and a lesser scope in the industry for non-mainstream musicians, independent artists are finding a hard time pursuing their passion for music.The need to break away from the Bollywood hegemony and to give a boost to such musicians led to the formation of the Underground Music League, an organization devoted towards providing a platform for musically talented people from outside of the established culture,into the mainstream.

U.M.L gives an opportunity to gifted musicians and is trying to bridge the gap between the artist and their audience. Apart from the core team, the organization also inducts interns from various colleges in the University of Delhi and elsewhere. The interns who prove their worth get a stage to perform at various fests under the U.M.L banner. This exposure helps them gain experience and display their creation to the world.

U.M.L at Khalsa College earlier this year with The Swag Gang Crew

It is funny how Bollywood rules this world, when most of the singers composing these songs were once independent musicians themselves. With potentially no scope for new independent musicians and dancers to make a place in the charts, U.M.L was started, keeping such things in mind. It was created to evolve this industry and to provide a platform to splendid talents who have a passion for music, not just to express themselves but to voice the whole generation.

Siddesh Sharma founded U.M.L on 11th march 2012 , and since then they have performed at colleges like IIT Delhi, IGIT, DRC, S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, MAIT, Delhi Technological University, IP College, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies and at Public Locations like Star City Mall, Ice – Cube, JLN and many more. They were even asked to perform an additional day at Crossroads because of the good performance on the preceding day.

U.M.L currently supports variety of artists namely Donny J, an extremely talented vocalist whose YouTube Channel has received a staggering 567 subscriptions in 3 month, The Swag Gang Crew, street dancers who have received strong positive review for their complex choreography. They have a well mixed set of English – and Bollywood songs to back up their moves. Gaurav Thukral who is good at Krumping, The Quixotic, a singer as well who has received similar responses to Donny J and many more acts. A video that went viral on Youtube with 667 views, features Vijay Tiwari, aka Extreme, a beat boxer using his vocal chords to produce music that is so intense and engrossing. You can watch the video here.

the q
The Quixotic in the midst of a performance

When asked about where they see themselves in the coming years, Siddesh says, “Well the opportunities and possibilities for U.M.L in the near future is Big. For the time being , U.M.L is trying to do what it was made to do first, that is connecting with people and forming a strong bond with them.The coming future cannot be predicted but there is one thing that we are sure of, we are going to have a pleasant ride and together we all will rise.”

U.M.L conducts hip hop sunday event at Zook Lounge in Saket which constitutes of rap battles, hip hop battles and beat boxing battlesl.U.M.L has also recently collaborated with desihiphop, the largest UK based website on the Indian scene.

To join U.M.L, interested people have to attend their meetings regularly, the dates of which are displayed on their facebook page. These meetings help each and every member to get to know each other, and accordingly the core members explain the newcomers about the group and the different departments. The core members also see if the newcomers are fit to join U.M.L or not.

For more information, visit U.M.L’s various social media pages:

Facebook,  Twitter Instagram and Youtube

Pixels, the photography society of Hans Raj College organized their annual photography fest titled ‘Plickture’ on 2nd-4th March along with Confluence, the annual cultural fest of the college. The fest featured competitions that were conducted online as well as those held on-the-spot. By having a separate event for photography societies to participate as a team, it also brought team work into the foray of activities.

Here is a look at who won what during the fest:

Online Events

As part of the pre-event promotions, an online photography competition was organized where the participants had to send in pictures clicked by them on the themes, “Life as you see it” and “What if?”

Results were as follows:

first prize for life as you see it
Winning Entry for ‘Life as you see it’

Theme: Life as you see it
1st Prize – Subhradeep Saha, Zakir Hussain College
Caption – A summer bath

first prize what if_
Winning entry for ‘What If?’

Theme: What If?
1st Prize – Arushi Aggarwal, Miranda House
Caption – What if past could come to life

Winners were awarded a manfrotto jacket and a tripod.

Photo Exhibition

For the campus festival the society had organized the photo exhibition which was more of the main attractions for the Day 1 of college annual festival. 100 photos clicked by the members of the societies were displayed with appropriate captions. The visitors had an option to comment on any photo (using sticky notes) or write their reviews in AMBIGRAM Pixels – Remark Book. The look up flex at the exhibition was also appreciated by the visitors. Prithvi Kakkar, the president of Pixels said, “Teachers and students in their feedback mentioned that ‘aaj tak Hans Raj mein aisa kabhi nahi hua’, I need not say anything else.”


For the campus rounds an on-the-spot competition was organized separate for DSLR and mobile users. The participants had to click the photographs inside the Hans Raj campus using a camera or mobile phone and submit it with appropriate captions.

Theme: Irony (DSLR users)

First prize for ‘Irony’

1st Prize – Taranveer Singh, Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce
Caption – Isn’t it just ironical when you can’t capture irony in a competition themed Irony

Second prize irony
Second prize winning entry for ‘Irony’

2nd Prize – Arushi Aggarwal, Miranda House
Caption – A Glance.

Theme: Campus Cheer (Mobile Users)

First prize campus cheer
First Prize for ‘Campus Cheer’

1st Prize – Swarna Garg, Shivaji College
Caption – Express it out now because ‘kal rahein ya na rahein hum’

second prize campus cheer
Second prize for ‘Campus Cheer’

2nd Prize – Rahul Vaid, Hansraj College
Caption – Who Said Only Birds Can Fly

Winners for the first spot for both the themes were awarded Rs. 1500 each and the first runner-ups were given Rs. 1000 each.

Battle of Societies

The main highlight event of Plickture was Battle of Societies, for which eight photography societies from various colleges participated. Battle of Societies was divided into five events one of which was an online event. Other 4 events were CAP-IT where participants had to caption 5 photos clicked by members of Pixels; PHOT-ON – an on the spot competition where one member from the team had to click the photographs within the campus on the theme “artsy philosophy”; QUIZ THE CAM – the photography quiz and PHOTO MORPHING – making a photo collage.

The results for the individual events were as follows:
Online Event – Lady Shri Ram College for Women and Kirori Mal College
Phot-on – Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce
Quiz the cam – Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Cap-it – Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Photo Morphing – Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Hence, after compiling the results, Lady Shri Ram College’s film and photography society Projekt was declared the Best Photography Society. They were awarded a trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. Commenting on their victory, Koyna, one of the coordinators of Projekt says, “Battle of socities was a very unique event because till now we have only had individual competitions. There has never been any event where you have a society as a whole competing against other socities. It’s indeed overwhelming to be able to stand ground at such a event. Hopefully, this will make Projekt and the photography team more visible within the college as well.”

Mr. Pradeep Kumar, a wildlife photographer and an ex-professor at Hans Raj College judged all the events.