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Difference in attitudes towards exams during various semesters

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Exams come and go every semester but in a three – year graduation program, the question papers are always welcomed with a unique expression by the students. To put it more clearly, all students of the second, fourth and sixth semesters have their own special attitudes towards the Delhi University examinations in May.

Semester 2:

The relative newbies!
The relative newbies!

These are the one-semester-down lot who have not yet understood the system. Still fresh-on-campus, appearing for just one round of exams doesn’t make you very comfortable with the whole idea of college examinations. A few of them are currently being frowned upon or looked at with jealous eyes, because they have scored quite exorbitantly in the first semester. There are also those who are quite scared of what happened in the previous semester results. Both the latter and the former categories are gearing up with full gusto for the coming month. The behaviour of semester 2 students generally reminds me of freshly hatched turtles who are moving towards the sea, unaware of what might hit them on the way. These are the naïve group of people who, as of now, have not decided what future in DU will be like for them. They’re just too new to the system.

Semester 4:

Maintaining their averages!
Maintaining their averages!

They are dead meat! They know that their performance in the past, whether good or bad, doesn’t mean anything; irrespective of their past record, they have to score well again because averages are important. These are the ones who have got used to DU and are gearing up for internships and coaching for third – year entrances. Most of them have even begun their MBA preparations. Their interests and attention are divided between exams and forwarding resumes and filling out forms for internships. Many are even preparing planned structures of their career paths, under their parents’ watchful glances. There are also those carefree ones who wish to take life as it comes. They are indifferent about their score and have another year to think about their future. Generally, Sem 4 students are in a dilemma of sorts and are uncertain about their future, but being seniors to the first years, don’t let their guards down.

Semester 6:

The veterans!
The veterans!

These are the veterans. They still don’t know how DU comes up with its question papers and syllabi but are too tired to do anything about it. At the same time they also care about their percentage as their life depends on it. Their attitude is more like ‘Oh God, please maintain my average and let me pass all subjects’. Half of them have already figured out the next year or two for themselves. Many are even sidelining their exams because entrances are undoubtedly more important. Quite a few have jobs in their hands and know that further studies will come after some practical experience. These are the people everybody is looking up to. They have everything to lose. They have been bid adieu to and have nothing to lose. They are being consulted for advice. What nobody knows is that they are the most tense and anxious right now. It is the end of a journey for them, especially for the erstwhile FYUP batch that got the bad end of a bargain.

Whatever semester you might belong to, it’s time to prepare with gusto and to say goodbye to another semester on a happy note. Happy exams!

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Ayesha Sareen

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