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Kirori Mal College

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Beyond the obvious of-

Kirori Mal College

Credits: Additi Seth

It’s been two years for me in this college and trust me, when I look back I feel so exhilarated and honoured to have been a part of this esteemed institution. Undoubtedly, all the credit goes to my ultra-supportive teachers, ECA conveners and of course our Principal who has been supervising the ECA and academic functioning of KMC since 1999.

I could easily say that KMC has the best ECA scene in Delhi University. The Players is an esteemed theatre group that has made its mark at the national level. You’ll see intense actors from The Players all around college practicing day and night, directing plays, writing scripts and cracking jokes that would surely make you laugh. You would see people from Musoc jamming together, composing fusion songs and singing songs for students (on demand). Then there are people from Fine Arts sketching beautiful sceneries on the last page of their notebooks in seconds; and the photographers clicking pictures that are meant to be uploaded on their FB photography page. All this, together seems like an extravaganza, a carnival robed in smiles and limitless chilling around with folks.

In terms of infrastructure as well, college has lived up to my hopes. A sprawling and lovely Ashoka lawn right in front of the main college building adds to the college’s grandeur. The Commonwealth practice area is a ground for the footballers, cricketers and hockey players to hone their sporting skills and the college gym has all the latest IFBB approved equipment.

The college also has a fine line-up of teachers (and mentors) in north campus for the most sought-after courses like English, Economics, Statistics, Commerce, Geography and Mathematics: Geography and Statistics departments being the best in Delhi University. The recently constructed classrooms with projectors and well-furnished classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, common rooms and an elegant seminar room are a big hit among the students.

Much to the extent of my expectations, I got everything I had been looking for except for the auditorium which is in a primitive and broken state. The canteen could seem a little untidy, but the food is strikingly sumptuous and pocket-friendly. If you’re a Kirorian then you have to know Tingu Ji, who now is the unofficial college motto. He has been providing ‘not-so-easily-available’ goods and amenities (which I’m sure my fellow friends will understand) to the college students since more than 40 years.

[email protected];Vocalist, Guitarist and Songwriter. Love Hindustani Classical, Rahman, Tool and Pink Floyd. Reckless tweeter, avid reader, nocturnal and the undoubtedly the most random guy alive, pursuing English from KMC, I despise people who use the past tense with 'did'. You will find me happily trapped in KMC's music shell singing and loitering around.

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