Sattviko – authentic onion-&-garlic-sans Mexican and Indian food

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sattvik touch. The restaurants prepare food in a vedic style, not using garlic and onion. It is pleasant to know that even on days one does not want to eat food prepared with garlic or onion (mainly times of fasting), one can still enjoy popular delicacies like pasta, tacos and burritos. We reviewed the restaurant on the second floor of Spark Mall at Kamala Nagar near North Campus. The restaurant delivers till GTB Nagar where many students take up residence as paying guests. For the review, we ordered a Tomato Rice Bowl, Basil Penne Pasta prepared in tomato sauce, Vedic Burrito, a fruit punch and a mint lemonade. The food was prepared almost immediately. Sattviko Kamala nagar                                                     Sattviko We couldn’t point out the absence of garlic in the food. The tomato rice, the first dish that was served, was aplenty in quantity for two people. The rice was well-cooked and was neither too soft nor too chewy. It was served with a salad, like all other dishes at Sattviko, which also featured dices of watermelon, to our delight. The pasta that came next had a hint of a desi flavour to it. It was sufficiently tangy but felt a little strong at the back of the tongue, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending upon your preference. The winner of the review, however, was the burrito, which was stuffed more than your garden-quality burrito; we could taste the beans and the peppers exclusively. The food was hygienic and pocket friendly. While the tomato rice only costed Rs.85 (and was generously served, again), the burrito and pasta costed around Rs.150 each. All drinks were priced at under Rs.80 and while they weren’t among the top items we tasted at the restaurant, they washed down the food well. According to Kartik Singhal, the manager at the Kamala Nagar branch, the idea behind a sattvik restaurant is to inculcate healthy habits. “Sattvik food is closely associated with yoga and helps in bettering the concentration of a person,” he said. We recommend Sattviko if you’re looking for a healthy meal (and definitely if it’s Navratra and you’re with mum) and do not want to burn a hole in your pocket.   IshaanGambhir [email protected]   Picture credits: Suhasini Sharma]]>

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