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IPCW celebrates Enactus Day

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th February 2016. The second edition of the festivities after last year’s intra-college events, this year the events went inter-college attracting a lot of participation from the Delhi University circuit. The day saw three main events, namely Entrepreneurial Melange, Vyapaar Niti-the B-Plan Competition and Bigger and Better-the Barter game. The first event was a speaker session, wherein Mr. Rajiv Khurana, CEO and Founder of The Personnel Lab, gave the audience entrepreneurial tips, shared anecdotes and motivational steps to achieve success. The event was followed by Vyapaar Niti which required students to present their Business Plan based on broad themes. Mr. Ashutosh Bharadwaj, Marketing Head, Broomberg and Mr. Aashish Beergi, Co-founder and CEO, MASH Project judged the event. Mr. Ashutosh also gave the audience an insight into the field of Digital Media Marketing and how it will change the world. The team of Aditai Puri and Ketan Goel explained a plan of using paddy for ‘Apni Bhatti’ and were adjudged the Best Plan. The Barter game saw the most participation with eleven teams battling it out in commodity-commodity exchange. While a few teams brought to the venue Canteens, Property, Automobiles and several other expensive items, they all began from a small thing like a paper clip. The most fun event, every team’s activities were recorded for proof and then the team who brought the highest valued product with minimum exchanges, won the top three positions. The event ended with a ceremonious cake-cutting by the team of Enactus IPCW wishing for the strong establishment of the society in the future. Picture credits-Nupur Bothra  ]]>

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