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Exams come and go every semester but in a three – year graduation program, the question papers are always welcomed with a unique expression by the students. To put it more clearly, all students of the second, fourth and sixth semesters have their own special attitudes towards the Delhi University examinations in May.

Semester 2:

The relative newbies!
The relative newbies!

These are the one-semester-down lot who have not yet understood the system. Still fresh-on-campus, appearing for just one round of exams doesn’t make you very comfortable with the whole idea of college examinations. A few of them are currently being frowned upon or looked at with jealous eyes, because they have scored quite exorbitantly in the first semester. There are also those who are quite scared of what happened in the previous semester results. Both the latter and the former categories are gearing up with full gusto for the coming month. The behaviour of semester 2 students generally reminds me of freshly hatched turtles who are moving towards the sea, unaware of what might hit them on the way. These are the naïve group of people who, as of now, have not decided what future in DU will be like for them. They’re just too new to the system.

Semester 4:

Maintaining their averages!
Maintaining their averages!

They are dead meat! They know that their performance in the past, whether good or bad, doesn’t mean anything; irrespective of their past record, they have to score well again because averages are important. These are the ones who have got used to DU and are gearing up for internships and coaching for third – year entrances. Most of them have even begun their MBA preparations. Their interests and attention are divided between exams and forwarding resumes and filling out forms for internships. Many are even preparing planned structures of their career paths, under their parents’ watchful glances. There are also those carefree ones who wish to take life as it comes. They are indifferent about their score and have another year to think about their future. Generally, Sem 4 students are in a dilemma of sorts and are uncertain about their future, but being seniors to the first years, don’t let their guards down.

Semester 6:

The veterans!
The veterans!

These are the veterans. They still don’t know how DU comes up with its question papers and syllabi but are too tired to do anything about it. At the same time they also care about their percentage as their life depends on it. Their attitude is more like ‘Oh God, please maintain my average and let me pass all subjects’. Half of them have already figured out the next year or two for themselves. Many are even sidelining their exams because entrances are undoubtedly more important. Quite a few have jobs in their hands and know that further studies will come after some practical experience. These are the people everybody is looking up to. They have everything to lose. They have been bid adieu to and have nothing to lose. They are being consulted for advice. What nobody knows is that they are the most tense and anxious right now. It is the end of a journey for them, especially for the erstwhile FYUP batch that got the bad end of a bargain.

Whatever semester you might belong to, it’s time to prepare with gusto and to say goodbye to another semester on a happy note. Happy exams!

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Spoon University- Delhi held its first ever Spoon Summit on 20th March at Innov8, CP. With the theme ‘Feed the Need’, the program featured a host of activities. Beginning with the Speaker Session, wherein Mr. Jatin Chanana, Marketing Head of FooDrool, began with the history of this startup and leading onto the suggestions as to what companies can do to solve the problem of food wastage and hunger by associating with NGOs and food banks. A very thoughtful suggestion from him was that similar to Blood Donation Camps in residential colonies of Delhi, there must be organization of even Food Donation Camps. In fact, he went on to say that charging for wastage of food should be practiced at restaurants and cafes. The questions that followed raised thought-provoking facts such as the absence of a Samaritan Law, and also that food safety maintenance cause a hindrance to food donations.

Photo by Yatin Arora
Photo by Yatin Arora

This was followed by a documentary made by the Spoon University members titled ‘Feed the Need’. Conceptualised by Arushi Sharma and Sonal Chanana, directed by Kritika Narula and with cinematography by Sabhyata Badhwar, it explored the hunger situation in the country and the network of Delhi Foodbank in curbing it. The documentary featured the need for foodbanking, DFB’s initiation, challenges faced (Institutional support, financial help and scaling up) and their vision that ‘No one should go hungry to bed; at least everyone should be able afford one meal a day’.

A new and healthy product was also promoted, called ‘FYNE’, a nutritious dip that is rich in Flavanoids and Omega Fatty Acids. This was followed by a gig by Wannabe Anonymous’ Siddharth Singh and Prakhar Maheshwari. Their jokes ranged from food cuisines from various states battling for a place on the diverse ‘Thali’ to comparisons between food items and Bollywood stars to their satirical takes on the government issues regarding state biases. Their gig culminated to an end with the association of various fruits to real life instances.

Photo by Mehak Dhawan
Photo by Mehak Dhawan

The concluding event was the Panel Discussion. Moderated by Mr. Kunal Arora of The Education Tree, the panelists included Mr. Kuldip Nar, CEO, Delhi Foodbank, Chef Saby, a Foodpreneur, Mr. Arun Bhati, Founder, Orahi app and Mr. Aashish Beergi, Co-founder, The MASH Project. The discussion began by stressing how important per capita nutritious food consumption is by linking it to national growth, and the lack of which leaves severe health impacts. The discussion further identified the reasons as to why large amounts of eatables or dishes are cooked, highlighting an issue such as the ego! A problem that was openly stated was that expecting food banks to collect eatables late at night or even midnight, when more than half the society, including the beneficiaries, are asleep.  Handling of food properly was advised as something to be advocated. The role of the youth to connect beneficiaries to donors was highlighted. In fact, as a suggestion, the fact about Food Distribution being branded as Corporate Social Responsibility was also widely talked about. Finally, the lack of any government support was seen to be a major problem in the recognition of hunger and food wastage as important issues.

In the end, while Spoon’s initiative was widely praised, Chef Saby was quoted as saying that “Attitude of the youth is very important. Infact, rather than depending upon foreign companies feeding our hungry population as a part of their CSR, we must integrate farmers to the plates. Urban people, who have lost touch with the cycle of food production, must be reminded about it.”

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Arthagya, The Economics Association of IP College celebrated Economics in a new light at its festival Arthullas 2016 on 3rd and 4th March. Day 1 began with a Panel Discussion on ‘Economics and Politics of Caste-based Discrimination’. Dr. Sujoy Chakravarty, from Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University was the chairperson for the event and the esteemed panel included Prof. Satish Deshpande, Department of Sociology, Prof. Ashwini Deshpande, Delhi School of Economics, and Dr. Nishant Chadha, Assistant Professor, Shiv Nadar University. While Prof. Satish Deshpande spoke on “What is the opposite of discrimination?”, Prof. Ashwini focused on “Myths and Realities of Affirmative Action”, and Dr. Nishant on “New ways of thinking: The Economics and Politics of Caste Networks”. When asked for a solution from the panelists, it was mentioned that as long as the problem exists, so do solutions, no matter how biased.

This was followed by InQUIZitive, an Economics, Business and Finance Quiz and The Triwizard Tournament, a Harry Potter-fused Economics event. While the quiz saw professional quizzers battle it out ferociously, the Potterheads played their best to win eternal glory at The Triwizard Tournament.

Day 2 began with three simultaneous events amidst the rainy weather. The All India Political Parties’ Meet discussed at length the issues of Farmer Suicides and implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Super Street, a superhero-themed Mock Stock, saw a lot of participation from both fans and Mock Stock enthusiasts. Clever Clogs, a Case Study event saw teams competing with each other through their justifications and furious interjections.

All in all, the decorations of the venue were bright and varied, analogous to the variety of events.


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Approaching closer to its centenary anniversary, Indraprastha College for Women hosted its 93rd College Day on 8th February 2016. The oldest women’s college in University of Delhi celebrated the occasion in its traditional way. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Government of India, along with the distinguished alumna Dr. Aruna Broota, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi.

The event started with the lighting of the lamp and a soulful musical rendition by Alaap, the Indian Music Society. It was followed by the welcome address by the Chairman of the Governing Body. Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf, Principal of IP College presented the principal’s report, succeeded by speeches by the Guests. While Shri Rijiju shared anecdotes from his time at University of Delhi as a student and motivated the students towards being responsible Indian citizens, Dr. Broota shared her experiences from and memories of her college days and how IP College’s essence would always define her. This was followed by the Prize Distribution ceremony with awards being given for the Outstanding Student of the College, All-Round Excellence, College Excellence and Principal’s Honour Roll. Students pursuing Masters and Bachelors courses were encouraged for topping their streams along with scholarships to some. All Society activities were praised and the best student from each society was felicitated. The achievements of the non-staff and staff members were also appreciated.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Sanchita Makar, President of the Students’ union and everyone paying their respects to the National Anthem. The gathering then moved to the college field for lunch, thereby bringing the day‘s celebrations to a fitting end.

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th February 2016. The second edition of the festivities after last year’s intra-college events, this year the events went inter-college attracting a lot of participation from the Delhi University circuit. The day saw three main events, namely Entrepreneurial Melange, Vyapaar Niti-the B-Plan Competition and Bigger and Better-the Barter game. The first event was a speaker session, wherein Mr. Rajiv Khurana, CEO and Founder of The Personnel Lab, gave the audience entrepreneurial tips, shared anecdotes and motivational steps to achieve success. The event was followed by Vyapaar Niti which required students to present their Business Plan based on broad themes. Mr. Ashutosh Bharadwaj, Marketing Head, Broomberg and Mr. Aashish Beergi, Co-founder and CEO, MASH Project judged the event. Mr. Ashutosh also gave the audience an insight into the field of Digital Media Marketing and how it will change the world. The team of Aditai Puri and Ketan Goel explained a plan of using paddy for ‘Apni Bhatti’ and were adjudged the Best Plan. The Barter game saw the most participation with eleven teams battling it out in commodity-commodity exchange. While a few teams brought to the venue Canteens, Property, Automobiles and several other expensive items, they all began from a small thing like a paper clip. The most fun event, every team’s activities were recorded for proof and then the team who brought the highest valued product with minimum exchanges, won the top three positions. The event ended with a ceremonious cake-cutting by the team of Enactus IPCW wishing for the strong establishment of the society in the future. Picture credits-Nupur Bothra  ]]>

There is a certain thing about fandoms that you generally become so loyal to them that you start associating them to reality. Being a part of a fandom is a surreal experience because one tends to be a part of something greater, larger and more pervasive than the spheres of one’s life. Fandoms make you connect to people you have never met, but seen, though not always in person. Fandoms make you believe in fiction like it is reality. They give you courage and emotional strength, but they may also give you pain and trouble like real experiences.

For 11 years now, I have been a Potterhead, and no matter how old I grow or how mature I become, this fandom I will always associate with. I remember reading somewhere “One day, the last surviving member of the cast of Harry Potter will die, and I will find my 7 books, remove the dust off them, hold them to my chest and cry. Then, I will open them and revisit the wizarding world once again. And, when my children will ask me, ‘Mum, after all this time?, I will reply ‘Always.’”

So, on 14th January 2016, when I came across the news of Alan Rickman’s death, I was devastated! First, because I did not know about his cancer and second, I did not know what to do with this news. It was sudden and shocking. I couldn’t help but reconfirm from the news-bearer, and then, cry.

So, when I came across this news, I started writing a eulogy to him. However, what I saw was something that made me smile, despite my tears. My Facebook wall was full of posts thanking Alan. I saw that those people who once made fun of me for being crazy about Potter are now associating themselves with it. 

Fandom never ruined me and I was never weak either. I just needed time. I always knew, like many of you that one day would come when all these brilliant actors would breathe their last. Imagine them being more than forty when they played characters you worshipped in your teens. How could they, then survive throughout your life? I think it was meant to happen, it is just that I stuck too literally to the quote I mentioned above, and that too for all the actors from Potterworld.

Harry Potter made me associate with something out-worldly. The force of attraction that overpowered me throughout these years, was from the brilliant array of actors, playing characters we can loathe, love, or never decide what to feel about.  And, now that I know Alan Rickman is no more, I recall telling my mother how I recognized him as the antagonist of Die Hard, when she didn’t. The brilliance of the man was phenomenal!

Now, that this month has seen its share of demises, not just from the Potterworld, but also Mr. Bowie and many others, I urge everyone to stay strong. Never stop believing in your fandom. It is because of people like these that we can make them immortal, because of their class acts and well, years of attachment.

There is no mantra to get over this. Trust me, for I have yet not recovered and gathered courage enough to ever watch Fast and the Furious series again (oh, Paul Walker!). All one can do is cry, and pass each day remembering whenever you can the dialogues of those great artists. Whether it be “always”  or “turn to page 394” or watching that horrible recollection of Snape’s memories, you will shed a tear on what gift you have received anonymously for the rest of your life; being a part of a fandom.

So, I will await, that time, when one of the last surviving members of the Harry Potter cast go, and I revisit my books, and when someone will ask me, “After all this time?”



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Over the years, I observed how much influence your class atmosphere can have on you. You will find all sorts of people- the nerds, the backbenchers, the bunkers, the indifferent, the leaders, the ECA people, Sporty ones and well, many more categories you can think of. They maybe your friends, or just some classmates you loathe. You may admire them and you may want to be friends with them. You may even want to stop being jealous of them or score like them.

So  when the DU website declares ‘Results Out’, you are in a mental trauma of sorts. Trust me, I know. Recently, I advised somebody to not be upset on their marks. Comparisons are easy, what matters is who you compare with and what you infer. If you compare with someone who has scored lower, you feel satisfied. Then again, if it is someone scoring higher, you will feel ashamed and obviously jealous. What you infer is how you are planning to change your status quo.

The nerds are always someone to be jealous and wary of. They are just not you! So do not even try to be like them. Books are awesome, I agree. But you cannot just survive on studies for long. What about overall personality?

The backbenchers are the category you can always be jealous of. I mean they obviously either are regular bunkers or just talented multi-taskers. Yet, they score well. Sometimes, even better than you.

The bunkers are of two types-those who bunk classes and still score decent enough than you, or those who bunk and don’t care till the last semester about scores.

The indifferent ones are the most fascinating category. They just don’t care. Class or no class. Professor or not, test or not; they just don’t care. Marks are not their goal at all. Rather, I wonder what, if at all, is their goal.

The leaders are people who love to be in everything, but leading. They should be the people you count on when in need of organizing a mass bunk or rescheduling a test. They can do it. Influential and powerful, these people have auras of politicians. They speak and you have no choice but to go silent.

The ECA people are the ones who are most popular. They actually have a ‘life’. They roam about, participate, tour cities and well, enjoy the undergraduate years the most. Oh, and they win too! They earn and by the time you realise what you want to do, they already have fellowships, jobs or opportunities for themselves.

The Sporty ones are who generally people are afraid of. Not because they walk around with a hockey stick, but because they are masters of their field. You wish to beat them in their game, but even you know it is your imagination. The fear of not knowing your talent is what these people make you realise.

The fashionistas, of course cannot be missed. They are omnipresent. A bit in everybody. Even those who come in pyjamas are promoting fashion. But some are evidently going or coming from a party.

Where do you lie then? In more than one category? There is no such thing as an all-rounder, you know! You are a bit of something, this and that. Finding yourself can be difficult. But, the best part is that you do not have to copy anyone. Simply, pick out the best of each category’s example. And that includes, especially those who you hate or are jealous of.

It might be easier to categorize people now. But, what category should you lie in, if you ask?

You can go for the all rounder way and be in a safer position. But it is not necessary to intake the best of every category. Even if you lack in some, do not worry. They will just define you better. That’s the best part about finding yourself. You do not have to prove anything to anyone else. If you feel a trait or behaviour suits you, then you go with it. What you do not want to do, you can never do. So stop trying to be better at everything. Just do what you love and love what you do. Even if that means being a nerd !


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I wondered what everybody was talking about when they used to talk about marks in school. I wondered why my friends were scolded by their parents and teachers. I was never a brilliant student, but well, I was never that person. My parents never had to ask me to work harder because I did, all by myself. But, quite frankly, I wondered always that what am I gaining! Who am I trying to be? Those days were about topping the school, or the stream or the state or the nation. It was always about beating expectations by scoring more of those numbers that kill us every living moment of our student life.!

And somewhere, I got lost in the crowd too. I admit today, as a student of a reputed institution, that I failed. I looked for diversions, all my life. I was insincere, and not dedicated. Today, as I have achieved what people call excellence, I am dying to cry out and say, that I have fallen short of it; because all my life, I have worked and admired to become successful, rich and famous (all of which, by the way, works on numbers). I have idolized and been made to worship others. And I am ashamed to admit, that I gave in.

I, like so many others, am in a system of chasing scores. And I hate it, like almost everyone in it. School pretty much laid the foundation to an incessant chase of scores, followed by Boards and the scare of a career. I was worried and scared and quite frankly, too timid to change the system. I couldn’t have, realistically! After all, the merciless suicides could not change it, my breathing life could have?

Apparently, what I heard all those school years,about 12th  grade marks mattering for a career took no time to be conveniently replaced by “Nobody will ask your 12th grade marks”. Let me give you a heads-up- they do matter! They matter because somebody is scoring high, and you are humanly bound to compare. They matter because the system is so conveniently able to judge you on a three hour test. That is how brilliant human brains are! They matter because even a certain entrance test requires you to have a minimum percentage, of which some percentage is added additionally to your performance in the entrance test. They matter because this is the system telling you that you are not worth it and should give up or die trying.

College will always be that first flight at independence. The moment a young bird learns to fly, exposed to the wideness and eternity of the sky. And well, it will throw on you some pebbles. But, just when you are learning to be confident, it struck you with lightning. Now, you either die or injure yourself or you learn to duck! Who are you then, the one who got injured or the one who escaped? Marks matter! Marks matter because you are trying to gain an opportunity to sustain your livelihood, and if you don’t score well, the lightning strikes you.

Sit for placements or await that degree after the finals, and you will find everybody encouraging you by saying ‘marks do not matter’. Well, actually they do! But then why do they say that? Because they now know, they could not be Einsteins! There is no formula to being an Einstein! Your reality is different, you must have a certain percentage, no matter how difficult your course is, or you won’t get a job! Is it because jobs have exams too, and surely you are incapable of topping that? Or is it because your trajectory of marks decides how intelligent you are, whatever be your skills?

There is no one track method to be synonymous to another human being’s name. There is, however, a formula for being YOU. Stop believing you don’t matter. Nobody in your life will ever refer to you as ‘the one who scored 100%’, because nobody will remember! Your partner, your boss, your client, your educator or your parents! It will be just you, and nobody will hear you say that!

So, who are you trying to be? Mark Zuckerberg, Indra Nooyi, Sundar Pichai, or Brad Pitt?

Do you really want to be a copy on your screen that is edited?

You are trying to be somebody else, and you think marks will make you that? Are you sure?

Have you ran enough and not yet tired? Well, I am!

But am I ready to give up on my marks? Certainly not! I found a better way, I found diversions.

So, this last semester, you did not score well! Is it YOUR fault? Are you ready to succumb or just like me you also are running away with distractions?

Give yourself a chance, think about what would you say to that dying bird; was he doing well? Was it his fault?

Marks do matter, but they have a timeline. How long? A while!


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Have you registered for any upcoming fests? Or are you too keeping a tab on the future ones? While Delhi University has all kinds of students, the fest-regulars, the specific-event participants, the highly competitive win-them-all, or the just-having-fun kinds, fests are a time wherein we can jump from our course to another. However, does the participant ever realise what goes behind the scenes in organising those events, keeping them running and smooth and awarding money? Nah! That is why I take you backstage to the nitty-gritties of department fests, where the Unions work hard to capture that one shot at glory.


While the mantle falls on the present Union to live up to the standards of the previous fests and set a future precedent, expectations are the first thing that they are worried about. Trust me, they may refuse, refute or even confess, but everybody is worried about how to make their fest the most popular in the circuit. Everything depends on how memorable your fest is, not just for winners but also for participants, till the next year.


How much footfall you see matters a lot, almost the same as the above factor. Participation, or footfalls at any event are the single-most significant determinant of the popularity of the event and the fest. How you harbour participation is dependent upon the various logistics, posters, social media marketing, spamming, email invites, calls and other aspects of Marketing and Branding.


The events, where you participate with so much enthusiasm, are the brainchild of the Union. To even plan the content, various rounds, every little detail, question and query, the Union tirelessly thinks, re-thinks and formulates in what you see as a well-organised activity. The events have to be of a wide variety, ranging from the mainstream to creative first-timers, to fusion of fandoms and field-specific. It is all about giving something that is worth experiencing and piques the interest. Carefully chosen Event Committees work on the set guidelines and facilitate them to your amusement and maybe even victory.


Taking on the role of the Finance Ministry of the department, the Union crosses its fingers in the hope of a college-approved and granted budget that is never too less. Actually, no matter what, it always is less. Add to the disappointment, the soaring budgets of other, more affluent fests. There are also some colleges that go looking for sponsors, which undoubtedly requires how well can you sell your fest and its idea. Some portion of the budget or some goodies are also sponsored by those companies. Left without much choice, then begins the breaking down of the event awards, the cash prizes, the logistics, Honorariums, refreshment budget and the marketing budget. Keeping track of each and every penny used with proper invoices and bills collected, is a major stress factor.


If you call a famous author, or the Governor of RBI, or any other well-known veteran of your field or not of your field, half of the audience you witness is there to hear that dignitary speak. After all, these are what young undergraduates aspire to be. If you are lucky, during your tenure as a college graduate, some department fest may invite your idol, and that will change your entire college experience.

 Committee members

Apart from just the events, every fest has some behind-the-scenes committees as well, that are majorly responsible for everything from the functioning of an event, to handling conflicts, keeping tab on refreshments, participants, technical equipment and guarding the money. They are the hawk-eyes of the fest, stealthily sliding by your side and never letting you know their agenda. All this requires the acquiring of the role of a Human Resource personnel, interviewing, testing and trusting people to be efficient and up-to-the-mark in their jobs.

 Setting The Date

Everybody wants that the fest be at a time when it is not clashing with any other college fest or department fest, lest it reduce the footfall. After all, a lot of the students go on to attend the concerts and thereby reduce a large portion of the participation. March is the most feared month, my friends! The later you place yourself, the more scared you are.

Department Fests are no cake-walks! They are that stepping stone into the real world, that is forgotten after every year. If you are in a Union, I think you know what I am talking about. Have you started receiving those calls for sending delegations to other colleges? Irritating, right? And if you are a student, well, pity and be proud of your Union and give them a break. Help, applaud and appreciate them.

However, on a general note, please don’t be intimidated by the above, it looks scary but a Fest is the most fun-filled event of the year. I recommend you to be there, to enjoy, to quarrel, to run and to experience the re-birth of a new fest every year.

Happy Fest-ing!

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While Christmas brings back those childhood memories of decorating the tree, hanging stockings for Santa and unwrapping gifts on the morning of 25th, a warm childhood memory also associates to the saga of movies that air throughout the day. Almost all of us have seen them, time and again, always ending up teary-eyed or cheerful at the happy endings. Christmas movies, for people like me, are even today a reminiscence of those memories. So here is  a list of some of them, if you have not heard of them, this Christmas make sure you see them.

  1. Home Alone franchise

Directed by three different directors over the years, including Chris Columbus, the franchise is about young boys (a boy in each movie) saving their family, their homes, their selves from robbers. No matter how serious this sounds, the franchise is for sure a packet of ultimate fun, comedy, a little pity and undoubtedly a happy end. This movie gave Macaulay Culkin fame, making him the most favourite child actors.

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2. Fred Claus 1 & 2

Fred,Santa’s older brother is very much alive and not aging, all thanks to Nicholas’ good deeds. However, over the years, the sibling rivalry has turned deeper. While Nicholas is the modern-day Santa, running a factory in the North Pole, Fred is working meagerly in Chicago. The story is about how the two brothers are made to meet again, and what happens after that.

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3. A Christmas Carol(2009)

An animated film, with the voice of Jim Carrey as the lead Scrooge, A Christmas Carol is the film adaptation of the novella by Charles Dickens. The movie celebrates the Christmas spirit, transforming an old, snobby and depressed man into a humble, helping and happy man. This transformation happens when this man is visited by three ghosts of Past, Present and Future, giving him a life-check!

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4. The Polar Express

Based on the book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg, the book explores the adventures of a boy on a train to the North Pole. Starring Tom Hanks, this too is an animated film, not as the kid. Giving a chance to correct mistakes, the movie preaches forgiveness and satisfaction and faith, with only children allowed on the train.

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5. Elf

How do elves come into existence? Well, one of Santa’s elves finds out who his biological father is and runs away to New York City. The modern-day city is full of cynical people, how will an Elf survive there? Rather, to survive he carries with him cheer and celebrations, spreading it throughout NYC, heralding Christmas celebrations once again.

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6. Jingle All The Way

Starring ‘The Terminator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is an old movie as you will notice looking at Arnold. The story is quite fun, actually. Two fathers are competing with each other to get a toy for their respective sons. Fun is infused, when the toy is completely sold out, and there is just one left. What great lengths do they both take, is what the movie encompasses.

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7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

A classic Tim Burton movie, the story revolves around Jack Skellington, a skeleton of Halloween town bored with only Halloween’s dark celebrations. He stumbles across a portal to Christmas town, and mesmerized with the beauty of the holiday, declares that this year Halloween town will host Christmas, with all the other residents against the idea. What happens when a skeleton takes the charge of Santa Claus? And it is a musical!

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8. Santa Claus: The Movie

A 1985 generated classic, the movie is an attempt in exploring Santa Claus’ origins and how he functions throughout the year for a one-day deal. A sweet, but enjoyable movie, the problem hits Santa’s workshop when one of his elves tries to administer the workings and functions of Santa’s workshop himself, spoiling almost everything.

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9. Santa Clause franchise

Starring Tim Allen as Santa Claus, the first movie begins with a divorced father accidentally killing a man in a Santa suit, and thereby being transported to North Pole. The Chief Elf explains to him that he must now take over the position of Santa. The following two movies are just accounts of his exploits, a Mrs. Santa Claus, and Jack Frost threatening to take over the North pole.

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10. The Grinch

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas, stars Jim Carrey as the titular character. In the town of Whoville, the Grinch is an adopted, different-looking green boy. He resents Christmas and the residents of his town. His hatred goes further ahead in dangerous ploys and harmful and insulting practical jokes. How will he ruin Christmas again and will he ever learn is the plot.


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11. Jack Frost (1998)

There is also a recent animated Jack Frost film ‘Rise of the Guardians’, but this one starring Michael Keaton is the story of a father coming back to fulfill his promise to his son after death. Michael Keaton dies in a car crash and after a few years comes to visit his son in the snowman his son has built. They spend a lot of time together, but as Summers arrive, the snowman starts melting. The son tries his best to keep him alive but ultimately has to let him go to the afterlife.

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12. The Nativity Story

This is one movie you must watch if you don’t know the story behind Jesus or Christmas. It can be the non-fun and laughter type movie, so watch this first, and then watch the other Christmas cheer movies.

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It is time to retreat to my Christmas tree and treats. Ho! Ho! Ho! Jingle all the way!


Merry Christmas!


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