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I made the conscious decision of letting my life revolve around DU Beat some time in these twenty five months and they have seemed to fly by. Whenever I have talked to my friends about DU Beat, I have described it not as a part of my college life but my college life itself so to summarise my experience in a few hundred words is a futile asking.
DU Beat has always been the primary recipient of all my attention and initiatives and I haven’t regretted a moment that I spent with the amazing people that are and have been associated with it.

I received the baton of leadership from people who dedicated immense time and efforts in nurturing the organisation and I hope I was able to fill in their shoes well but I’ll never believe that I could give as much as I received around here. To have a sense of belongingness is a special thing and I’m fortunate to have found at that at DU Beat at such a crucial stage of my life.

It’s a hard goodbye but I’m extremely happy to be leaving the newspaper in able hands. With the confidence of having seen each one of my juniors grow into ace reporters, professional photographers and extraordinary designers who will continue to bring glories to the organisation, I sign off from DU Beat. I’ve never been ready for farewells but to have had something that is turning out to be this difficult to leave behind is beyond my capacity of explanation.


Signing off,
Ishaan Gambhir,
Associate Editor 2015-16

Love it or hate it, you cannot say that you’ve never been fooled by DU Beat’s column for almost believable fake news, Bazinga. At DU Beat, we try to create articles that, while tickling your funny bone and giving you cold feet, aim at the greater good (not fooling you this time). The same was in our minds when we wrote entries for the column that aimed at bringing students to their colleges when attendance is expectedly slight (Read: BAZINGA: FEE REFUND FOR OUTSTATION STUDENTS ATTENDING FIRST DAY POST MID SEM BREAK) or when we posted fake news that motivated students to be aware citizens (Read: DU INTRODUCES ATTENDANCE PERKS FOR STUDENTS WHO TAKE THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!).

Read on to humour yourself with DU Beat’s pick of articles under the column!

“Recognising the fact that a lot of students participate and win competitions at various annual college fests but don’t get any academic benefit of the same, DU has issued a notice regarding imparting of full marks in internals, to students who have won first positions at various college fests this year.

Insiders tell us, the administration was compelled to make such a move owing to the constant complaint by students, especially ECA students, who are often subject to bias of teachers and low internal marking due to their inability to attend classes all through the year because of society commitments. Thus, acknowledging the unfairness of the situation, the University has decided to accord full marks in internals to first position holders and 75% marks to second position holders”

“The Aam Aadmi Party led by CM Arvind Kejriwal today announced the rolling out of odd-even scheme in DU fests.

According to the notice issued by CM’s office, boys and girls will be allowed to attend the fests in DU colleges on odd and even days respectively. The recent cases of mismanagement in fests and the risk of stampedes have forced the party to take such a decision. In an interview with one of our sources the person said, “This is the first phase of rolling out the odd even scheme for boys girls, we will take further decisions on the second phase, which is likely to be related to regular college days, after the results of the first phase.” Breaking the rule would invite a fine of Rs.2000 like always.”

Achhe din arrived for students of DU today as Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, announced in an address to students at DU’s North Campus that Delhi University students will be exempted from the odd-even rule. The rule, which will come into effect starting January 1st, seeks to reduce vehicular pollution in the capital, by allowing vehicles with odd and even numbered registration plates to ply on alternate days.

While addressing students in Delhi University’s North Campus on Tuesday, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Several students have written to the CM’s office protesting against the implementation of this rule, as they will find it difficult to commute to college on days when vehicles with their registration number are not allowed. Some boys have said they won’t be able to show off in an effort to pick up girls without fancy cars. It was a very delicate matter, so we’ve decided to take this measure,” he declared. “Students of DU will have to show their ID cards at police checkpoints and they will be allowed to continue on the roads of Delhi”, said Kejriwal.

“I love shaking,” he said. “Sometimes they would tell me they don’t want to shake my hand but I would shake their hand anyway. I thought that’s what wins you elections”. Dola said he did feel a little stiff but didn’t realise the extent of the impact until he measured it. “I biceps grew by 6 inches. My parents were shocked. My gym trainers have introduced a special package in the gym now – they call it the ‘DUSU package’. It’s only available for DU students,” he said.”

” In his defence, one of the suspended argued, ”I thought I could help a lot many people you know. Save them from starving. So what if i make a little money out of it?”  With a ban on the ‘rescue snack’ many students are in dilemma as to what will feed their mouths. Canteens in DU have reported mass decline in sales and menu cards have undergone massive transformation as well. “We have nothing to feed them” said a distressed canteen manager deploring the loss of their best-seller.”

“A lit Lakshmi Bomb landed in the staff room of the college and started a fire that was later extinguished. Sources in the college are saying that among the materials destroyed were teachers’ attendance and marks registers. While attendance can be retrieved from the college’s office, the sole copy of internal assessment marks was in the staff room.”

Under pressure from men’s rights activists (or boys who’ve accidentally sought admission in girls’ colleges only to embarrass themselves), Delhi University has issued notices to Miranda House and Lady Sri Ram College for Women (LSR) directing them to become co-educational institutes. The deadline for ratification of the order is before the next academic year. The change is being seen as the biggest since the FYUP mess.

LSR College for Women has decided to replace ‘Women’ in its name with ‘Everyone’, hence becoming Lady Sri Ram College for Everyone!”

“The students in the café panicked and hid their hookahs and beer bottles in a hurry. Some coal from the hookahs fell on a few people’s feet, creating a more panicky situation. The VC took a while to understand the scheme of things there, but it wasn’t long before he asked the DJ to play 4 Bottle Vodka (some argue that they heard him sob and sing “4 Saal Ka Course Tha”) and grooved to the beats.

Reportedly, he even shooed away excise and police officers lurking around the café in anticipation of a share in the organisers’ profit, to the delight of everyone.”

“For years we kept complaining about the ruthless academic experiments being performed on us, be it the implementation of CCE at the metric level by CBSE  or FYUP at college level by the University of Delhi. We’ve wondered why absolutely no one ever came to our aid until now. But now we realize we were meant for such experiments. We are the toy soldiers, like the martyrs, our sacrifice shall bring fortunes to the generations to come, as they won’t have to face this.”  he added, as he slightly choked.

The students have sent delegations to prominent animal rights activists like Maneka Gandhi communicating their concerns. They’ve been assured that their dignity and safety would now be taken care of. “The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, shall be invoked in the event of the University deciding to continue tormenting us.” said J.Handu Bam, a DU student and migrant from Bihar.”

“Yes, no more blockages in the website and the subsequent anxiety which grips the students when the result is about to be showcased. In an unprecedented move, the university has taken out a notice adhering to the fact that it is planning to send a copy of result directly to the registered address of the student.”

sattvik touch. The restaurants prepare food in a vedic style, not using garlic and onion. It is pleasant to know that even on days one does not want to eat food prepared with garlic or onion (mainly times of fasting), one can still enjoy popular delicacies like pasta, tacos and burritos. We reviewed the restaurant on the second floor of Spark Mall at Kamala Nagar near North Campus. The restaurant delivers till GTB Nagar where many students take up residence as paying guests. For the review, we ordered a Tomato Rice Bowl, Basil Penne Pasta prepared in tomato sauce, Vedic Burrito, a fruit punch and a mint lemonade. The food was prepared almost immediately. Sattviko Kamala nagar                                                     Sattviko We couldn’t point out the absence of garlic in the food. The tomato rice, the first dish that was served, was aplenty in quantity for two people. The rice was well-cooked and was neither too soft nor too chewy. It was served with a salad, like all other dishes at Sattviko, which also featured dices of watermelon, to our delight. The pasta that came next had a hint of a desi flavour to it. It was sufficiently tangy but felt a little strong at the back of the tongue, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending upon your preference. The winner of the review, however, was the burrito, which was stuffed more than your garden-quality burrito; we could taste the beans and the peppers exclusively. The food was hygienic and pocket friendly. While the tomato rice only costed Rs.85 (and was generously served, again), the burrito and pasta costed around Rs.150 each. All drinks were priced at under Rs.80 and while they weren’t among the top items we tasted at the restaurant, they washed down the food well. According to Kartik Singhal, the manager at the Kamala Nagar branch, the idea behind a sattvik restaurant is to inculcate healthy habits. “Sattvik food is closely associated with yoga and helps in bettering the concentration of a person,” he said. We recommend Sattviko if you’re looking for a healthy meal (and definitely if it’s Navratra and you’re with mum) and do not want to burn a hole in your pocket.   IshaanGambhir [email protected]   Picture credits: Suhasini Sharma]]>

Amidst tight security provided by the Delhi Police, the season of campaigning finally came to an end as voting for the Delhi University Students’ Union concluded on Friday. The results of the elections will be declared on Saturday at noon.

The turnout was reported to be over 44% for morning colleges. The turnout for evening colleges will be confirmed later. Last year, the figure for morning colleges stood at 42.3%. Voting began at 8:30AM and went on till 12:30PM for morning colleges.

#Live: Voting has begun! Do go out and exercise your right and responsibility this year at the #DUSU #election 2015.By Shraman Ghosh for DU Beat

Posted by DU Beat on Thursday, 10 September 2015

Elections for college unions were also conducted on Friday. The results for the same were announced on the same day.

Major parties like ABVP, NSUI, CYSS and AISA halted campaigning on the 9th. AAP’s CYSS is the new entrant to DU’s politics this year. Last year, ABVP swept all 4 seats of the DUSU.

DUSU is one of the most influential students’ unions of the country; numerous past office-bearers, Arun Jaitley and Ajay Maken to name a few, have gone ahead to hold public offices in Central and State Governments.

Image credits: Jasmine Chahal

With the date of polling just 9 days away, the political arena of Delhi University is catching fire as contesting parties step up their campaign for DUSU elections. Parties including Chatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, National Students’ Union of India and All India Students’ Association are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory.

The week gone by had the Delhi Police register over twenty FIRs against various student parties for cases related to defacement of public property through promotional posters. Last week, we reported the move of the Chief Election Officer of DUSU elections, DS Rawat, to seek help from the Delhi Police in cracking down on defaulters of civic and election rules.

In another development, the launch of a University-special bus in the South Campus of DU took an ugly turn when CYSS and ABVP took to social media to claim the credit for the same. The bus was covered with posters of CYSS, one of which read, “Welcome freshers.” Saket Bahuguna, State Secretary of ABVP, referred to a meeting DUSU had had with the CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, earlier this year to demand similar amenities for DU students. He also went on to ask why action was not being taken by the police for the ‘act of defacing public property’.

The CEO of DUSU elections has also announced the availability of Delhi University Community Radio (DUCR) to candidates in order to promote paperless campaigning. Candidates will be allowed to record five-minute long speech which will be moderated and aired on the radio at 90.4Mhz.

The CEO also announced the doing away of allowing candidates to change their names by prefixing the letter ‘A ‘several times before their names. This practice enabled candidates to get their names enlisted higher on the EVM machines as names are placed in alphabetical order.  Last year, AISA had challenged the practice legally.

AISA organised a referendum dubbed as ‘Opinion Dhamaka’ in which 93% respondents reportedly voted against the Choice Based Credit System. Earlier, Students’ Federation of India conducted a similar referendum in which 92% respondents voted against CBCS.

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The pasta served to us was a mix or penne and fussili, which was quite to my delight because I’ve wasted a large portion of my lifetime choosing between the two. You can, of course, order a single kind. Speaking of portions, one plate was abundant for two persons. The pasta was soft (neither too cooked to pick with a fork nor too chewy) and the sauce had a hint of oregano. The cooks are generous with the choice of toppings. The plate costed us Rs.110. It was definitely an item I would recommend. However, it was the plate of Butter Chicken Tandoori Momos that caught my eye. It is essentially momos put in a tandoor and marinated in butter chicken/shahi paneer gravy and cream. There is a vegetarian version of the same available too. Full marks for creativity! While steamed momos begin from Rs.50, the butter chicken variants can cost upto Rs.130. The food felt adequately hygienic to us. Crazy Bruno Review 2 Hemant, the co-owner of the chain of joints, also recommended the burgers with great confidence but unfortunately, we were full! The shakes that we ordered were decent, although I do wonder how special an Oreo Shake could possibly get. In all fairness, the good food was washed down well by the chocolate drinks. The food joint needs no introduction for students of the area owing to its corner location but for the uninitiated freshers, the place is definitely worth a try. Say hi to me while I’m awkwardly finishing my plate(s) of momos someday!   Image credits: Aarushi Dhingra for DU Beat Ishaan Gambhir [email protected]]]>

University of Delhi offers advantage to students who opt for MIL (Modern Indian Languages) as a subject in BA Programme and B.Com. Programme. The advantage given varies from language to language and college to college. Bellow is a table of all such advantages compiled.


Aditi Mahavidyalaya Sanskrit Upto 5%
ARSD Sanskrit Upto 10%
Bharati College Upto 5%
Deshbandhu College Bengali, Sindhi, Punjabi & Sanskrit Upto 10%
Dyal Singh College All Upto10%
Dyal Singh College (E) All Upto10%
Kalindi College Sanskrit Upto 5%
Kirori Mal College Bengali only in B.A. Upto 10%
Maitreyi College All Upto 9%
Mata Sundari College  All except Hindi Upto 10%
Miranda House  All (except Hindi) only in B.A. Upto 10%
Ramanujan College  (Punjabi) Upto 10%
Satyawati College  Sanskrit only in B.A Upto 10%
Sri Aurobindo College (E) Sanskrit 5%
Sri Venkateshwara College All except Hindi Upto 10%
Zakir Husain Delhi College Bengali and Urdu Upto 5%
Zakir Husain Delhi College (E) All except Hindi Upto 10%
PGDAV Sanskrit in BA only 10%
PGDAV (E) Sanskrit in BA only 10%
IPCW Sanskrit in BA only 5%

After a short delay, University of Delhi has declared the list of candidates shortlisted for the next round of admission – GD, PI – for the following courses:

  • Bachelor in Management Studies
  • Bachelor in Busines Administration (Finance and Investment Analysis)

Aspirants of BA. (H) Business Economics will have to wait as their result has not been declared yet.

Check your result here

Check your corresponding GD-PI schedule here 

Documents required for admission to BMS/BBA(FIA)

University of Delhi has released additional guidelines for admission to its undergraduate courses in 2015. These guidelines clarify the eligibility criteria for various courses including B.Com., B.Com. Honours and Political Science. The guidelines are as follows:

1. Commerce/Accountancy/Business Studies shall be treated at par with academic/elective subjects for purposes of admission to undergraduate courses.

2. Business Mathematics will be treated as equal to Mathematics for admission to B.Com./B.Com. Honours only.

3. For admission to vocational courses, upto 2 vocational subjects may be included in calculation of best of four.

4. For admission to BA and B.Com., if more than one non-listed subject (List A) is included for calculation of best of four, , disadvantage of 2.5% each in best of four may be levied in addition to disadvantage due to stream change, if any.


5. Legal studies may be treated at par with academic/elective subjects for purpose of admission to BA. Honours Political Science.

6. Mass Media Studies will be treated as an academic subject for the purpose of admission to BA. Honours Journalism (Hindi and English).

Source: DU

Featured image credits: Paurush Bhardwaj for DU Beat