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Finding yourself amongst your peers

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Over the years, I observed how much influence your class atmosphere can have on you. You will find all sorts of people- the nerds, the backbenchers, the bunkers, the indifferent, the leaders, the ECA people, Sporty ones and well, many more categories you can think of. They maybe your friends, or just some classmates you loathe. You may admire them and you may want to be friends with them. You may even want to stop being jealous of them or score like them.

So  when the DU website declares ‘Results Out’, you are in a mental trauma of sorts. Trust me, I know. Recently, I advised somebody to not be upset on their marks. Comparisons are easy, what matters is who you compare with and what you infer. If you compare with someone who has scored lower, you feel satisfied. Then again, if it is someone scoring higher, you will feel ashamed and obviously jealous. What you infer is how you are planning to change your status quo.

The nerds are always someone to be jealous and wary of. They are just not you! So do not even try to be like them. Books are awesome, I agree. But you cannot just survive on studies for long. What about overall personality?

The backbenchers are the category you can always be jealous of. I mean they obviously either are regular bunkers or just talented multi-taskers. Yet, they score well. Sometimes, even better than you.

The bunkers are of two types-those who bunk classes and still score decent enough than you, or those who bunk and don’t care till the last semester about scores.

The indifferent ones are the most fascinating category. They just don’t care. Class or no class. Professor or not, test or not; they just don’t care. Marks are not their goal at all. Rather, I wonder what, if at all, is their goal.

The leaders are people who love to be in everything, but leading. They should be the people you count on when in need of organizing a mass bunk or rescheduling a test. They can do it. Influential and powerful, these people have auras of politicians. They speak and you have no choice but to go silent.

The ECA people are the ones who are most popular. They actually have a ‘life’. They roam about, participate, tour cities and well, enjoy the undergraduate years the most. Oh, and they win too! They earn and by the time you realise what you want to do, they already have fellowships, jobs or opportunities for themselves.

The Sporty ones are who generally people are afraid of. Not because they walk around with a hockey stick, but because they are masters of their field. You wish to beat them in their game, but even you know it is your imagination. The fear of not knowing your talent is what these people make you realise.

The fashionistas, of course cannot be missed. They are omnipresent. A bit in everybody. Even those who come in pyjamas are promoting fashion. But some are evidently going or coming from a party.

Where do you lie then? In more than one category? There is no such thing as an all-rounder, you know! You are a bit of something, this and that. Finding yourself can be difficult. But, the best part is that you do not have to copy anyone. Simply, pick out the best of each category’s example. And that includes, especially those who you hate or are jealous of.

It might be easier to categorize people now. But, what category should you lie in, if you ask?

You can go for the all rounder way and be in a safer position. But it is not necessary to intake the best of every category. Even if you lack in some, do not worry. They will just define you better. That’s the best part about finding yourself. You do not have to prove anything to anyone else. If you feel a trait or behaviour suits you, then you go with it. What you do not want to do, you can never do. So stop trying to be better at everything. Just do what you love and love what you do. Even if that means being a nerd !


Ayesha Sareen

[email protected]

Pursuing Economics Hons. from Indraprastha College for Women, Ayesha is a creative person to the core. With a mind that is like a cauldron brimming full of ideas, she has a suggestion on almost everything, and an affinity for Psychology. A movie buff, who loves to explore places, she finds solace in the company of good friends, who mostly find her lurking in the English Fiction section of the library. Possessing a strong and powerful voice, she has been an orator all her life. She believes in the Gandhian ideology of "Whatever you do in life is insignificant, but it is very important that you do it, because nobody else will." Getting published recently has inspired her to give her writing some deeper thoughts.

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