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Frequently asked Questions- Editorial Department

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1. Do I have to be a student in Delhi University?
Yes. The newspaper is based in Delhi University and hence all our correspondents are from one of the colleges.

2. Is it a paid job profile?
No. It is an unpaid position like every other in DU Beat.

3. Do I have to be excellent in English?
While we do not necessarily look for a Shakespeare we do require a certain level of command over the language.

4. What kind of writing samples do you need?
Anything from a report of an event to a review of a book/movie/TV show. It would be advisable if you could go through our website and make yourself familiar with the kind of content before applying. Please avoid sending poetry and fiction.

5. How many hours of my week will I have to give?
Allotments of stories are done once a week but news reports can be assigned at any point. Enough time is provided to complete them though.

6. My CV got selected, what now?
Congratulations! You are one step closer. We will have another session of conversation with you which could be from an Interview to a group discussion.

7. Can I be terminated at any point?

Definitely. There is a probation period once you join in which you can choose to leave or we can ask you to leave.

Reasons for termination:

If you are lacking in your work and do not complete your assigned reports or submit them late.
You refuse to take up assignments a number of times.

We are not satisfied with your stories and your writing.

8. That sounds harsh! 

Don’t worry, we’re nice people. As long as you laugh at our jokes, of course.

9. I’ve applied before. But haven’t heard back/wasn’t selected. Can I re-apply?

If you think you match all our criteria, then sure, go ahead!

10. What does an ideal candidate look like, for you?

Some one who:
-Has a good command over the language
-Is well versed with DUB’s usual content and likes the kind of work we do
-Is ready to bring their A game and contribute to the team’s effort
-Wants to develop a writing style and experiment with various types of pieces (news stories, opinions, review, event coverage and so)
-Has a good sense of humor and work ethic


Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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