Beyond the Obvious of Delhi University Colleges


It takes you an identification card and a valid reason to be able to access this part of  north campus. When you do enter it, Lo and Behold!Every scene is a pleasure to the eyes. I was enraged by the FYUP fiasco at the time of my college admission. During that period, the frequency of my visits to north campus had increased. I used to visit the colleges and talk to the students. Although Miranda House was on my list of priorities, somehow I had never come across it.  However, soon it came across me.

Miranda House was established in 1948 by the University Vice-Chancellor, Sir Maurice Gwyer. Its foundation stone was laid by Lady Edwina Mountbatten on 7th March in the same year.As I had studied in a co-educational school, joining an all-girl’s college seemed to be a brave decision. Why shouldn’t I call it brave? All-girls colleges are made to seem like concentration camps of inactivity and monotony. Actually, too much estrogen makes everyone wonder about the kind of discussions girls have to deal with in college. So does “All girls and no boys, make Miranda a dull college?”

Well, girls hardly find time to brood over the absence of the other gender. In fact, they find a life outside of such myths. It is in this way that I came to assess the true value of the notions around girls colleges. For instance, the catalogue of dolled up feminists, is a hoax. While it is true that a lot of girls are feminists, but it is equally imperative to emphasise that most of them are aware of the dynamics of their choices and ideologies.

One feels at home at Miranda House, which undoubtedly offers the most accommodating environment. You don’t have to be anybody but yourself to enjoy life as a Mirandian. The surroundings are perfectly active and peacefully silent. This paradox works wonders for every student here. The hub of voices and thrill is the area around the Cafeteria which is famous for it’s Chilly Potatoes. If the Cafeteria doesn’t serve you your proper cappuccino, the Nescafe joint adjacent to it does. This area is often made more interesting when the Hindi dramatics society better their “Aao Aao natak dekho” pitches.

One of the most beautiful places inside the college is The Miranda House Hostel. It is one of the most prestigious hostels of north campus. Its spectacular beauty has made it a popular destination for shooting ad films and movies. Although day scholars do not have an access to this part of the college, we often find them braving a selfie or two whilst they stand near the heritage hall, which overlooks the hostel lawns.

It would be a breach of trust and treaty if a dear chunk of Miranda House goes undocumented. It is the cats of MH: poised and confident. They will join you like a Victorian lady while you sip a coffee and devour your lunch. They might as well be reading this account along with you right now.

I have come to realise and have heard the same from many ex-Mirandians: You take a girl out of Miranda after three years of your graduation, but you can never take Miranda out of the girl.

Tooba Towfiq
[email protected]