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CVS Alumnus Sunil Chopra – A new success story!

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Delhi University is always looking out for news about its alumnus since it is not only great to hear about the achievements of people we consider our own but it also inspires us, as students, to always aspire for more. A recent addition to this, is that of Mr. Sunil Chopra who is the first Indian to become Mayor of the London Borough of Southwark where only a 1.5% people of Indian-origin reside is an alumni of College of Vocational Studies, CVS.
Mr. Chopra started out with a retail business and then moved forward into wholesale business along with being a Founder Trustee of the Southwark Hindu Centre. He was elected as the Deputy Mayor last year and after a re-election in May as a Labour Councillor, he was elected as the Mayor and took formal charge from June, earlier this year.
In his opening speech Chopra talked about the introduction of Robes Project under which temporary accommodation is provided to the homeless. He not only brings more representation for the Indians but also brings in ideas with an Indian touch to better the society and economy.

Mr. Chopra was a student of the College of Vocational Studies of Delhi University. Since his University days he was known for his interest in politics and had contemporaries like Arun Jaitley, Vijay Goel, Sudhanshu Mittal and Anand Sharma. He was the Vice-President of the Youth Congress of Delhi and the President of NSUI during his student days.
“Being part of Delhi University student politics helped me while contesting elections here. I was groomed by people like Ambika Soni and the late Deepak Malhotra (former NSUI General Secretary, Principal of Dayal Singh College)”, he told Hindustan Times from the office of Mayor.

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